Kwaw Kese - Bottles ft. Quamina Mp: audio, lyrics, reactions

Kwaw Kese - Bottles ft. Quamina Mp: audio, lyrics, reactions

The latest track by Kwaw Kese - Bottles is a jam you cannot ignore. It is a song with a story behind it. Take a look at how gracefully the artist reacts to the unpleasant event that has occurred recently.

Following the recent incident with bottles during the artist’s performance at the Reign Concert, everyone was wondering what his reaction would be. Here it comes in the form of a new banger.

Kwaw Kese - Bottles description

  • Release date: October 25, 2019
  • Format: mp3
  • Genre: Hip-hop, rap
  • Length: 2:55 min
  • Label: 989283 Records DK
  • Producer: Skonti

The jam was created in collaboration with Quamina Mp. The two musicians made a record that deserves to be the next ultimate banger. This track emanates confidence and power. Its rich tune and elaborate beats will leave you wanting more.

Kwaw Kese - Bottles reviews and comments

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If you would like to know what others think about this song before making your own opinion, here is what YouTube users say about it:

  • Louis Tene: Mad creativity... Taking advantage of the incident to make a hit is just marvelous... Nice one.
  • Princess Lene: I knew he was going to make a song with bottles.
  • GANJABWOY RANKING STYLE: Masterpiece! Mastermind! This guy really understands the game.
  • Richie Hill: Quamina Mp is the right person for this beautiful tune.
  • Clearn hearted Fast thinking: Talent over hype.
  • ciara jackson: Creativity at its best.
  • Stephen akenyah yankey: Mad.

Kwaw Kese - Bottles lyrics

Kwaw Kese - Bottles lyrics

Image:, @kwawkese
Source: UGC



Bɔdam bɔ ee (bottles) (x4)

Me enya me sika wo nam keka

Bɔdam bɔ ee

Yɛ sei a di wo to-to-toa

Bɔdam bɔ ee (x4)

Yɛ gye yɛ ni a, yɛn pɛ ntɔkwa

Bɔdam bɔ ee

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Wo di me ka a, me kɔ

[Verse 1]

Antowah Bɔdam bɔ ee

Stress nti sɛ boys yɛ hyeehyɛ mu a, yɛ pappi bottles

Ayoo, cash a bɛ hyɛ wo hoa yɛ pappi, bottles

Sister Akos wa yɛ ma me di atweli ayɛ wo turtle

Ayoo, boys edru Kenya, we still dey hustle

Put on your dancing shoes

Ndwom na akye tisɛ Jolly juice

Bɔdam is passing through, nti


[Verse 2]

Yeah, me den my boys yɛ si town oo

Yɛ bɛ paappi

We reach Obogor a you for run oo

Yɛ bɛ crackie bottles Ɔdɔ na ntobuasi, hmm

Hmmm, Kwame Kwakye, hmm

Why you came I pull your girl

Waiting for the meal

Wo di ka nso a,

Dɛbiala yɛ gye ani oo

Maame bɛ hwɛ na me na me nia oo,

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Ma sei ho, ma kye dada,

Wo bɛ ti bobolibobo,

You gonna hear “bobolibobo”


Kwaw Kese - Bottles download

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