Nasty C - Uno Cemix: audio, lyrics, reactions

Nasty C - Uno Cemix: audio, lyrics, reactions

South African rapper and producer Nasty C has released a remix to Ambjaay's song, Uno. If you enjoyed the original jam that was released earlier in May, then you are going to enjoy the version by Nasty C - Uno Cemix. Cemix is a combination of his name, Nasty C and 'remix'.

The talented rapper is signed under the Tall Racks record label. The original song by Ambjaay - Uno has had many remix versions with Nasty C's being the latest one.

Nasty C - Uno Cemix description

  • Release date: October 23, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Hip-hop/rap
  • Length: 1 minute 41 seconds
  • Label: Tall Racks
Nasty C - Uno Cemix reactions
Image:, @nasty_csa
Source: Instagram

Nasty C - Uno Cemix reviews and reactions

The original version by Ambjaay was a hit and so is this one by Nasty C. Fans who have listened to the song have had a thing or two to say about it. Most of them seem to enjoy the remix version more than the original one. Check some of their comments on YouTube:

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  • Justine Lister: When he said "side by side with a type h*e, that mean she a typo" ayi, this guy is far too talented…
  • Shaquille Bandura: This guy is way too good... Nasty C should be on XXL
  • Big Niqo: Nasty C doe not disappoint..ever!
  • JTOK TV: I played this my Toyota, and now it is a Bentley
  • Monate TV: Wow your lyricism game is on another level bro
  • Simethembile Hlatshwayo: My money talk like Scoop y'all know how scoop is so loud
  • Nasjeynas KE: This kid's bars unlimited
  • Remofilwe Semaushu: Nasty always going hard. He's Hip-Hop's chosen UNO
  • Litha Tau: Nasty C's lyrics are just my everything!!! So talented.

Nasty C – Uno Cemix lyrics

The lyrics to this jam are catchy as well as entertaining. Sing along to the jam by learning its lyrics: Here they are:

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeee)

Ivyson is my religion, but I'm God though

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Lotta green lotta chips like nachos

Big screen just to watch a hater nigga die slow

Lighting up green tote beams like a light show

Sip lean eat a lot of p*ssy like dyke hoes

B*tch, I'm a star, side by side with a type hoe

That means she a TYPO

Illovo my home

Try me, you gon' be in God's home

I get the money like a joke ha ha Ho

Open up the safe, and I scream te amo nigga

I be in and outta offices

Because the money talkative

Pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger for the officers

Still, give it up to everyone like an orphanage

TALL RACKS boss man, nah you can't talk to him

Short nigga, but these niggas money still ain't as tall as him.

Now I'm turning Sam to a bossy b**ch

And I'm turning Row into a flossy and a saucy b**ch

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Curtain call nigga, the shows over

I'm a hot nigga given em the cold shoulder

Lil nigga I'll make one of my hoes roast ya

I want a whip with the doors that be overdosing

SUMO en route hoes

Filling up the OCBs like Thuto

My bullshit walks in some new LOUBS ho

My money talks like scoop, bro you know

Uno dos tres thot hoes

Diamonds dancing and they hugging that's squad goals

Shawty bad and the a** so phat

She gon make a nigga dance to amapiano

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeee)

Ivyson is my religion, but I'm God though

So when you talkin to me better keep your eyes closed

All about the peace but its f*ck the other side, so…

Uno dos tres thot hoes (ayeeee)

I'm clean but my double cup not though

I like kwaito and amapiyano

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But I could never turn hip hop into a side

Hoe nigga


The new track by Nasty C - Uno Cemix is undoubtedly an entertaining jam, especially if you are a hip hop fan. The talented rapper is always releasing hit songs, and we cannot wait for more of those. What do you think about the jam? Tell us in the comments below and remember to share this article with your friends.


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