BlackFaceNaija - Giddem ft. Freedom Blaze: audio, lyrics, reactions

BlackFaceNaija - Giddem ft. Freedom Blaze: audio, lyrics, reactions

The long wait makes a lot of sense now that the song is already out. The latest track by BlackFaceNaija - Giddem featuring FreedomBlaze is one that you cannot shake off easily. This rap song is a hit already and anyone that enjoys rap music knows that too well.

It appears as though the rappers in Nigeria have not had enough since the M.I Abaga diss came out. In this particular one, BlackFaceNaija features Freedom Blaze who delivers a perfect verse.

BlackFaceNaija - Giddem description

  • Date of release: 22nd October 2019
  • Genre: Rap
  • Format: Audio
  • Length: 4: 44 minutes

BlackFaceNaija has outdone himself with this track. Bringing in Freedom Blaze has added a unique touch to it.

BlackFaceNaija - Giddem comments and reviews

There has been a lot of excitement after the rap song was released. This is evident from the numerous YouTube comments. Here are a few of the sampled views.

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  • shola distinct: Niggaz are buffet on my table I eat them at lunch time
  • bobby: Blacky u no dey ever dissapoint baba..jah bless...this is fire menh..blackbones neck long like rooste
  • Idowu Adebisi: Black baba, keep rolling it out, you are hitting the wave as expected...
  • hon1stcolony Samson: You are Good bro
  • mr Exodus: I keep on rocking on it
  • Adjaino Ochuko: Boss na boss, king na king, blackface you remain king, even jah know and that's why they are stolen from you but they can't steal your talent

BlackFaceNaija - Giddem lyrics

Check out the lyrics below if you want to rap along with the artists as they do their thing.


If say they don make half of the amount music wey I don make

Them for get mouth to talk to made nigga

Your oga send you come?

2 of una die for this one

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They say they want war na to giddem

Say them wan beef na to kill them

Who them be wey wan R I P?

If them messing with my clique them D I E

(We kill dem..) 2x


I flatten them like a chinese pan cake

When I move ….sort of like an earthquake

You smoking good dope thinking you can stop me

They wait on my singles then they start to copy

But am…

Am on the next ride with the vibe

Maybe next time now am the headline

Who dissed me?

Boy I felt no punch line

Niggas are buffet on my table eat them at launch time

I been in the game made my name since you were a kiddo

You been my fan since kindergatten swinging lilo

Shey you no know am steady killing the show

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And am the boss of all bosses

Adios amigo


This game is not to be confused

This game is for dope heads this game is not for fools

You get brain damage you can’t stand us

The game is cold like its Atlantis

Don’t be mad cause your girl came and went home with no panties


Ogbeni dey your lane no go dey cross line

(Landmine landmine)

2am for your house ol'boy you don die

Shots go dey go praprapra

Olboy your dead end is here boy its your massacre

Maltina bottles wey dey form star

Theses niggas are gays men these niggas should be some p**n stars

Blaqbonez with long neck like a rooster

Respect my name or am ma use you like some duster


They say they want war na to giddem

Say them wan beef na to kill them

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Who them be wey wan R I P?

If them messing with my clique them D I E

Yo yo


Freedom Blaze

My gah is fully loaded

This cats am willingly killing

My soldiers busy shooting bullets flying like is nothing

We spare nobody born to kill you can ask my cousin

Destroying everything cuz this guys are just good for nothing

Am in my demond mood dealing with the beelzebub

No go bury you for hyeanas dem to feed on you

You got me puked bad pzza listen fools shahab missles coming thru

Dead bodies cemetry is your residence i promise you

Am cofident

Strong I am elephant

My craft is preeminent

Am prepared see the fear in ur eyes when they ring de bell fresh from hell

Dont you dare you get


Niggaz F**k your deformation rado station invasion

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You cant stop me if you can? My music rocking the nation tooo

Alhamdulilahi am blessed wt the vibes try me you dieee

{Die die }

Up in the sky riding the tides haterz go kpai kpai kpai

Kpai kpai


They say they want war na to giddem

Say them wan beef na to kill them

Who them be wey wan R I P?

If them messing with my clique them D I E


Yo yo

What do you think about the latest rap track by BlackFaceNaija - Giddem? Let us know in the comment section below. Don't forget to tell your friends about this great track that is already doing rounds on social media.


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