Jonah Larson: 11-year-old becomes globally renowned crochet prodigy

Jonah Larson: 11-year-old becomes globally renowned crochet prodigy

- Jonah Larson, an 11-year-old boy, is a crocheting genius whose designs have gone all around the world

- The young genius uses his time after school to sew new designs

- Larson pays for his supplies and is saving the proceeds from sale of his crochets for scholarship, retirement and other expenses

Jonah Larson is doing what most his age cannot handle as he yarns beautiful and creative crochets that are favourited by his fans all around the world.

Unlike most his age who would bask in the joy of getting toy deliveries, Jonah receives boxes filled with yarns and appreciation letters from those who follow his works around the world.

His mother, Jennifer, said that they have their basement filled with many boxes of yarns from around the world like England, Canada, among others.

She added that people are worried that the art of crocheting is fast going extinct and are very happy a young chap is doing everything to keep up the tradition.

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It was said that the young boy’s love for crocheting started at the early age of five when he found a hook in a book, sat down with a YouTube video on stitches, and finished a dish cloth in an hour. He has been hooked to the art ever since.

He said the stitching for him is an act of relaxing after a hard day at school, adding that he is very proud of his creations.

Though he loves basketball and baseball sports, he still considers crocheting as his first love. His mother initially feared her son could be a subject of bully due to his hobby.

Many have been influenced by the young boy’s skill as comments like “Wow, you are gifted!” and “I’m just super impressed by you” always flood his social media page.

Jonah always pays for his supplies and uses profits from crocheting to save for “college, retirement and anything” he wants to buy.

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