Vanessa Mdee - Bado ft Rayvanny: audio, lyrics, reactions

Vanessa Mdee - Bado ft Rayvanny: audio, lyrics, reactions

Vanessa Mdee is one of the most celebrated Bongo artists in East Africa and beyond. She is known for her amazing tunes that command attention from most music lovers. Have you listened to the latest hit by Vanessa Mdee - Bado featuring Rayvanny? It is such an incredible song that you cannot afford to miss it.

The renowned Bongo artists have done it again. This is certainly a track you will be dancing to as you listen, or keep it on repeat thanks to the fantastic beats.

Vanessa Mdee - Bado description

  • Release date: October 14th, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Bongo Flava
  • Length: 2 minutes 55 seconds
  • Producer: S2kizzy

Tanzanian music queen Vanessa Mdee has come through with yet another amazing piece of work titled "Bado". She features Rayvanny in what appears to the best collaboration of the year. The two artists have hitherto released fabulous hits, and this track has taken them to a whole new level. S2kizzy is the producer of this particular song.

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Vanessa Mdee - Bado reviews and comments

The sensational song has lured many fans into listening to it. So far, many listeners like it, judging from a few comments from YouTube and other social media platforms. Check out the following reviews and comments.

  • Emelda Masanja: The best east Africa collaboration... Keep going! Much love from Kenya.
  • Ras vegas: This is the song I have been waiting for. Thanks so much guys. I can't stop playing it over and over again.
  • Taitamba: Whozuh angekuwa kwa hii beat angeua sana... Hizo ndo beats za kwake.... Ila ngoma kali.
  • Hamza Ally Rashidi: Alamba-@ tamutamu kama umeisikia.
  • TRAILERS ZONE: You killing in it man big up bro!
  • Sada Nassor: Veevany nimeitafuta hiyo nyimbo sana.. Big up sana my brother.
  • Jackson Sanga: Nyimbo hii unamuimbia jux vness anae kubalia na mmi atoe comment twende sawa.

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Vanessa Mdee - Bado lyrics

This fabulous song will be playing in your mind every time you listen to it. You will even consider learning the words so that you can sing along. Here are the incredible lyrics.

[Introduction, Vanessa]

Kipendacho roho, hula nyama mbichi

Nobody knows that you are down for me

Baby niruhusu ni deke, nisichekwe

Iwe kwangu nipate, tuwe sote

[Vanessa's verse]

(Kila mara akili yangu wewe tu

Umenifanya nimezama mwenzio...) X 2

Baby you know bado..!!!

The way that i know bado bado

I think that you do the way I love you

Bado ooh!!!

Baby you know

Nakufanya nikusahau mpaka mi

Nikushushe down na sipendangi madharau


Nusu kaputi

Umepiga nusu kaputii


[Rayvanny's verse]

Vanny boy..

Alamba alamba

Tamutamu kama maganda

Makibanda misamba

Makalete kavunja kitanda

Eeeh.. kanitekenya tekenya

Aah ee kainitekenya

Eeeh.. minapekenya pekenya

Aaah ee mi napekenya

Kuchukurukuchu kugandi kirubutu

Njoo nikupe burungutu... Aahee

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Mi kwako zumbukuku


[Vanessa's verse]

What are your thoughts about the latest release by Vanessa Mdee - Bado featuring Rayvanny? Is it a hit or a miss? Please share your opinion with us today in the comment section below. Remember to also share the article so that your friends get to listen to this hot track.


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