Shane Eagle - Paris ft. Nasty C: audio, lyrics, reactions

Shane Eagle - Paris ft. Nasty C: audio, lyrics, reactions

Check out the latest track by Shane Eagle - Paris featuring Nasty C. This may be the hottest hip-hop single you will listen to. The two artists bring their A-game on this hit, leaving fans excited and yearning for more lyrical juice. It is not surprising if you keep hitting the replay button.

The two artists bring their best on this one. No matter who your favourite is, one thing is for sure, both artists have it under control. If you love hip-hop, then you definitely need to check this one out.

Shane Eagle - Paris description

  • Release date: 10th October 2019
  • Genre: Hip-hop
  • Format: Audio
  • Length: 3:05 minutes
  • Label: Eagle Entertainment
  • Album: Dark Moon Flower

This is one of the hottest hip-hop tracks around. Check out the audio and see how the brilliant artists work on delivering the best lines you will listen to recently.

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Shane Eagle - Paris comments and reviews

The track is perfect and fans have noticed it too. Here are a few comments left on YouTube.

  • Junior: Who killed the most on this track? Personally I think nasty came with fire!!!!! Hit that like button if you agree with me.
  • Xolani Kubheka: Nasty said: " I made an M with my vocab I got rich off my dictionary"
  • Douglas Zaloumis: People: Who's the best rapper in Africa?Nasty C: Hold my tea
  • AT Tallessmore: Who's here after nasty and Shane trended on Twitter about this song
  • Fizzille: Lols what did he say about niggas selling tickets and that’s how they gone platinum. Lols we see you boy and we take it... Nice next level piece of work

Shane Eagle - Paris lyrics

Shane Eagle - Paris lyrics
Image:, @shane_eagle
Source: Instagram

Here are the brilliant lines for this track. You can now sing along using the right words.

[Intro: Shane Eagle]

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I flew my mama to.. (I flew my mama to..)

[Hook: Shane Eagle]

I flew my mama to Paris, she used to stay on the street

I bought myself a new chain, it cost like 40 a piece

I haven't been home in a while, so I spent a crib on my teeth

Got money trees in the bag, I'm just gon' sow what I reap, huh huh

[Verse 1: Shane Eagle]

Nothing is real and none of these niggas is realer than me

They can just call me Tony, f**k all these niggas, just be who you destined to be

I got the city on thousand degrees, elevate elevate, dizzy got speed

This is that level these rappers can't reach

This is that [?] s**t that you preach

Tell me s**t that I don't know, [?] like just a photo

Came in the game on my own bro, now that I'm on [?]

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I know that God got my back, I talk to God all the time

I ain't got no plan B, I put this all on the line

Look at the traction (Traction)

Look at what happened (B***h)

Heard that these niggas don't sell any tickets, so how they went platinum? Yeah

I am the GOAT on the low

I keep the guns on the floor

I used to sleep all on the floor, now I hear the round of applause

So I flew myself out to Paris, now I be running the streets

I send some bread to these niggas, now they be actin' like leeches

Niggas be buggin' for features, but I'm like way out of reach

You don't hear the round of applause, my nigga just take you a seat

[Verse 2: Nasty C]

Me and these rappers ain't really friends, I don't be taking their calls

I make 'em talk to the middle man, he won't pass me their message at all

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You know I got love for my real fans but I'm cursing them off of my yard

I can't be signing no autographs, I got too much kush in my garage

I don't want no attention from my neighbours, I don't wanna make friends with a cop

You get your nose wiped in a second, you call out my f***in' name in the dark

Washing my pinky ring in Ciroc

B***h you can't hold my hand, hold the c**k

[?] lit at the top, gettin' top

Me and the gang, party on the charts

I am a p***y man, you are a p***y nigga

I told the hoe "I am not a fisherman"

I say that cause the p***y stinkin'

Made a M on my vocab, I got rich with my dictionary

Put them diamonds on twelve teeth, I require a different fairy

I despise a snitch nigga

I'ma tell Tom to kill Jerry

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Pourin' up for the dead homies, do a show at the cemetary

Let 'em diss me, I'll never hear it

He a b***h, he ain't never scared

Call him out for the commentary

F**k his mom if it's necessary

Do him dirty, no sanitary, Tall Racks

[Hook: Shane Eagle]

I flew my mama to Paris, she used to stay on the street

I bought myself a new chain, it cost like 40 a piece

I haven't been home in a while, so I spent a crib on my teeth

Got money trees in the bag, I'm just gon' sow what I reap, huh huh

[Outro: Shane Eagle]

Sit the f**k down nigga

You don't hear the round of applause, my nigga just take you a seat

I heard that new s**t and it's weak

You niggas sound just like my niece

(Yeah, you niggas sound just like my niece)

Look, f**k your feelings, this is how I'm feeling

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World winding, niggas didn't see the vision

They pretended and now it's too late

Sickness sent around the globe, it's a tide

I watched these niggas switch sides

And then I watched 'em switch deals

They couldn't do it by themselves, Askin me how I feel (B***h)

Shane Eagle - Paris download

To download and save a copy of this track, use reliable sites just like the one suggested below. It is part of an album that Shane has been working on. The Dark Moon Flower album is scheduled to be out on 16th October 2019.

Have you listened to the latest track by Shane Eagle - Paris? In this collaboration where he features Nasty C, it is clear that the two did not intend to let their fans down. Let us know what you think about the track. While at it, feel free to let your friends know that there is a new hit single they need to check out.

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