Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por: audio, lyrics, reactions

Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por: audio, lyrics, reactions

The new hit by Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por is the latest collaboration doing rounds in music circles. Fans are taking it rather well as they enjoy the beats from the banger. Find out more below.

If you love to dance, then this track is perfect for you. The beats are catchy and somewhat addictive that it is not surprising that you will be moving your body in response. The two artists come together to deliver this excellent track and a definite hit with a bang.

Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por description

  • Release date: 11th October 2019
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Format: Audio
  • Length: 3:46 minutes
  • Producer: Young John
  • Label: Yagi Records

This banger is highly addictive. The beats keep replaying in one's head and it is not surprising if you keep nodding your head continuously. After all, the message is on point. It basically talks about a love that is too much that you are not willing to let the person go but the person ends up moving on. When this happens, you find yourself someone else who is so much better.

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Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por reviews and comments

If you want to know about the track that is worth your time, check out what other people have had to say about it. This particular one has attracted a lot of views from YouTube users, with a good number of them praising the artists for a job well done. Check out the following sampled views.

  • Fhish official: First to be here from the central, it’s a hit ,Marlians gada here
  • The Alkebulan Trust: Who else agrees that it's unfair that only the audio is available and this will sound even better with the video?
  • Bello Ibrahim: Lil Kesh always brings a hit banger. If you love Lil Kesh your life to sweet
  • Young Money: Calm down she's not your girlfriend it's just your turn...Naira marley bar
  • Mika Yvicking: I know I'm high af right now, but that jam is (took me at least 30 minutes to find that emoji)
  • Gabriel Alfred: She’s not ur girlfriend it’s just ur turn....o por
  • Amilisa dadi: i really love this song, nice one lil kesh and naira marley
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Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por lyrics

Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por lyrics

Image:, @lilkesh
Source: UGC

Do you want to add this tune to your playlist and sing along whenever it plays? To sing, you need the correct lyrics as shown below.

Verse 1 (Lil Kesh)

Ah! I’ll never let you go

Yeah You letting go

Yebo see now I’ve found another baby oh

You can pack your load oI

’ll never let you go

but you letting go

Y you let me go

Yebo I’ve found the one for me o

I say Kobe jor I no do o

Rightnow I am fine and cool

Make my money mili military oh


O por o por o por o por o por por por o por por por! (X8)

Verse 2 (Naira Marley)

Gbegbati gege Koki

If I gock your pin and belly

Look what you wear now doh

Oh le Lord moti mogbole

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Aleye calm down jor

It’s not your girlfriend, it’s just your turn ah

That’s my type of girl

She live on Insta shaking bum

The body

body fine

Txtx sweet

Lowun bobo keh


O por o por o por o por o por por por o por por por! (X8)

Bridge (Lil Kesh)

Ife iyeji owu ah

That is what I got for you

Baby you should know

Ife totorun mirimiri

That is what I got for you

Baby you should know


O por o por o por o por o por por por o por por por! (X8)

Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por download

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How did you like the latest collaboration by Lil Kesh & Naira Marley - O Por? Do you think it is a hit or a miss? Would you recommend it to friends and family? Feel free to share your comments and views in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you even as you let those in your circle know that there is a new danceable banger they would enjoy.


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