Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema ft. Whozu: video, lyrics, reactions

Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema ft. Whozu: video, lyrics, reactions

The new hit by Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema is the hottest song in town. Listen to the song and you will discover why she is the singer to watch in the coming days.

Sensema is a lovely song that has so far hit the music industry with a bang! If you ever doubted Hamisa’s talent, then this is the song you need to listen to. Her amazing voice and dance moves will keep you watching the video over and over again.

Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema description

  • Release date: October 11th, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Bongo flava
  • Length: 2 minutes 41 seconds
  • Producer: S2Kizzy
  • Director: Joowzey

Tanzanian songstress and all-time sensation Hamisa has released yet another fantastic song titled “Sensema.” She features Whozu in this particular song produced by S2Kizzy and directed by Joowzey. What amazes in the song are the metaphorical lyrics accompanied with slow beats that are easy to dance to.

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Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema reviews and comments

The song has attracted considerable reviews and comments on social media platforms. Find out below what most viewers think about the song.

  • Lobinowski: It’s so unfair when people like this get recognition yet they completely have no talent.
  • Lucas Shayo: Who else think she sounds like a twelve years old girl.
  • Dalylah R Nelson: OMG nobody like this beautiful lady... What a voice! Lovely lady... Shout out to single ladies striving for them little mini them... Jokes aside, have you ever wondered how her collabo with Mr. D is gonna be... Hamisa pekee.
  • Yusuf Mwero: It's like Diamond's has a unique injection for music. Good music though.
  • Queen Dollie: Hamisa you did a good job, kitu kimoja tu you need to improve ni kwenye kucheza umepooza sana you don't convince someone to keep watching you, meaning unacheza kislay queen sana try kuchangamsha.
  • Hon MohamedNoor Yakub: She proved everyone that she is the Queen of East Africa (Much love for you Hamisa from Kenya.
  • Jan Merc: Now this is beautiful, and the voice tone is on point!! Her other music has been awful!! This right here is beautiful!! Love it.
  • Aligi: I love this, though I don’t understand what you are saying, baby girl this is a good song. Much improved keep it up. Love from London.

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Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema lyrics

If you wish to sing along, these are the fantastic lyrics for this song.

[Verse one - Hamisa Mobeto]


Mungu wa shingo

Mungu wa roho

Kama niko peponi

Shingo bingo nipe show

Nirudishe utotoni

Oh! Baby boo nipe zaidi

Nipandishe moto kwenye baridi

Nipandishe juu tena ikibidi

Wakalale watoto tukajigiji

Kama penzi mvinyo

Glassi me nishalewa!!

Tila Lila

Yaani sioni, sisikii

Nishapoteza dira

Chorus (Hamisa Mobeto)

Kama moshi na sigara!!

Yani niimbe kwa kipara!!

Basi kama samaki we sangala

Konda, dereva, dala dala

Basi funga mkanda!!

(Sense… Ah Sense… Sensema) x 4

[Verse two - Whonzu]

Too much too much

Kiuno kwa chini kiteremshe

Makusudi ukiteremshe

Yamepanda majini yateremshe!!! Oh!

Oh Baby niteremshee!!!

Songo mpingo! zake sifa!

Yaani samaki kakunywa kakunjika!!

Makusudi zake picha!!!

Ana vimacho vidogo kaumbika!!

Me kwako zima moto

Eeeh! Moto!!!

Asije susa nikaambilia kimoko

Eeeh! Moko

Yake mapingo ni konyo

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Ooh! Konyo!!!

Vyake vikubwa, hapendangi vidogo!!

Ooh! Ndogo!!!

(Ndogo) X 3

[Chorus - Hamisa Mobeto]

[Verse three - Hamisa and Whonzu]

Baby ukinipa nazizima

Amsha popo

Ayeh ayeh! Amsha popo!!!

Ki-Japan, ki-china, china!

Amsha popo

Aye aye! Amsha popo!!!

Baby we sigana!

Amsha popo

Aye aye! Amsha popo!!!

Vishakunaku, vimechina

Amsha popo

Aye aye! Amsha popo

Is the new song by Hamisa Mobetto - Sensema a hit or a miss? Please leave a comment about the song in the comment section below.

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