Dremo - Scapegoat: audio, lyrics, reactions

Dremo - Scapegoat: audio, lyrics, reactions

Wondering what the buzz is all about? It is the new track released by Dremo - Scapegoat, and it is likely to prove that indeed, hip hop is still alive and on another level. This time, he unleashed the song titled Scapegoat, which serves as a response to Davolee’s track called Lightweight.

Although this is a diss track, it depicts how Dremo can rap seamlessly and thrill hip hop lovers. Here is everything you need to know about the track.

Dremo - Scapegoat song description

  • Release date: October 4, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Length: 3.33 minutes
  • Producer: Mbeatz

This type of track is likely to take the hip hop music industry a notch higher.

Dremo - Scapegoat reviews and comments

Dremo - Scapegoat reviews and comments

Image: instagram.com, @dremodrizzy
Source: UGC

Fans who have had the chance to listen to the new release by Dremo - Scapegoat are quick to attest to how the song is a captivating one. Even though it is a fast rap song, some of the song's fans can recite a few lines in the lyrics, and that shows how the song is irresistible. Here is a sneak peek of the comments that the song is getting on YouTube:

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  • Paul Ogunwuyi: A mini Davolee
  • Voko Nation: Intro got me!!
  • olyhot Olanrewaju: U need manicure b4 u touch my flows mo fo
  • Manford Edgerton Grayson: This is ok.. learn from mi please
  • Adeleke Oluwatobi David: A mini Devolee

Dremo - Scapegoat lyrics

Dremo - Scapegoat lyrics

Image: facebook.com, @DREMODMW
Source: UGC

I know really know watin Dey make u vex

But you’re looking sad, you’re looking depressed

A hungry man is an angry man

So instead of picking a fight, you should be picking beans

Put your eyes on your lips and watch what you say lil boy

Take your shoes out your mouth, you Dey run am way too much

Gapping these Clout chasing rappers trying to fill in

With your face wey be like map too many spots to chill in (Awon eyan Spotify)

Emi ni Davolee Emi ni Davolee

I’m bout to belittle you, turn you to a mini Davolee

Trouble for Rohr as big Super Eagles star listed among players to be sold at top EPL club

You no Dey my level, your rich is from my feet to my kneels

Automatically I look down on you, you look up to me nigga

Oh Ma Goh OhOo call me out on a song

First of all you need a manicure before you touch my flows

Ahbi Eh gbon, Are you dumb?

You getting me really pissed

And I go diss you with the names of all the rappers you dissed

You Abaga You a baga, am I your mate?

When my O Viper bites, Antidotes will be too late

Fake chains, fake chains, Zero Icey

If you’re blind T, to the fact that you washed up then why see (Ycee)

You Dey frustrate, is the truth

My guy just let it Loose

A p***y rapper in the studio is called a puss in booth

Before you can get to me line up in A Queue (AQ) *Oya LineUp*

Anthony Joshua tells younger generation what they must do to their parents while still alive

You sad, you mad, you wish you had all the Paper (Pyper)

And the Funds like a bad guy (Falz Da Bahd Guy)

But you wack

Don’t say my name oh, I’ll burn you

And make the Ashes be the reason why your Bones Black (Blaqbonez)

I know really know watin Dey make u vex

But you’re looking sad, you’re looking depressed

A hungry man is an angry man

So instead of picking a fight, you should be picking beans

picking beans, picking beans, picking beans…

Leave my name out your f***ing mouth

So, what is your take on the new tune by Dremo - Scapegoat? Is it a hit or a miss? Kindly leave a comment about the song on this page and share the article widely with other hip hop fans.

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