King Kaka - Round 3 ft. Silverstone Barz, Frida Amani, Dyana Cods, She Flo, Tilly: video, lyrics, reactions

King Kaka - Round 3 ft. Silverstone Barz, Frida Amani, Dyana Cods, She Flo, Tilly: video, lyrics, reactions

Greet the brand-new jam you will be playing on repeat. It is a powerful track by King Kaka - Round 3, and it is pure fire. If you want to know what real hip-hop sounds like, press the play button and enjoy this high-quality record.

To create this track, the Kenyan artist invited quite a bunch of prominent rappers. Thus, Silverstone Barz, Frida Amani, Dyana Cods, She Flo, and Tilly joined King Kaka in his work on Round 3.

King Kaka - Round 3 description

  • Release date: October 4, 2019
  • Format: mp3, video
  • Genre: Hip-hop, rap
  • Length: 6:43 min
  • Label: Kaka Empire
  • Producers: Provoke, The Other Guys
  • Director: Johnson Kyalo

The combination of talents of the six rappers made this track immensely diverse. You can enjoy the rapping styles of your favorite musicians in one record, which turns the song into a real gem of the modern hip-hop industry.

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King Kaka - Round 3 reviews and comments

Such a powerful track could not be unnoticed by the fans of the artists. They are actively discussing it. Here is what people have to say about the jam on YouTube:

  • Klet The General: I love how the Kenyan musicians are growing.
  • LINDAH MWECHE: Tilly's flow is dope.
  • S CHACHA: Kenyan hip-hop is back. Silverstone is killing it.
  • I Dado: There have never been anything like this in Kenyan industry. One king and his queens.
  • maxwel Ochieng: The track is a game-changer.
  • Luke Oj: The whole crew was sick but I liked Tilly's flow more followed by She Flo... Replay mode!
  • ELIUD OLUNG’URU: These women are lethal.

King Kaka - Round 3 lyrics

King Kaka - Round 3 lyrics
Image:, @thekingkaka
Source: UGC


Walidhani Ati tunamalizia Round 2,

We Wachaaa

Sit back relax fam, we wachaa

Nina warembo on this Ayee

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Aii Aii Basi Gettem

[Verse 1: Silverstone Barz]

He say I’m a 10, but I’m tryna get a 9, thas a nina

I’on have to talk to a b**h if I’on feel her

See I’m rocking real puma n I’m rocking Fila

Silverstone too good, everybody fill her

I mean y’all real, but I’m realer

Y’all a bunch of clients, b***h I’m really with the dealer

Y’all are taking hits, I be hitting up my hitter

I’m really with the s**ts, you’re talking to the hip nigga

I talk s**t, f**k who care

If you ain’t feeling this girl, you are too gay

I let ‘em smash coz he sell ye!

You let ‘em smash coz he gat w**d, and he gave you what? Like 2k

Everybody claiming bad b**ch, ok

I throw this a** backward like a bouquet

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I ain’t hungry for a deal, b***h I’m too paid

I get street money, got them pills from UK

It’s the punchline queen whatchu mean

Bow down for the queen I make ‘em lean like codeine

[Verse 2: Fridah Amani]

Hii ni rap without borders, I’m the queen take an order

First rule amma fly call me chopper, hip-hop ya TZ naivusha boda

I’d like to holla at u haters at the top

Sitaki shida ni shida kwao to keep up

Its hip-hop, niko na ego flow ni sick let me brag about it

I do it bigger I ain’t cheap you should know about it

Since am the only rapper who can read a map in this rap

And I ain’t a mumble rapper, acha niwe wa kwanza mnifate

Mweusi tii call me kante, I only fight for mkate

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Kama ni likes you can have it

I was supposed to come to Nairobi as a queen but

I met King Kaka so I became king dada.

[Verse 3: Dyana Cods]

Am a spoilt matha***a

Baby boy I don't want you I want your father

Am in the same league as your mother

F**k with me na ntakupatia step brother

Am in the mix siezi kosa

Nayo haga biggie imenichosha

Hii ukidishi inasaucer

Nikupea unaezasota

Eastlando ndo place me nimetoka

Dey say dyana everywhere

Why your boyfriends wanna get inside my underwear

Am petty I don't really care

F**k beyt, xtatic n that b***h with no hair

Noti Flo still giving p**sy everywhere

Am a bad b***h still gat the coochie of the year

Nina dame ana chali wa runda

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Nina game wanadhania dumba

Hii ni gang hii si clan ya boomba

Usiworry ka ni ngwai tunasunda

[Verse 4: She Flo]


High maintenance

I stay dangerous

I'm a Blueprint you can only make a copy

Chasing a dream till I’m living it

Diddy with the moves never winging it

Got the swagger like jigga

Think I pulled up in a Bima

Mundu mumu nia kinya

Tega skio sikiliza

Counting money in my sleep

I be balling in my dreams

Chris Kirubi typa ish

Michael Jordan with the swish

You're girl She Flow put the rhymes on Streak

Self made sister got it tattooed on my wrist

Eyes on the price nadai tu mamita

Baddest plug in town ye, I’m the right dealer

Me haffi waste time on a tune I go killa

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Nobody pon this rap game this iller

Wanapanic I be Godzilla

Dripping dripping in chinchilla

[Verse 5: Tilly]

Well I’m the underdog from underground, for you that’s real tragic

I’ve been hungry for a minute, this my meal? Well fantastic!

Finna gobble all this meat, like I never had it, cause I never had it

O.D on this beat like an addict

Yeah I’m tiny but trust I’m a bulldozer

Step up on your scene, knock you s**t over

Nimekuwa nikitesa, giving headaches, Na si za Mara moja

Had to tell the game to chill, najua imekuwa ikiningoja

Nashare this stage with beautiful queens, so make the floor wider

I’m f**king it up with just the flow, I’m the flow-rider

They say they gunning for my flow but I’m the flow sniper

Nikichafua, wanasafisha, ninamafloor wipers

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We don’t live enough, y’all ain’t real enough

Don’t smoke w**d enough, all we do is puff

You don’t believe enough, you don’t believe in us

You see the future in them, well all I see is us

[Verse 6: King Kaka]

Hakuna Aibu ya kushuta ndani choo

Budangu alikuwa cleaner so Na learn as we go,

9 years later Bado ni Fiasco ka Lupe

Budahhh Ka unahara usishute

King Kaka Baba yao to the children

PA wangu got a PA , now that’s a f**kin PA system

Haujui kusoma Bible Utapata jibu kwa pastor

Endelea kudanganya we ni King utapata Jipu kwa rasa

I am not dead Bado mdomo inapambana

Pesa zangu Serial Number UWa zinafuatana

Not kitui but nakaza kamba plus nakaza mkamba wakikaza rasa mi nakaza buti

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Bado mnatry kubuy Respect over kwa duka

Nunuliana tu wig na kabati ya mother


Hizo ni fake grills fake drills sishtuki

Asubuhi ilikuwanga ugali imedoz na strungi

Wife AnaBake Leo Lazima nim Kate

Get it wife Bake mkate

Family is waiting basi we

Finish what we started

You can’t be half gangster from Jimmy to Nucky

So mbona mnacompare Snail na Ducati

Mbona MnaCompare Gold na Mabati

Mbona MnaCompare King na tu Bwati

Imagine Hata fundi wangu hanipimi

Sahii unaishi kwa glass house weka mawe chini

Made my circle so tight na siongelei bikra

Niko four rounds ahead hauoni clear gap

Kunishika isa myth ka 1/3 ya clear kut

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Explosive lines nilijua King ata Blow

Lines mob shinda meza ya Pablo

No fare Uber yangu ilikuwanga njumu

Sahii Ubaya yangu mi Uwa sumu

Ulimi contaminated hauskii flow sick

Ukigusa dogi yangu ntakam na John Wick

Nataka waskie Ebu punguza ka tempo

Na siongezangi maji hii si supu ya Central

Old ways hazifungui new doors

Kiswahili yangu inafungua new draws

Ngozi ya Njumu ni ngombe za kitale

Turtle neck, lullaby Rozay zilale

Mkono Ime Freeze ka weather ya Kinale

Na iseay Miyake inanukia kwa umbaleeee

Adam alishakula tunda hakuna kupewa chance tu

Haujui Dera bila tako ni Kanzu

Hadi kubadilike Ntabonga Toilet

MCSK by the way mkule Ndole

Na Bars zangu ziko tao ziko ocha

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Sielewi mbona Bars zao ocha pombe inafika

Na Shule za ocha pads na vitabu ni Shida

70% of girls hawawezi afford pads

So inamaanisha hawatafika kwa class

Enda kwa tupatie madem machance

hivyo ndio nimemaliza my verse

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King Kaka - Round 3 is an irresistible track that you will play on repeat. You are welcome to tell us your opinion about this record in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates about your favorite musicians and do not forget to share this article with your friends.


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