Oga Network - Hello Mummy: video, reactions

Oga Network - Hello Mummy: video, reactions

Oga Network - Hello Mummy is a new hit by the Alleluyah Boyz Entertainment singer. The message is ultimately moving, and it seems impossible to sit back and listen to the song without tears rolling down your cheeks.

Have you watched the brand new video titled 'Hello Mummy'? The much-anticipated video has just been released, and it is the only thing most people all over are watching now. Do not be left out.

Oga Network - Hello Mummy description

  • Release date: September 27th, 2019
  • Format: Video/Audio
  • Album: Hello Mummy
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Length: 4 minutes 6 seconds
  • Producer: Solshyne
  • Label: Alleluyah Boyz Entertainment
  • Mixed and mastered by: Swaps

'Hello Mummy' is a follow up to his tune, 'Story,' a remix in which he featured Olamide. The song takes you through the life of a young man who goes against revered advice from his mother. As the man hopes to redeem himself, he makes a call to his mother seeking sympathy and aims to change and improve his life. The message, beats and visual effects combined have brought about positive reactions from fans and followers on social media.

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Oga Network - Hello Mummy reviews and comments

Alleluyah Boyz Entertainment published the video on their YouTube Channel and so far, it has received a considerable number of views. So, what are viewers saying about the new banger?

  • conette logistics limited: Alleluyah Boyz try for this one... This guy is very good... The video explains the song... Good director, excellent producer and sound artist. Good music in a calm way... As Nigeria hot, with this kind of song, we need to go cool off.
  • femd daniel: This song will live forever.
  • chimmy chimmy: Good music is hard to find nowadays. Kudos Oga Network. God bless.
  • power of niaja good vibe.: This guy good. It is not like every time Nigeria artists will be singing about women. Yanche... at times they have to talk about reality. Thanks brother for this great song.
  • Kenechukwu Nwabia: Mommy continues praying for us. Thank you, bro, for this beautiful message you passed through your music. Some of us have gone deep in some acts; we do not know how it came into our lives.
  • Michael Idowu: I like the fact that the video ended well. Lovely song and visuals.
  • power of niaja good vibe.: This explains what most of us are passing through after we leave home in search of greener pasture. But getting there, you will be influenced by the sweet and bad things over there, thinking you are doing the right things. Mummy pray for me...
  • deniz udom: Brother, you have just got a fan. This is what we call music. No noise, the message passed, mixed and mastered with perfection. May God bless who was behind the guitar. If ever a remix is considered, Harrysong will deliver.
  • Orijin Tv: I Love you guy. A big fan from now henceforth. This song is actually sending me back to default settings.
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Oga Network - Hello Mummy download

Did you like the song? You can download it from the following reliable sites and listen to it over and over again, or share with your friends.

What is your take on Oga Network - Hello Mummy? Is it a hit or a miss? We would like to hear from you. Drop your views in the comment section below.

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