Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black: video, lyrics, reactions

Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black: video, lyrics, reactions

Listen to the latest banger by Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black. Anyone who knows this rapper appreciates his style as he drops hot lyrics every time he gets to work. This case is not different. Medikal makes his fans remember why he is king with a new tune dubbed I'm Not Blank I'm Black.

A great tune needs no introduction just as a talented artist would not need one. Medikal is such an act that brings the house down with his music every time he works on a song.

Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black description

  • Released: 23rd September 2019
  • Genre: Rap
  • Format: Video
  • Length: 2:55 minutes
  • Producer: Chensee Beatz

Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black reactions and reviews

A great tune that is both catchy and meaningful is definitely going to make people talk. As expected, this jam has people commenting on YouTube. Here are a few of the comments on the platform.

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  • Asonaba Kwabrafoso Obuasi: If you are proud to be an African..... May our Creator bless you. Asonaba Kwabrafoso Obuasi
  • Lucas Moose: Son of the sun everyday is like summer around here
  • D.skyblue Dessi: Don't mind them!! In the World, it's all about BLACK!! Fuc**ed Off everybody that hatin' black
  • bra joezy: I fall in love with your RAP when you do it this way
  • Abdul Fatawu Tuhe: MDK IS ON FIRE. Please someone should call fire service
  • Freaking epic: True though ... Madd bars right there
  • DARK DAYS IN KNUST: I was here and medikal killed the sauce like real source.
  • WORLD TOUR: In fact Medikal is really spitting some sense and fire here. If you love MDK more than me lemme see your hand
  • Diamond Linda: wow !!!! great .... dam*n it !!! kill it ....thanks to yourself, fella and also STRONGMAN for pressure u had .. !!

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Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black lyrics

Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black lyrics
Image:, @medikal
Source: Facebook

If you would love to sing along, then you probably need the correct lyrics to the tune. Here they are:


It's cos am black

May be cos a grow enough to be here

May be becos my chain be too expensive

Let's declare

It's becos I pull up in the black

It's seems its over dead

May be is the way I walk

Would that never be the end

Black is beautiful they never treated a nigga fair

Twisted in fault still will be standing

When I cramp a chair

I spend the cash before I cramp a cheque

You can take my chain but will never let go of my respect

I'm not blank but am black It's just a colourful

Sick and tired of been treated like am criminal

When going for security checks

They keep on starrin at me

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I feel like some soup the way they be starrin at me

Your vision is blurr

My mission is clear

You can never take away my pride

Am not leaving it here

How dare you ask me if we use forms in Africa

No we use bananas

I mean, what the fuc*k is wrong with yah

Sometimes I cant believe my ears

I think its never gonna end

Been how many years

Like Kuntah Kenteh my name will forever be the same

You hate me because am original

See we are not the same

Cos you hate my people

You hate togetherness

You never wanna see

When thus why we keep

Our brothers on our shoulders like the violin

We stay together like brothers, kiss

We stick together like the siamese

When they see a black man and a black van they wanna shoot

When they see a white man and a black man ask everything is cool

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They want to teach us cool

Keep your hands in the air if you are black and the cops catch you

If you hear me cos am in colour

You are no human being you belong to the zoo




I was in a car in Amsterdam

When the cops pulled us over

He asked for my manager passport

So we had to hand it over

He checked on the driver's license

Everything was clean

4 black boys and 1 white girl

He is always creating a scene

Four pulling vans pulled up

Few more cops showed up in a bike

It was like a crime scene

It looked like we murdered somebody

Shi*t, No hype

Pablo took out his phone and started recording

That's the kind of shi*t they don't like

They said yee had no seat belts on

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He pissed off the guy on the bike

They put handcuffs on my nigga

Rela shi*t they locked them up

Just cos we got black skin colour

The system is so fuc*ked up

That is why the only place I call home is Ghana

West Africa

Black is beauty

Black is MTV

Black is Freedom

Black is being whoever you wanna be

Black is full site TV

Black is sympathy

Black empathy

Now they tryna turn blacks against black

With the media, why cant you see

Fu fuc fuc*k them all

Imma roll like Ghanaa

Son of the sun

Everyday is like summer

They wanna fuc*k me up and put a scar on my face like Tony Montana

Black star imma profusely shine forever

Black is the language I preach

I wrote this on a toilet in the plane

You just had to fly your shi*t

Have you listened to the latest track by Medikal - I'm Not Blank I'm Black? Would you agree that the banger is a hit? Let us know in the comment section below. While at it, remember to signal your friends that Medikal has released another hit they need to check out.

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