VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 ft. Dremo, N6, Blaqbonez: video, lyrics, reactions

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 ft. Dremo, N6, Blaqbonez: video, lyrics, reactions

The African rap star returns with a brand-new record VJ Adams - Define Rap 2. The confidence coming from the track is breathtaking. You cannot ignore a jam like this.

To create this track, the artist teamed up with his fellow rappers Dremo, N6, and Blaqbonez. Together, these giants of African rap created a truly irresistible piece of music.

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 description

  • Released: September 20, 2019
  • Format: mp3, video
  • Genre: Rap, hip-hop
  • Length: 4:31 min
  • Label: Smada Entertainment
  • Producer: Marvio

The renowned musicians have created nothing short of a masterpiece. The beats of the record are unparalleled, and its lyrics leave no doubts about who the rightful kings of African rap are.

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 reviews and comments

If you would like to know what others say about this song and the video before making your own opinion, here is what YouTube users say about them:

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  • Nnadjeofo music: This hit me with tears of joy.
  • Manford Edgerton Grayson: Blaqbonez is a king any day, any time.
  • Constance Idemudia: Blaqbonez is the best rapper ever.
  • King Ezzy: Okay this my own opinion… Dremo played on his verse! N6 brought the real bars and matured delivery! Blaqbones on his A-game flows as always! VJ Adams, sorry I couldn’t get you... Dope still.
  • foli naija: N6 got the most bars and best flow on this, nice voice too. Blaq is cool as usual.
  • Godswill Umukoro: I’m proud of Blaq... He has the best verse.
  • Head Finest: There’s maturity N6 put in. You all listen to the story and how he ended it. That’s a senior delivery of his exposure to the game.
  • Lazo Swag: Fact be told, this Blaqbonez is already a nightmare to many rappers in Africa.
  • excel owualah: That was hot.
  • Damilola Lanre: Now, this is hip-hop.
  • Prof Erastosthene: Blaqbonez is eating every rapper here with their bones.
  • mr webz mr webz: The real rap definition.
  • Ojo Prof: Dreamo is crazy. No one is badder than him on this. The puns and metaphors are extraordinary.
  • Trends Network: Dremo is hard!

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VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 lyrics

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 lyrics
Image: instagram.com, @iamvjadams
Source: UGC


Define rap



VJ Adams

[Verse 1 - VJ Adams]

I got a lil sum for these Instagram rappers

These novice ain’t no sh*t type of rappers

These stay home lay low fake a*s rappers

I used to rap one time no hits rappers

The people know the truth

They kinda know now who the realist is

The secret is I don’t even know

What being sacred is

F**k ‘em bull***t

I’m kinda really f**king sick of this

You silly sis

Kinda really hard for me to picture this

Still your favorite still ain’t winning

Even though they started singing

Kinda understand they be hurting

When they started bi***ing

You ain’t selling sh*t

‘Cause your rap ain’t got no meaning

You gon’n tire out soon

That’s for sure that’s a giving

I rap about the things I know the things I own

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The things that make me special

Is the reason you can never ever get a clone

The things that made me number 1

The reason I can be alone

The reason I’m the king and I’m the one

That’s f**king on the throne


Define rap

Define rap

Define rap

[Verse 2 - Dremo]


Listen if you deaf

You definitely gon hear of this one

I be my own composition

There is no competition

And only God fit judge me

So I tell the judges

F**k your decisions I be lion

Better no make ma Clause

Gift you for Christmas lil niggas

Virgo king gang crazy

Gotta sicka team na likkle thing

To smoke all these rappers like it’s nicotine

Do them dirty like lil pigs

You thinking y’all ready?

I ain’t f**king with lil kids

I no be R’Kelly

I’m the prophecy

Came in the game and made it

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To down krest

Couldn’t afford a plan B

‘Cause Biggie made the plan rest

Still blessed

Only nigga better than the best

But y’all can’t say it with your chest

‘Cause you get man breast

They no dey see the naked truth

Only if they chew the forbidden fruit

Like Adam and Eve

And just right before I leave

F**k anybody who don’t believe

Now you see me now you don’t

‘Cause I got the tricks up my sleeves


Define rap

Define rap

Define rap

[Verse 3 – N6]

I’ve got rap in my chromosomes

Hip-hop in my DNA

Never signed to a label

Steady balling everyday

Only real niggas is allowed to be my protégé

Whole team gotta be more stand up than a vertebrae

Always on our toes

Sh*t be looking like we do ballet

Choppa so loud

You’ll hear the banger from a mile away

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What I need your woman for?

On the real… no bluffing

If your girl is a snack

Then my b***h is a buffet

Define rap

Say my name or don’t say nothing

Like a needle to a balloon

I get sh*t popping

Punchlines on creed

With a mix of rocky

We the type to hit the club

And get the dance floor jocking

Niggas claim best rapper

Men, that sh*t is absurd

If hip-hop was a chick

Y’all probably get curved

Tryna catch up with me

And all you’ll see is a blur

I’m the waiter and the chef

And y’all just got served


[Verse 4 - Blaqbonez]

Y’all expect me to come defining rap

Y’all already know what it is,

Better stop bugging Blaq

Rap is lyrics over beat,

Now that I’m done with that

Can I get to killing these kids?

Oh men, I’m loving that

Got rappers on strings

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A puppet the way I’m playing ‘em

So many niggas mad

That yaba left ain’t containing ‘em

All these picanto niggas

Y’all compare with me

My career like a limo,

You see class and longevity

No cultural impact without my say so

Army so strong

Like I got fans on the pay roll

The secret is

I’m better that you bro

So case closed

Only niggas touching me is KDOT and JCOLE

That’s even on a worse day

Normally I’m the G.O.A.T.

I been checking competition is zero

I blow ‘em out the water

Like missiles out of a submarine

Where the f**k’s the f**ker

Y’all said was gonn come at me?


On the Internet they gon come at me

But in real life

They balls ain’t even bigger that the Unsullied

Or Lord Varys,

‘Cause really the Lord Varys

He gave me a big d**k

It’s a real burden to carry bruh

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I talk to ma sh*t

And I can back it up for real

Where was Wale Turner and Davolee

When sh*t got real?

Bruh I f**k with you

But don’t let the fans send you to die

‘Cause if you go face to face my nigga

You will not survive


Define rap

Define rap




VJ Adams

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 download

If you like the record and want to add it to your playlist, you can download it easily by following the links provided below.

VJ Adams - Define Rap 2 is a powerful banger that will smother you with its energy. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates about your favorite musicians.

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