100 unique gender neutral names and meanings

100 unique gender neutral names and meanings

What are gender neutral names? They can be given to both a girl or a boy. In addition, many adults who do not identify with either gender search for some unique gender neutral names that they can choose for themselves. A lot of unisex names sound very lovely and special, and here is a huge collection of them for your pleasure.

Unique gender neutral names
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There are a lot of reasons why people choose androgynous names for their children. It is more common now than it was many years ago. More and more people think it would be cute and unique to use a gender neutral name.

Nowadays, there are plenty of unisex baby names. They can also be used as nonbinary names by people who do not conform to gender-binary standards and wish to change their gender-specific name to a more neutral one. Either way, if you ended up here, we are sure these unique unisex names will be useful for you.

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Top 100 gender neutral names

Here are some gender neutral names along with their meanings:

  • Addison: it means "child of Adam" and has quite a lot of alternate spelling variations. It used to be more common for boys, but lately, people have began using it for girls too.
  • Adrian: of Latin origin, it means "of the sea" or "dark one." More variants include Adrien, Adrianne, and Adrienne. It was originally a boy name but has been used for girls more often lately.
  • Aiden: meaning "fiery one" from Irish. It is more popular for boys, but girls can have it too.
  • Alex: probably one of the most popular unisex choices, Alex can be a shortened version for both Alexander and Alexandra. It means "defender."
  • Andy: both genders use this creative choice, which means "brave." As for more girly spellings, there are Andi and Andie.
  • Angel: the meaning speaks for itself, as angels are messengers of God. In English-speaking countries, it is more popular for girls, while in Spanish-speaking countries, it is widely used for boys.
  • Archer: an archer is someone who uses arrows and a bow, and it is quite a unique name for both girls and boys.
  • Ashton: it is of English origin, translating to "from the town of ash trees." Ashton can be shortened to Ash.
  • Aspen: another nature name, meaning "a tree with fluttering leaves". Recently, it has been gaining popularity, mostly among girls.
  • August: a Latin pick, meaning "deserving of respect" and "distinguished." It would be a nice one for your kid.
  • Avery: lately, it has been used for both boys and girls. Avery translates to "ruler of elves."
  • Bailey: another example of a gender neutral choice. Bailey is defined as "a public officer of justice".
  • Blair: mostly a pick for girls, but guys can also have it. Its definition is "child of the plains."
  • Blake: an English name meaning "dark and attractive." Some of the most famous bearers are the actress Blake Lively and the singer Blake Shelton, so, as you can see, both genders can rock it.
  • Brett: it has Celtic and French origins, and translates to "someone from Brittany, France." While it is more common for males, it can be a female name as well.
  • Cameron: originally from Scottish, it translates to "having a crooked nose", but nonetheless, it remains popular.
  • Carson: another Scottish option, meaning "Carr's son." It can also be spelt as Karson. For boys, it is a very trendy pick, and in the 1990s, it rose in popularity as a female name.
  • Cassidy: from Irish, it means "curly-haired". Even though it is mostly for ladies, it can be classified as gender-neutral.
  • Charlie: it means "free man" and has always been a popular male option. However, recently it has been growing as a female choice, primarily as a nickname for Charlotte.
  • Dakota: this one has native American origins, translating to "friendly" or "ally". Because of actresses Dakota Johnson and Dakota Fanning, we classify it as a majorly female pick, but it would be unique if given to a boy.
  • Dallas: a name of English and Scottish origin, it means "living in the field". It was frequently used as a male option, though it was also once popular for females.
  • Dana: due to its femininity, it is used less often for boys, but a boy named Dana is still not an uncommon sight. It means "God is the judge" or "a Dane".
  • Devon: a name of Irish origin, it is defined as "a poet". It is more popular for men but is still a neutral pick.
  • Dylan: meaning "great tide", it originates from Welsh. There are a few alternate spellings, such as Dillon and Dillan.

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Gender neutral baby names
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  • Evan: this option comes from the Irish, meaning "God is gracious". It is more common for men, but women, such as actress Evan Rachel Woods, can have it too.
  • Emerson: the meaning of Emerson is "child of Emery", and it was used more commonly for the boys, but is rising in its popularity as a girl name.
  • Finley: from Irish, it means "a fair-skinned hero". It can be equally appealing for both genders.
  • Frankie: it can be a diminutive of Frank, Frances or Francine. Frankie translates to "free man" or "from the Frank tribe in France".
  • Grayson: of English origin, the definition of which is "child of someone with grey hair". In the past, it was used prevalently for boys, but it can easily be a girl's name.
  • Greer: of Latin origin, meaning "a watchful guardian". It is a unique pick that can be perfect for a girl or a boy.
  • Hayden: it comes from English, meaning "from the hay valley". The actress Hayden Panettiere and the actor Hayden Christensen are good examples of famous people with this name.
  • Hunter: even though it has been a common one for a guy, lately, it has become an original pick for a woman. Naturally, it means "huntsman".
  • Jayden: it originates from Hebrew, meaning "thankful to God". Some other variants include Jaden and Jaiden. It is now popular for both genders.
  • Jackie: of French origin, meaning "God is gracious". It can be a choice for a powerful woman like the former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or a talented man like the actor Jackie Chan.
  • Jaime: means "the one who replaces". In French, it can also translate to "I love" or "I like". Other variations are Jamie, Jaimie or Jaimee.
  • Jesse: from Hebrew, it translates to "God's gift" or "wealthy". The popular spellings are Jessie and Jessy. It is equally known as a male and female option, though used a little more often for males.
  • Joe: even though Joe is more of a boy option, girls are also often called Jo. It means "blessed".
  • Jody: the meaning is the same as in Joe. Some alternate spellings include Jodie and Jodi.
  • Jordan: it translates from Hebrew to "flowing down". It has plenty of other spellings, such as Jordyn or Jordin.
  • Journey: means "traveller" or "adventurer". It is used more frequently for girls, but sometimes for boys as well.
  • Justice: its translation from Latin is "honest, fair". It would be nice for a girl or boy with a strong sense of fairness.
  • Kai: this option comes from Hawaiian culture, and it is defined as "of the sea".
  • Keaton: it originates from English, with the meaning "from the town of hawks".
  • Keegan: this one comes from Ireland and translates to "small fiery one".
  • Kelsey: meaning "ship victory", it is another one that gives us sea associations. Alternate spellings include Kelsi and Kelsie.
  • Kendall: it means "from the Kent valley". As the examples of the television star Kendall Jenner and the actor Kendall Schmidt show, both guys and girls can rock it.
  • Kennedy: it translates to "helmet-wearing chief", and has Irish and Scottish roots.
  • Kieran: here is another Scottish one, with the meaning of "dark-haired".
  • Lane: the definition of Lane is "taking the narrow path". It is common for men but is occasionally used for women.

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Neutral names
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  • Leighton: meaning "from the town near the meadow". Traditionally, it has been a male name, but lately, its use by females has increased, especially with the popularity of the actress Leighton Meester.
  • Lennon: it started out as a surname. It is popular with both genders.
  • Leslie: an option of Scottish origin, meaning "from the holy garden".
  • Logan: here is another name that originates from Scotland. It means "of the hollow". The actor Logan Lerman, as well as the actress Logan Browning, show us how unisex it can be.
  • London: even though it is the capital of the UK, it eventually became a name option, more frequent among girls but used for guys too.
  • Marin: this sea-related pick has a direct meaning "of the sea". Maren and Marrin can be its variations.
  • Mickey: comes from Hebrew, defined as "the closest to God". It is a common choice for guys, but if you want to be original, you can use it for a girl.
  • Montana: this fancy pick means "of the mountains". It is more girly but was once popular for guys.
  • Morgan: a name of Welsh origin, meaning "sea traveller". In the past, it used to be more male, but now it has become more female.
  • Nevada: from Latin, Nevada means "covered in snow". There is a famous mountain range called the Sierra Nevada.
  • Noel: from French, it is translated to Christmas. Even though Noel is gender-neutral, quite often the variant Noelle is used for ladies.
  • Oakley: inspired by the oak tree, this option can also be spelt as Oaklee or Oakleigh.
  • Owen: it is an aristocratic option meaning "born into high society". It is more popular for guys, though occasionally you can encounter a female Owen.
  • Paris: another geographical choice, Paris is often used for ladies due to the reality star Paris Hilton, but it can be a guy name sometimes.
  • Parker: means "the park keeper". It was a common boy name before it started being given to girls.
  • Peyton: the meaning of this one is "from the soldier town". Lately, it is used almost equally for both genders.
  • Phoenix: with the meaning of "dark red", Phoenix is now a very stylish name, no matter what the gender is.
  • Presley: the variations of it are Preslee and Preslie, and nowadays, this option, which means "from the place where the priest lives", is more usual for girls.
  • Quinn: due to its association with "queen" it is given more to girls, but in fact, it means "wisdom, intelligence". So it can be awarded to both.
  • Rain: it means not just the weather phenomenon, but also "wise ruler". Other options are Rainn, Raine, Rayne, and Reign.
  • Reagan: a name of Scottish and Irish origin, it means "little ruler". Some other versions may include Regan or Raegan.
  • Reed: it means "red-haired", so it would be an excellent pick for a red-haired boy or girl.
  • Reese: from Welsh, it translates to "passionate and enthusiastic", so it can fit a curious and happy child.
  • Remington: here is another one that was originally a surname which means "raven" or "settlement". Remington is now a popular unisex pick.
  • Ricky: with the meaning "brave leader", in modern times, Ricky is quite a unisex name. For girls, it is often spelt as Ricki.

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Androgynous names
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  • Riley: it is an Irish name for "brave". Today, it is used equally for both genders.
  • River: the meaning here is pretty obvious. It would be great for a child who no one can predict.
  • Robin: it can be defined as "social", and also gives a bird vibe. Some of the famous Robins are Robin Thicke and Robin Williams. Also, the first name of Rihanna is spelt as Robyn.
  • Rory: from Irish, it means "red chief". It used to be more prominent among boys but later rose in popularity for ladies.
  • Rowan: it descends from Scottish and Irish, with the translation "little red one". This cute name is fitting for both genders.
  • Ryan: this name used to be extremely popular for men, but nowadays you can meet a girl named Ryan. It is defined as "little ruler" and has Irish roots.
  • Sage: from Latin, it translates to "prophet" or "wise person". Today, it is more popular for girls, but can be used for both.
  • Sasha: it is a diminutive of Alexander with the same meaning "defender", and can be spelt as Sacha or Sascha.
  • Sawyer: with a definition "woodcutter", it is a stylish pick for both genders.
  • Scout: it is very fitting for curious people as it means "information gatherer" or "explorer". It is prominent for girls, but a boy named Scout is no rarity.
  • Shannon: it means "wise" and "smart". More often, Shannon is used as a female choice, but it sounds rather neutral.
  • Shawn: from Irish, Shawn means "God is merciful". It has plenty of alternate variations, such as Sean, Seanne or Shaun.
  • Shay: this original name is from Irish, meaning "admired" and "respected".
  • Shiloh: from Hebrew, it means "peaceful". It gained popularity when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave it to their child.
  • Skylar: it is a Dutch option, translating to "scholarly" and "intelligent". Skyler is a popular variation of it.
  • Sloan: from Irish, Sloan translates to "strong protector". The more feminine version is Sloane, though the name Sloan itself is more common among girls.
  • Storm: this weather-inspired choice sounds quite gender-neutral and can be used for anyone.
  • Sydney: it has English roots and means "from the wide island". Initially, more boys than girls had it.
  • Tanner: meaning "leather maker".
  • Tatum: this cheerful name means "bringer of joy". It is slightly more popular among females.
  • Taylor: the meaning of this popular name is "cloth cutter". Famous people with the name are singer Taylor Swift and the actor Taylor Lautner, who, interestingly, used to be a couple in the past.
  • Tony: though we got used to the male use of Tony, many girls get this option as well, sometimes spelt "Toni". It means "priceless" in Latin.
  • Tristan: it is more common for boys, but a unique pick for ladies. It means "full of sorrow", though it sounds more confident than sad.
  • Wesley: the definition is "from the meadow in the west". It can be spelt as Wesli or Weslie. It is common for guys but an unusual one for girls.
  • Whitney: meaning "white and fresh". The singer Whitney Houston showed that the name is more feminine, but it can also be used as a boy's name.
  • Winter: with the obvious definition, Winter is a nice name for ladies, though you can meet a guy named Winter as well.

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Unique unisex names
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Here are our gender neutral names with their meanings that you will hopefully love. If you have any other ones, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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