Best funny Wifi names and puns

Best funny Wifi names and puns

How many times have you tried accessing free internet and the login name was hilarious? Most people enjoy showing off their humor and creativity with their choice of titles. Some funny Wifi network names will leave you in stitches. Get a good one for yourself!

funny wifi names
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Make your neighbours smile with the funniest Wifi names. Here is a collection of various titles for your wireless internet access.

Funny Wifi names

Some network credentials are just super hilarious. They could be a single word, question, or even a complete sentence. Here are some that will leave you dying with laughter;

  • I believe Wi can Fi
  • Tell my Wi-F-i love her
  • The creep next door
  • It irritates when IP
Best wifi names
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  • Thou shall not covet
  • LAN of milk and honey
  • I saw your Wi-f-i yesterday
  • Wi-fi when we can make up!
  • Hacker
  • Click to download
  • It is slower than yours
  • Connected, no internet
  • Your fart is loud!
  • Will you byte me?
  • Get your own net bro!
  • That's enough for today
  • Top-secret network
  • You lost your connection
  • Keeping it on the download
  • Do we have a connection?
  • Join my bandwidth
  • Are you looking for me?
  • It is a trap
  • Scooby Scooby do, where are you
  • Now you see me…

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Cool Wifi names

Almost all your friends will ask for internet access when they visit your home. Surprise them with some of the best Wifi network names that they would never think you’d have;

cool wifi names
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  • Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi
  • Drop it like its hotspot
  • Blindspot
  • Happy net, happy you
  • Double click for connection
  • Get your own
  • Share yours
  • Call me maybe
  • Log in here!
  • Pass is your full name in CAPS
  • I can access your emails
  • Don’t forget to subscribe
  • New follower?
  • Site under reconstruction
  • Network error
  • Please wait…
  • Only for zombies

Creative Wifi names

When you are in a public space, the first thing you’d want to know is if there is free internet. Most of these places, especially, have the most creative names that will crack you up. Here are some;

great wifi names
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  • Free public internet
  • Please ignore the internet
  • Buy something first
  • Test network
  • Virus-infected connections
  • Searching for network
  • Password is 1234
  • Yell your loudest for pass
  • Loading password…
  • Connected, secured
  • Call me maybe
  • Stay in the queue
  • Leave a tip
  • Error! 404 network unavailable
  • Will you pay?
  • Free for the next 2 hours
  • I buffer every day

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Clever Wifi names

The router labels assigned by the manufacturer are usually boring but fortunately, you can change them for better and unique ones. Here are some good Wifi names that are clever and will get you thinking for a minute;

  • The promised LAN
  • Ask for it again
  • $2 per hour
  • Life in the fast LAN
  • Please re-enter password
  • Please wait...
  • Accept _virus
  • Connect to Bluetooth
  • Talk less, work more
  • Use your phone number
  • Private use only
  • Mom click here for internet
  • Don't snoop around
  • You pay now!
  • Password is none
  • Out of order, try later
  • Buy me beer
  • I am single and searching
  • Witness protection
  • Sorry, access denied
  • Got a new phone?
Creative WiFi names
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You could easily express your humor with these. The use of Wifi puns is an excellent way of passing a message, getting people talking, or just making people laugh. Check out some of these;

  • We are watching you.
  • You click, I pay
  • Today its mine…
  • Join other networks
  • Prohibited area
  • Find me under the seat
  • Don’t watch p**n
  • Don't select me
  • Bring me an eggroll for password
  • Unprotected network
  • This is my number
  • Blacklisted!
  • Try next door
  • The anti-social club
  • Touch me if you can
  • Time for usage is up

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Nerdy Wifi names

Some are created to fit those who are thought to be overly intelligent and smart. Use some of these options;

  • Turn off your internet
  • Candy crush
  • Restart to connect
  • Live in the moment
  • Check your browsing data
  • Fix broken network
  • Hackers heaven
  • It is not free either
  • Ask Google for pass
  • Seriously staff my network
  • Password is password
  • Connect manually
  • Your search history is saved
  • Incorrect password
  • Limit screen time
  • Stop virus uploading!

Asking for internet access is a conversation starter, and you could make it exciting and memorable by creating great Wifi names. What are your best Wifi names? Share with us some of the funniest ones that you have come across and could not stop laughing at.


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