Mr. Olympia 2019: winners, prizes, all the details

Mr. Olympia 2019: winners, prizes, all the details

Bodybuilding fans must have followed Mr. Olympia 2019 championship and competitions that happened this past weekend. The heated competitions ended in style with several new champions being crowned and many of them taking the prize money home. The competitions attracted a lot of entrants from different parts of the world.

Mr. Olympia 2019
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Source: UGC

When it comes to competition for a prize, you can be sure that people will give it their best. This is exactly what happened in the past Mr. Olympia 2019 competitions. The different categories attracted different participants. Here is how it all went down.

Everything you need to know about Mr. Olympia 2019

The different athletes across the world gathered for the coveted Mr. Olympia title. Even as the competitors came into the event, they were well aware that different categories would be awarded. These included the Men’s 212, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, as well as the Men’s Open Bodybuilding. What was not expected was that each of the Men's categories would bring forth a new champion, not to mention the Bik*ini wear category too. For anyone who failed to follow the competition, the bottom line is that the event was full of exciting bodybuilding action.

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Results announced

Like it is with every competition, the results are waited for with bated breath. After putting themselves out there and working so hard to bring their best game forth, contestants waited for the big moment of truth. As expected, the moment came and all in attendance were in for some surprising results. Here is a breakdown of the results and the prize money won in different categories.

Men’s Open – Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia 2019
Image:, @mrolympiallc
Source: UGC

This is certainly one of the most competitive categories in the entire competition. Shawn Rhoden, last years champion was pushed out by a new champion named Brandon Curry. He ended up being the one who took the coveted prize money home. The results are as displayed below.

  1. Brandon Curry who was the greatest winner of the day took home $400,000 as the ultimate prize
  2. William Bonac was the first runner-up scooping $150K
  3. Hadi Choopan got $100K for being the second runner-up
  4. Dexter Jackson won $45K for the fourth position
  5. Roelly Winklaar took up the next prize of $40K
  6. Steve Kuclo
  7. Cedric McMillan
  8. Lukas Osladil
  9. Akim Williams
  10. Patrick Moore

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212 Olympia

This category was the next one that would see a new champion step up to fill the vacant position left by Flex Lewis upon his retirement from the 212 competition. However, the new champion, Kamal Elgargni, will also announce his retirement following the win. Here is how things went down:

  1. Kamal Elgargni won $50,000 for the first position
  2. Derek Lunsford got $20,000 for the second position
  3. Shaun Clarida won $10,000
  4. John Jewett was the fourth one winning $6,000
  5. Ahmad Ashkanani took home a prize of $4,000
  6. Sami Al Haddad
  7. Eduardo Correa Da Silva
  8. Hidetada Yamagishi
  9. Aaron Polites
  10. Angel Calderon Frias

Classic Physique Olympia

This category ended up being one of the most interesting ones in the entire competition. While Breon Ansley, a previous 2-time winner, looked forward to bagging a third title, this chance was snatched from him by Chris Bumstead as the results revealed different results from the former champion's expectation.

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  1. Chris Bumstead led this category winning $30,000
  2. Breon Ansley got $10,000 for being the second
  3. George Peterson scooped $5,000 for his third position
  4. Keone Pearson won $3,000 after emerging fourth
  5. Chen Kang bagged $2,000
  6. Alex Cambronero
  7. Dani Younan
  8. Arash Rahbar
  9. Courage Opara
  10. Stan De Longeaux

Men’s Physique

When everyone gathered for this category, the expectation was that Brandon Hendrickson would be defending his title. However, in what seemed to be turning out as a new style, yet another new champion would be crowned. Raymont Edmunds is the man who was able to prove to the judges that he was worthy of the title. The results were as follows:

  1. Raymont Edmunds came first with $35,000
  2. Andre Ferguson came second with $12,000
  3. Kyron Holden won $8,000
  4. Brandon Hendrickson was awarded $4,000 for being the 4th best
  5. Ryan Terry got $2,000 for the fifth position
  6. Carlos DeOliveira
  7. Anthony Gilkes
  8. Xavisus Gayden
  9. George Brown
  10. Ondrej Kmostak

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Olympia 2019 Women’s Divisions results

Mr. Olympia 2019
Image:, @mr.olympia
Source: UGC

Away from the men, women also brought their A-game to the competition. Here is how things turned out for the different categories that played out.

Bik*ini Olympia

All eyes were on Angelica Teixeira having won two times in a row. Surprisingly though, Elisa Pecini took the lead.

  1. Elisa Pecini secured $50,000 after coming first
  2. Janet Layug got the second prize of $20,000
  3. Angelica Teixeira took $12,000 for the third position
  4. Lauralie Chapados won $7,000 for position 4
  5. Jennifer Dorie settled for the 5th position with $6,000 guaranteed
  6. Ashley Kaltwasser
  7. Jennifer Ronzitti
  8. Etila Santiago Santos
  9. Maureen Blanquisco
  10. Marcia Goncalves

Fitness Olympia

Mr. Olympia 2019
Image:, @mrolympiallc
Source: UGC

It is the category that is regarded as the best female division in Olympia. It appears as tough Whitney Jones could be carrying the day as she established her second-row win. She was a dominant face throughout the competition. Here are the overall results:

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  1. Whitney Jones took home the top prize of $50,000
  2. Missy Truscott won $20,000
  3. Ryall Graber took the third prize of $12,000
  4. Jaclyn Baker got $7,000 for coming fourth
  5. Tiffany Chandler took $6,000 for the fifth position
  6. Jeanine Taddeo
  7. Marta Aguiar
  8. Darrian Borello
  9. Jennifer Worth
  10. Sara Kovach

Women’s Physique

This category has seen an increase in prize money more so for the top position. It was therefore very interesting as the stiff competition became the order of the day. The ladies struggled to take the lead as everyone wanted to take the biggest share of the cash home. Here is how things turned out:

  1. Shanique Grant who won $40,000
  2. Sarah Villegas took home $18,000
  3. Natalia Abraham Coelho came third winning $12,000
  4. Daniely Castilho was fortunate to get $6,000
  5. Laura Pintado Chinchilla won $4,000
  6. Valentina Mishina
  7. Jennifer Taylor
  8. Margita Zamolova
  9. Tohefafa Ameko
  10. Sheikha Nguyen

Figure Olympia

It is a category that attracts a lot of world winners. Even with the stiff competition that came this year, Cydney Gillon took the lead. Here are the complete results:

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  1. Cydney Gillon winning the top prize of $50,000
  2. Latorya Watts took home $20,000
  3. Nadia Wyatt won $12,000
  4. Jessica Reyes Padilla who went away with $7,000
  5. Carly Starling-Horrell got $6,000
  6. Ivana Ivusic
  7. Tarryn Garlington
  8. Ashley Soto
  9. Martina Yabekova
  10. Sandra Grajales

What experts say - highlights and reactions

36-year-old Brandon Curry carried the day in the concluded 2019 Mr. Olympia competition when he emerged as the judge's favourite. He beat William Bonac in what seemed like a turn of events.

The 2019 competitions are what you would consider one of the most open going by the fact that seven-time winner Phil Heath, as well as the defending champion Shawn Rhoden, both missed the top spots.

According to Generation Iron, Curry was confident enough coming into this competition having beaten the likes of Bonac, Winklaar and Luke Sandoe in the Arnold Classic where he emerged the victor. He came into the event with plenty of confidence

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This year's competition attracted a lot of contenders including the Iranian, Choopan, who had tried for long to get in. He got his visa a few weeks before the competition and made a debut in the big stage, scooping the third position. A fan seemed to appreciate the fact that he had finally made his debut and even featured among the top 3.

Jackson, a 49-year-old veteran and the 2008 winner, failed to make the final call-out group on day one of the competition. Even so, he was able to go ahead of Winklaar, who made it. Winklaar may have appeared like the biggest man on stage, but he was left behind because of Curry's and Bonac's conditioning. Curry may have had the least developed legs among the top five contenders, but what made him carry the day is his awesome combination of conditioning and symmetry as it made up for any shortcomings.

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Talking of winning points, Bonac and Choopan were among the best contenders as far as conditioning is concerned since theirs was on point. In fact, Choopan still has enough room to add size as his frame allows it. This was definitely a great debut for the 31-year-old Iranian.

Mr. Olympia 2019 saw some stiff competition this year. Even so, the men had to contend with the fact that new faces would be grabbing the spot this year. This just sets the bar high and makes things thicker come to the next competition. The women will also have to work hard if we are to see any changes in the next competitions.

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