Phyno - Ke Ife O: video, lyrics, reactions

Phyno - Ke Ife O: video, lyrics, reactions

A brand new video by Phyno - Ke Ife O has come out. Less than two days since its release, the video has attracted the attention of numerous viewers. What is so exciting about this particular video?

Barely a week ago, Penthauze music frontman Phyno dropped an audio ‘Ke Ife O’ in a new album ‘Deal With It’. The Nigerian artist has closely followed it up with its video. Watch it and share with friends and family.

Phyno - Ke Ife O description

  • Video release date: September 11th, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Hip-hop
  • Album: Deal With It
  • Length: 3 minutes 5 minutes
  • Producer: Kel P.
  • Label: Penthauze
  • Director: Patrick Ellis

The song is about a dysfunctional relationship with an emotionally unavailable woman. The video becomes even more creative as the artist is portrayed walking in a desert-like location on a lonely road. It is an exciting video to watch!

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Phyno - Ke Ife O reviews and comments

Phyno - Ke Ife O

Image:, @phynofino
Source: Instagram

Phyno published the video on his YouTube channel (PhynoVEVO) on Wednesday this week. The video continues to lure viewers to the channel with the number rapidly rising. What are the reactions of viewers towards this gorgeous video? Quite a good number if not all have left behind encouraging feedback.

  • tozz chuq: This guy is so understanding. Big up Phyno I’m your biggest fan
  • Justice Brown: This is the number of people who love Phyno
  • tozz chuq: This guy is underrated, let’s just be honest. Phyno baba carry go
  • D’CONQUER GROUP: Hip hop is life, another banger from the best rapper in Africa
  • Andy Evidence: Phyno videos are always crazily clean with the best video qualities
  • Simmy OnyedikathankGod21: Keep kinging legend, Am on this shit, Jay Jay, with the skills. l felt that line
  • nelson onyenezide: That’s my brother Phyno you too much I’m proud of been an Igbo
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Phyno - Ke Ife O lyrics

Are you the type who sings along as you watch a music video? The lyrics are available to ensure you enjoy the hit.

Phyno - Ke Ife O

Image:, @phynofino
Source: Instagram


I hope you listening

Change how you reasoning

Jay jay with the skills

That’s how you dribbling (That’s how you dribbling)

No key Baby

It has been a mother fvcking long road

Still okwa back to the hustle once the cock crows

And enwelum a lot of stories untold

So I brought my pen and paper to I compose

About a girl mma nna awulu on code

Too much perfection on any picture she uploads

Anukwam nwa n’etiye guys on hold

So if you ain’t talking okpoho nwa no come close

Onagafe men na ada ka oghu drive 5

Ona shine she come comes alive in the night time

Ona e trend mgbe obulu m scrollu na my timeline

Ga na Guinea Dubai nwa na e live fast life

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But I don’t mind

Aru nwa

Body perfect body to die for

Umu nwa buru league na your club I go sign for

Afugom the future worldwide the sign for

Mana try consider the boy inugo


Nwa ke ife o

It seems you can do anything for the paper

She say she been through alot and e no break her

All her life she don the vex she wan live major

I just wanna be close to you like your neighbor

Mana m biawa ikupulum

Ke ife o

Nwa biko nwelu nwayo

Ke ife o

Acting like I don’t deserve you

Ke ife o



I hope you listening

Change how you reasoning

Jay jay with the skills

That’s how you dribbling (That’s how you dribbling)


You hop up them buff acting bad like Gucci

Some say you don go add flesh for your booty

Way gi di woo so way gi the confuse me

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But if you knew me you no go one loose me

That’s why I choose you ASAP

I see things different

This all shit twisted

I am na your business

Focus can’t be shifted

Chukwu bu my witness

Leave a nigga speechless

Leave a nigga speechless

Hapu na mna form hardi

E na egbu down low

I been chilling ma na eziokwu ina ina ekom ka psycho

Said I no go waste my time but I the watch my time go

Si ife ina enyi bu designer

Nwa I gats make the bank go

Oya space to open cheque

Men akpoliya overseas

Abia n’iwee men iwee masters degree

Odikam ka mma nwegi but mma di complete

Just trya consider the boy




I hope you listening

Change how you reasoning

Jay jay with the skills

That’s how you dribbling

You wan be little me

When you run into me

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Saving up into me

That’s not a win to me


Phyno - Ke Ife O download

You can download the song to listen to it at your convenient time:

What do you think about the song and the visuals? We would like to hear from you. You can drop your comments in the comment section below.


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