Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea: video, lyrics, reactions

Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea: video, lyrics, reactions

The two Tanzanian artists are back with their brand-new track Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea and the official music video for it. The mellow tune of the record is perfect for evening relaxation after a busy day. Press the play button and enjoy the beautiful song.

The fans of the musicians do not have to wait long months for the release of the official music video for the track as it is already out. The vibrant visuals will leave you breathless.

Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea description

  • Released: September 7, 2019
  • Format: mp3, video
  • Genre: R&B, Soul
  • Length: 3:35 min
  • Label: Trill Boys House
  • Producer: Aloneym

The result of the collaboration between these two artists is fascinating. With its enchanting tune and sweet lyrics, the record is worthy of becoming the next ultimate banger. You cannot miss this masterpiece of the modern music industry.

Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea reviews and comments

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If you would like to know what others say about this song and the video before making your own opinion, here is what YouTube users say about them:

  • Cmax Frans: Nice song. Love the calmness and swag of Alikiba.
  • Monica Mezes: This song is really hot, my new anthem.
  • maximus Alnono: This song is huge, I love it. And it is one of the best collaborations ever.
  • ROSE MARY: My husband sent me this yesterday and I loved it! Replaying it.
  • Abdoul Shamtey: You guys should come out with an album. You have wonderful chemistry. Good music.
  • Precious Akoth: What a good day! Both my crushes are in one room.
  • Judith Anyango: Best collabo for the year 2019.
  • Don Mwessa: My favorite song. Beautiful melodies and lyrics are on point.
  • Gerry Mcolang’o: Finally, the collaboration I was waiting for ever, two of my best.
  • Penina Devota: So good, love the both of you. And I love how you guys use African beauties for your videos.
  • Gift Mwakashita: Voices are awesome!
  • Wafulah TV: The best independent artists in East Africa.
  • mohammed jamal: Alikiba can't make bad music even if he wanted to.
  • Furaha Korora: My two most gifted artists of all time.
  • Kevin Owino Okumu: This is an epic jam.
  • MAED FX: This is one of biggest songs in the world... I love it.
  • samuel muthoka: This is incredible, really amazing merge.
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Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea lyrics

Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea

Image:, @aslayisihaka
Source: UGC


Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...


Wapi unawaumizaga

Niambie tuwakomeshe

Tuwakomeshe vishadai

Wavimbe wateseke

We nipende tu

Nipe na nyota nitembelee

Wachawi viga kura

Beiby tushikane tuwakemee

We ni doctor mi mgonjwa

Ndo maana nikikuona

Mwenzako ninapona

Umenijaa akilini

Ndo maana nakutaja

Mwenzako kila ngoma


Beiby, tuifiche hiyo siri

Tusionyeshe dhahiri

Huwanga wanasubiri

Waone utavyonimwaga

Wa mbili awe mbili

Wa kwanza tuwe wa kweli

Ah nataka ta takataa

Natakata na penzi lako

Na nitadata nitadata

Ukininyima hicho ulichokuwa nacho

Naridhika ridhika

Naridhika na huba lako

Nakuahidi nitakufa

Nikija kulikosa hilo penzi lako


Bembea, mahabuba bembea oooh

Bembea, nakuruhusu ning'inia

Kwenye moyo wangu

Bembea, lazizi bembea oooh

Seyi Shay - Gimme Love will melt your heart

Bembea, mwenzako nasikia raha sana


Nasi tunazima data

Simu zao tunakata

Tudanane kama mapacha

Wawili wawili, wawili twende mbele


Ulivyo mtamu ratili

Sukari usiongezee

Ujuzi unao, uzuri unao nashiba

Mahaba ilegezee eeh

Ah ukinigusa nasisimua

Jaa jaa bigwa wako sasambua

Umeniweza mtoto wa kishua

Shida zangu zote unatatua

Ndo maana nakupenda

Palipo ufa tujenge

Usisikize wapambe wee

We nipende nikupende

Na ndio maana nakupenda


Tuifiche hiyo siri

Tusionyeshe dhahiri

Huwanga wanasubiri

Waone utavyonimwaga

Wa mbili awe mbili

Wa kwanza tuwe wa kweli

Wambeya wanasubiri wapate

Cha kusemaga


Bembea, bembea unawamaliza

Bembea, wakose cha kusemaga

Hakuna kutafuna

Bembea, bembea unawamaliza

Bembea, wakose cha kusemaga

Hakuna kutafuna

Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea download

If you like the record and want to add it to your playlist, you can download it easily by following the links provided below.

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Aslay x Alikiba-Bembea is a beautiful love song that will conquer your heart. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates about your favourite musicians.


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