Man shares his harrowing experience in the Nigerian prison

Man shares his harrowing experience in the Nigerian prison

- A Nigerian man has left social media users petrified after he recounted his experience in a Nigerian prison

- According to the man identified as Sir Wole on Twitter, there are many innocent teenage boys rotting in prison

- Sir Wole also spoke about the sleeping arrangement and terrible food being served in prison

Twitter user, Sir Wole, has shared his harrowing experience in a Nigerian prison, leaving many social media users in shock. In a series of tweets, he explained the numerous things wrong with the Nigerian prison and judicial system.

Wole, who didn't state why he was in jail, revealed in many ways how sickening and life-draining the experience was. He started off by talking about the numerous teenage boys rotting away in these prisons.

He started off with the story of a 20-year-old boy who was thrown in jail for stealing Nigerian snack popularly known as chin-chin. He went on to share other stories of young boys who were either innocent or simply pick-pocketed.

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Sir Wole went on to discuss the poorly prepared foods they made them eat. According to him, it was either the soup was tasteless and watery, just like the beans served or they were served garri (cassava flakes) without water or sugar.

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Wole also wrote about the poor conditions in which they were made to sleep in. According to him, many prisoners were forced to sleep in a small room. He further revealed that despite the poor conditions, some prisoners including him, had to pay for sleeping space.

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Meanwhile, another Twitter user, Dr. Duenduozi, left many people thinking twice about the state of affairs in Nigeria after he shared a recent experience he had with a man who had just been released from Kirikiri prison in Lagos.

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Duenduozi recounted how a stranger walked up to him, asking for money to buy food. He stated that he initially thought the man was just another junkie roaming the streets but on further questioning, discovered he had just been released from prison for a crime he claims he didn't commit.

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