Rayvanny - Africa: video, lyrics, reactions

Rayvanny - Africa: video, lyrics, reactions

Listen to the latest song by Rayvanny - Africa as the artist talks about what is happening in South Africa. He points out to the fact that the continent's people are one people with one colour. This addresses the issue of the recent intolerance that has been happening.

Rayvanny is a brilliant artist. You will especially love the fact that he addresses the things happening in society. This is a perfect song as he talks about xenophobia and urges people to treat each other as brothers. It is a timely tune, to say the least.

Rayvanny - Africa description

  • Released: 4th September 2019
  • Format: video
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Length: 2: 21 minutes

The beats and style of the song take a different turn from what we are used to when it comes to this star. It takes a sombre mood that somehow is intended to drive the message home. Stop xenophobia!

Xenophobia: NANS intensifies retaliation against S/Africa; rejects cultural exchange

Rayvanny - Africa reactions and review

Fans on social media love Rayvanny. They have taken to YouTube to express their views about his latest tune. Here is what they have said so far:

  • Five star: If we can learn to hate... We can be taught to love... Hit the like button if u feel the African vibe... And of course Rayvanny... Legooo
  • Fedech fede: Alieirudia mara nyingi kwa hisia japo kingereza hakiivi kama mimi. WEKA LIKE .from Dar Es salaam TANZANIA
  • janeth mgonja: Tell them the truth they should be like Tanzania I love my county its full of peace
  • Fatuma masumbuko: "Walking peacefully on earth is a real miracle to me" RESPECT BRO AND I APPRECIATE

Rayvanny - Africa lyrics

Rayvanny - Africa lyrics

Image: facebook.com, @rayvanny
Source: UGC

To sing along to this track, you need the correct lines for the lyrics as shown below:

See whats going on don't be blind

People hate on DJ Cuppy for being a rich kid - Nigerians react after she was spotted crying

Open your eyes now and your mind

We got the same colour, one kind

Love is everything we all need to find

We are the children mama Africa


Aaah Africa

Stop burning and killing Africa


Now my heart is crying for my Africa


Baba Lord bless my Africa


This day is one like no other

Its the day that we choose happiness and love

Because will make sure it never ends

We need serenity but not the storm

Don't use gun, no knife, no bomb

Humanity should be something we own

Don't call me foreigner, Africa is my home




Africa X 2

You don't realize

How badly you've been treated

Until someone comes along

And treats you the way you should be treated

Xenophobia: Nigeria should sue South Africa, demand compensation - Femi Falana

People say, walking on water is a miracle

But to me walking peacefully on earth'

Is the real miracle

If we don't end fight

Then fight will end us

Back in the days

I remember Mandela said

People learn to hate

And if they can learn to hate

They can be taught to love

Please say No to Xenophobia

This said, kindly share with friends and let them know that there is a new video by Rayvanny - Africa. Spread the message on stopping xenophobia. While at it, let us know what you think about the sound quality and the music in general by dropping your comments on the comments section below.

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