BBNaija news today: Venita, Frodd, Omashola, Khafi, Elozonam and more

BBNaija news today: Venita, Frodd, Omashola, Khafi, Elozonam and more

With every passing week, the life in the most famous house in Nigeria becomes more and more exciting and intensive. BBNaija news today will tell you about the most thrilling moments from the recent days, about some shattered dreams and regained hopes.

BBNaija news today
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The rules of the House are merciless: you win, or you leave. Each time, it seems that evictions are the most unexpected, and as the victory becomes closer, the struggle becomes more desperate.

BBNaija news today: victories and punishments

Regular Friday night Arena Games brought the victory to Frodd. The contestants were to participate in a fire service challenge, and Khafi opened the games. In the course of the competition, Frodd was the fastest one. Nobody beat his time record of 52 seconds, and the closest rival Omashola completed the challenge in no less than 59 seconds.

However, Frodd did not receive 400 Bet9ja coins: he already received his prize after his group won the Dano Milk Cooking Challenge.

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BBNaija news today
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On Friday morning, Khafi, Frodd, Venita, Omashola, and Tacha (Team Legends) were punished by Biggie for failing a wager task challenge. The housemates were told to express their respect and love to elderly ones through five presentations. They needed to show their skills and convey their emotions through painting, knitting, sculpture, poem composition, and one unique special performance.

As a result of the challenge, Team Legends lost and was told to clean the house through and through and scrub the jacuzzi. Either the punishment or the broken spirit was so painful to Khafi that she shed tears while doing the cleaning.

The only positive moment about all this was the fact that Biggie gave Team Legends a bonus point for the costumes they had in the challenge.

The punishment oppressed the spirit of the housemates a lot. On Saturday, Khafi told Mercy that Venita suspected Mercy, the Head of the House, of giving Biggie the idea of punishing the housemates. Venita tried to clear the air and explain to Mercy that she only had an idea that Mercy could have acted this way but was not sure about it. Being all nerves about the whole situation, Venita broke down into tears.

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The scene was accompanied by Omashola who seemed to have fun at first and made weak and fruitless attempts to pacify the confronting ladies.

BBNaija news today: conflicts in paradise

The heated argument between the charming ladies was not the only conflict that the show experienced. On Thursday, Tacha and Seyi (who were suspected of being really fond of each other) exchanged angry words.

Tacha obviously overreacted to some actions by Seyi. She said that nobody in the whole House had permission to shout her name, and the man was no exception. In response, Seyi noted that such behaviour by Tacha could not pass unnoticed and that he would see to making her get her third strike.

BBNaija news today
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The lady has already received a couple of strikes for her behaviour and thus promised to tame her fiery nature and be a good girl. The verge of the third strike is a very dangerous zone for her because she can be disqualified from the show.

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Still, all the tension between the two housemates seemed to vanish in the evening during the 10th Saturday night party. They danced together and looked quite satisfied.

BBNaija news today: about the Saturday night party

The Saturday night party was a great way for all the contestants to let off some steam. Mercy and Ike were the hottest couple on the dance floor. Ike gave other males no chance of dancing with his sweetheart. The couple does not hide their relationship and expresses their feelings for each other.

The same story is with Elozonam and Diane. Diane has not yet given the young man any precise answer after he confessed his affection for her. Still, they looked great together on the dance floor.

Then, the Pepper Dem Gang performed a kind of runway show in which Mike, Khafi, and Venita were performers and Elozonam worked as a cameraman. The night was a lot of fun thanks to the beats of DJ Enimoney who did his best.

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BBNaija news today: the painful eviction

Sunday, September 8th, was the end of another week in the House: the time the housemates fear most because some of them must be evicted. Such days are always full of drama because practically all housemates who are not immune due to special powers feel the danger of being booted out hanging above their heads.

This time, Khafi, Frodd, Venita, Elozonam, and Omashola were the eviction nominees. This was another time that the nominations were given through the diary room, not after some nomination challenges.

BBNaija 2019
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This time, Ebuka pronounced the name of Venita Akpofure. The young woman had spent about a month in the show (she arrived on July 30th together with Elozonam) before the was expelled due to the lowest vote from fans.

The vote breakdown looked as follows:

  • Khafi gathered the most and received 28.21%
  • Frodd followed her with 24.26%
  • Omashola appeared in the middle with 20.61%
  • Elozonam was balancing on the verge of eviction with 19.26%
  • Venita collected only 7.06%

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Known for always staying in the heart of the conflict and, as Ike said, playing mind games, Venita ended her journey that was leading her towards her dreamed-of goal, the N60 million prize. After the housemate was informed of being evicted from the show, she was asked about her vision of the winner. The young woman was not sure about the chief candidate but named Cindy, Omashola, and Frodd as the ones she would love to see in the finals.

BBNaija pepper dem
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Since Venita was the one who brought some spice into the life of the House, fans shared quite controversial opinions on Twitter:

  • Deycallmefame: Thank God Venita, it is time to go home. She is already loosing it.
  • Imanihart4: I am pleased Venita left, the backlash can now stop. At least now, you guys can pick on another housemate and leave Venita alone. Many great things await you, my love.
  • _Nagz: Nah I will miss Venita because she did more than the old housemates with a half the time.
  • Di3ko: Venita left the house before Diane!? Come on! She had spice.
  • Nago_Jesus: Venita, everyone will surely miss you. Wish you all the best.
  • TillyTillie: All the best, Venita. I hope you can achieve all you have dreamed of, for you and for your babies.
  • Barbie_juliet05: Venita came into the show halfway, but she became a game changer, she kept people talking, she got the housemates to up their game. She put all into any task and showed her physical and intelligence. Today she goes away wit cash prices & most importantly, baby girl sold her self.

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Don Jazzy, known for keeping track of all the events in the House, also voiced out his opinion on Venita’s departure. He wrote, ‘For Frodd mind now him be starboy wizzy.’

BBNaija news today
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That’s all the BBNaija news today. A new week is beginning in the House, and all fans are looking forward to new, unexpected turns and twists in the life of their beloved housemates. Keep track of more news from the show very soon.


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