Strongman - King Of goDs: audio, lyrics, reactions

Strongman - King Of goDs: audio, lyrics, reactions

Strongman - King Of goDs is the new audio by the Ghanaian rapper. In the brand new single, Strongman Burner has portrayed his multilingual prowess as he has done in his recent songs. He has added more English language in the songs.

The year 2019 has, without a doubt, been filled with a bee-hive of activities for the Ghanaian rapper. The Strong Empire CEO has treated his fans with back to back songs that have seen his name fly high in the rap industry. He has managed to paint a picture of consistency, perfect lyrics, and incredible punchlines.

Strongman - King Of goDs description

  • Release date: 5th September 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Hip-hop
  • Duration: 2 minutes 41 seconds
  • Producer: TubhaniMuzik

In the song King Of goDs, the famous Ghanaian artist brags about how he is taking control of rap music and disabling other rap kings in the industry. Indeed, if you listen to the song, you will undoubtedly confirm why he is the 'King Of gods 'as he would like to be referred to.

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Strongman - King Of goDs comments and reactions

Judging from the comments that are flowing in through his YouTube channel, Strongman should be the happiest rapper at the moment because what is being said about the hit is fantastic. What are fans saying about this production by TubhaniMuzik?

Strongman - King Of gods comments and reactions

Image:, @strongmanburner
Source: Instagram

  • Joe Bernard: King of gods. These are the kind of rap we want to hear as rap lovers. Not the so-called Womo ada rap. You're too dope Strong
  • BOAZ NANA FRIMPONG: Indeed, you are a king of the so-called kings and gods. Let me ask ooo did strongman study rap in the university?
  • TheRapper Klaus: Strongman is ahead of Flowkin' Stone #KingOfgods
  • Khouphi Davis: Can anyone tell me why he/she love/like Strongman? For me, I love him because he always brings something new. He split fire
  • Evans Anomah: Haha... This guy no dey hear. Amerado, come hear punch... you won bring urself?? "Amissah Arthur wife ma small boys ee chocks."
  • Collins Asiamah: Herr Strongee combining the King (Sark) and gods (Manifest) and ruling over them "KING OF THE gods."
  • clement goodliving: When pure talent meets hard work, genius
  • Dad fresh: Wow, Strongman!!! Like the button and comment for best rapper Strong man! Big up to yourself! More money and grace!
  • Adam Al Shatri: The whole of Ghana. Not comparable. Who else dey feel that.
  • jude wepary: The new Sarkodie should start learning from Strongman. Because we are tired of listening to songs about his life.
  • The Legend: The punches are so clear and on point... I can bet my last money on this guy cos he never disappoints.
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As a rapper, attracting the attention of your fans is a priority and such responses are exactly what one needs to keep going.

Strongman - King Of goDs lyrics

Strongman - King Of gods lyrics

Image:, @strongmanburner
Source: Instagram

Have you listened to the song? Do you want to sing along to King Of goDs by Strongman? We have you covered. Use the following lyrics to sing and get fully entertained.

[Verse 1]

They gave me fire to step on

They don't want to see me smile but

Even my eyes don't have to see me cry

Mona mo siɛ sɛ berma sʋo

But Yesu koraa po cried

Mekye wo favorite rapper aa

I will show him how to swallow pride

I see bookings from abroad

I'm shooting like Lebron

Slim shady rap nti meho me chest broad

Nana Adwoa Awendoh I dey get greetings from abroad

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Bookrom mʋ boss adeɛ aa mensʋro ne grudge

Tell your King

I'm the King's King my flow dey borst mind

Dont argue na how many kings came before Jesus Christ

Industry na abrɛ me thick skin the boy dey take grind

Obia nim sɛ coke toa ɛsa aa na taa Ɛbisa sprit

Little Lion koyi wakyiaa no kyre the smaller dogs

Na awiea me shinne aa

Mefa me toto da smaller bulbs

Rap capital dont compare me to smaller gods

God of rap, go worship me the sena gods


Ohene mepʋe aa, nenan nsi fom

Ohene mepʋe aa, nenan nsi fom

Ohene mepʋe aa, nenan nsi fom

Ɛba no rap mʋ aaa, Osei ne Nyarkopɔn

Cox I'm the King and I'm the god

Mofrɛ me King of the gods

Cox I'm the King and I'm the god

You cannot resist this Umu Obiligbo - I Pray new tune

Mofrɛ me King of the gods

[Verse 2]

The pains made me stronger never

Buh never brought me truama

They taught we will fall

Buh we rose like a flower

Me spiti twi buh luvi fo mistress could even check ma gramma

Menyɛ wo best rapper in this year a

Nkansah save your dramma

Meyɛ strong me flow nyɛ feeble

I know my god is able

Wobo rappers na meka hoa ayesɛ titi ni aa ɔni center table

Dont try to shake the table

Na mo punch koraa nye stable

Abled rappers tried me but gee I made dem all disabled

Me ride beat sɛ ponkor

Wo hene meyɛ no sɛ donkor

Ɛyam po toɔ ɔbi nsa wahoa na nyɛ amotuamu pompo

Woba aa meh we wo sɛ monko

Woka m' asem aa ya kompo

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Obia sɛ ɔrappi

Meshia rappers aa na ɔmo yinaa akɔm kɔ

We dey run you dey crawl

See your crown on the floor

We dey work you dey snore

See da verse adey drop

Enemies wanna plot

Meyɛ Boss sɛ Rick Ross

Wobo rap na medin ba wotiri mu

I deserve some applause

Ɛba no rap mo aa meda top

Awine pa you no dey talk

Medi me verse ti mo shock

Me sparki aa to me chuck

Meka mehoa bɛhwɛ heat aa ɛba no wotumi di bi sor wo puff

Meka no biom Amissah Arthur wife ma small boys yi chalk


Strongman - King Of goDs download

You can download the song through the following site

If you are yet to listen to Strongman - King Of goDs, you can listen to it right now, and we shall be impressed to hear from you. Leave your sentiments in the comments section below.


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