Who is Zandra Rhodes of Celebrity MasterChef 2019?

Who is Zandra Rhodes of Celebrity MasterChef 2019?

When Celebrity MasterChef kicked off, most people were curious to know who the contestants were. One contestant who captured the attention of millions of fans of the show with her iconic bright pink bob was Zandra Rhodes. Fans of the show were thrilled to see her in the kitchen because they believed she would bring many creative ideas. Curious fans wanted to know who she was, what she did for a living, and most importantly, why she chose the bright pink bob as her trademark.

Zandra Rhodes

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Zandra Rhodes is among the contestants in the line-up of Celebrity MasterChef 2019. Her unique fashion style and pink bob wig have left everyone asking ‘just who is this contestant of MasterChef UK?’

Celebrity MasterChef 2019 kicked off on Monday evening, the 2nd of September, 2019. Among the five celebrity MasterChef contestants taking to the kitchen was a chef known as Zandra Rhodes. She appeared to be the oldest contestant on the show this year and fans were curious to know what cuisines this chef would serve John Torode and Gregg Wallace. People also took note of her during the first cook up of BBC MasterChef.

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Out of all the contestants in the cooking show, Zandra Rhodes seemed to have a harder time during the first sausage challenge. This has left most people searching for the biographies of the new collection of celebrities in the show.

Who is Zandra Rhodes?

zandra rhodes designs

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Zandra was born on the 19th of September in 1940 in Kent in Chatham. She is aged 79 years. Rhodes was introduced to the fashion world by her mother, who was a fitter in a Paris fashion house and also a teacher at Medway College of Art.

Zandra is a fabled fashion designer. She has over five decades of experience in the fashion industry, making her a perfect force in this field. In the mid-sixties, this fashion-designer launched her first boutique ever on Fulham Road.

The boutique was established to sell her outstanding pieces known as Zandra Rhodes Designs. These signature designs comprise of flowing fabrics, creative patterns, and bold colours. The 79-year-old designer was among the top English fashion designers who showcased London back in the seventies in the international fashion world. The peak of her success was in 1977 when she came up with a refined punk style which she titled “Conceptual Chic”.

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“Conceptual Chic” featured several gorgeous Zandra Rhodes dresses. The dresses had holes that were structured and safety pins that had been beaded. They had been used to create some embroidery. The holes and safety pins were also combined with silk jersey and newly identified fabric known as “Ultrasuede”. All these features made her dress designs to be extremely stunning. Zandra Rhodes collection was in late 2009 introduced into Marks and Spencers.

english fashion designers

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The fashion designer is also a founder of the museum in London known as Fashion and Textiles. It was launched in 2003. Rhodes has also dressed some of the most popular individuals in the world. The list of the most famous people she has dressed includes prominent people such as Princess Diana, the band Queen, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The top British fashion designer is a Dame. Rhodes was in 2015 bestowed the honour due to her impeccable work in the fashion world. She has also been inaugurated into the Fashion Awards Hall of Fame.

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Zandra has also worked on productions behind-the-scenes in various films. These include Romeo and Juliet on Ice in 1983, Silk Stalkings in 1991 and The Adventures of Barry McKenzie in 1972.

The designer is also known for dating the former Warner Bros President, Salah Hassanein, for at least 25 years. Unfortunately, Salah Hassanein, who was a film producer based in the States, passed away this year aged 98.

Among the fresh batch of celebrities who have been selected to join the Celebrity MasterChef kitchen is the fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes. The queen of colour stands out from the other contestants due to her signature bright pink bob. She is a 79-year-old fashion designer who will be serving up a bunch of cuisines alongside other celebrities in the show. The fashion designer has already made surprising connections in the BBC MasterChef show with other contestants. She revealed that she liked Essex Joey so much due to his attractive confidence and also because he was forthcoming and funny.

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