Mbosso - Shilingi ft. Reekado Banks: audio, lyrics, reactions

Mbosso - Shilingi ft. Reekado Banks: audio, lyrics, reactions

The Tanzanian star is back with a brand-new track Mbosso – Shilingi. This breezy song will conquer your heart and stay there forever. You cannot resist the magic of this record.

To create this record, the Tanzanian singer teamed up with his fellow Nigerian musician Reekado Banks. The combined efforts of the duo resulted in this banger.

Mbosso – Shilingi description

  • Released: August 28, 2019
  • Format: mp3
  • Genre: Pop
  • Length: 3:12 min
  • Label: WCB WASAFI
  • Producer(s): Abbah
  • Mixed and Mastered: Lizer

The hard work of the two talented musicians resulted in the creation of this marvellous record. It has a recognizable tune, catchy lyrics, and dynamic beats. Furthermore, the lilting voices of the artists add more beauty to the music.

Mbosso – Shilingi reviews and comments

If you want to know what others think about this record before making your own opinion, here is what YouTube users say about it:

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  • Chris Ramazani: Wow, nice, I real love this.
  • Kabode Nsegiyunva: My favorite song in WCB. Mbosso, keep going, bro, you’re the best.
  • Joseph Ruzendo: I love it with all my heart.
  • Nasir Isaq: You have your own style of music. This makes you different from other wasafi gang.
  • Webvaline atieno Net: You never disappoint.

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  • Joanne Moraaa: Diasporas are waiting for the video and loving our Culture.
  • Teddy Ngowa: Keep good music alive.
  • Kastol Mwalyego Africa to the World: Swahili to the world.
  • Gad Creations: Nice song! I love it 100%.
  • Natalie Naureen: I don’t understand Swahili but I love the song.
  • Emily Muthoni: My all-time favorite.
  • Caetano Luis Remedio: On repeat.
  • Bennie Benietto: You are so talented.
  • Minhaj Media: The only guy I support from WCB.

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Mbosso – Shilingi lyrics

Mbosso - Shilingi
Image: instagram.com (@mbosso_)
Source: UGC


Naapa kwa Bibilia

Nashika na masafu

Naapa mbingu dunia

Funika kibakuli

Fungua moyo wa furaha

Sura za mafedhuli

Nyeusi fi, zimewafura

Wasome kwa Zaburi, Wagalatia

Hawashindi kudura

Hili penzi tanuri wakivamia


Anikuna nazi

Mi nikamue tui

Tule wali mbaazi

Yetu mapochopocho

Sasa tuanze kazi

Usiku kwa asubuhi

Walitumwa geradhi

Mambo ya soko soko


Penzi sarafu lina pande mbili

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara

Mwengewe bichwa mie

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara

Kidole juu tuwaringishie

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara

Doli doli za mbwela

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara


Why you dey my side, Nobody dey ooh

Girl you dey, Nobody dey ooh

Take over my whole space

Roking my white shirt eeh

Ooh dance yah shatta

Anything for you I shake

Sometimes my body too lazy

But when you call me I go visit

Mmmh ah my toto baby waje

Shake your waje

Sometimes- too low

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Thats why you call me I gon still show

You go pay me a call

‘Cause I love you

And I want to give you all my love


Penzi sarafu lina pande mbili

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara

Mwengewe bichwa mie

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara

Kidole juu tuwaringishie

Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara


Doli doli za mbwela

Asa beiby komesha

Jishembe, jishembendue

Jishe, jishembe jishembendue

Jishaue beiby, jishembe jishembendue

Wajue mashauzi umezaliwa nazo

Jishaue beiby, jishembe jishembendue

Deka deka, jishembe jishembendue

Komesha vinyunguruta, jishembe jishembendue

Waambie sisi gari la petoroli

Wasije iba mafuta


Mbosso – Shilingi download

If you like the record and want to add it to your playlist, you can download it easily by following the links provided below:

Mbosso – Shilingi is a beautiful track that will conquer your heart. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates about your favourite musicians.

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