Marvel's The Eternals: cast, characters, release date

Marvel's The Eternals: cast, characters, release date

Marvel’s The Eternals is an upcoming film based on comic mythology that dates back to the dawn of the human race. In the beginning, overseers known as the Celestials came to Earth and divided its inhabitants into three groups; Deviants, Eternals and humans. Deviants are the villains in the myth, violent, unstable and less-evolved. Who are the Eternals? They are Deviants’ worst enemies and are tasked with protecting Earth from all evils.

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Marvel has cast different people to play various roles in The Eternals. Some of the cast members are first-timers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) while others have appeared elsewhere in the MCU. Some notable names within the cast include Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden and Lauren Ridloff. The different Eternals all have varying superpowers in addition to being immortal.

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The Eternals cast

Here are the main actors and actresses cast to portray various characters in the upcoming film.

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Gemma Chan as Sersi

Fans of the MCU will remember Chan from the film Captain Marvel, where she portrayed Minn-Erva. In the upcoming movie The Eternals, Chan will be portraying Sersi, a powerful Eternal who is the daughter of Perse and Helios. Even though Sersi is not one of the leaders, she is still among its most influential members. Sersi has the unique ability to rearrange molecules at an advanced level. She can affect anything inorganic or organic and cause permanent change if she so desires.

Sersi can also control galactic energy, an ability which allows her to fortify her well-being as well as improve her defensive and offensive powers. Sersi’s other capabilities include flight, mind control, teleportation and telekinesis. Gemma will play Sersi in the upcoming film, Marvel The Eternals.

Richard Madden as Ikaris

When Ikaris is first introduced in comics, he is an undercover agent for the Eternals. He masquerades as a human named Ike Harris. Ikaris can control cosmic energy and shoot rays from his eyes. He can also fly, levitate other people and teleport. The character first appeared in comics in 1976 on the Eternals number one comic.

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Ikaris is one of the leaders of the Marvel Eternals and is more than twenty thousand years old. He is portrayed to have lived a life of despair and hope and seems like the most human member of the entire group. According to the comic mythology, Ikaris led Noah’s ark to safety and was mistakenly recognized as a dove when the Celestials decided to flood the world. He is also credited with defeating the first mutant, a creature known as Apocalypse.

The character played by Madden is also the inspiration between the tale of Icarus and Daedalus. He (Ikaris) built metal wings for his son, which would then cost the boy’s life. Despite the tragedy, Ikaris is known for his commitment and love for humankind. There is a rivalry for leadership between Ikaris and Thena, something that will probably manifest in the upcoming Eternals Marvel film.

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Salma Hayek as Ajak

Ajak was first introduced in comics by Kirby in Eternals number two. Ajak was worshipped by the Incans and remained buried in an Incan tomb in deep sleep until Ikaris awoke him. According to common myth, the character was one of the fighters in the Trojan War. Ajak can fly and teleport.

One capability that is strictly unique to Ajak is direct communication with the Celestials. He is thus regarded as the group’s archaeologist. Ajak’s home is in South America where he is worshipped as Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs and Tecumotzin by the Incas. Ajak became a member of the gods’ group joining the likes of Silver Surfer, Hercules, Thor and Galactus. It is worth noting that while Ajak is a man, Salma Hayek will portray a gender-swapped version of the character. Ajak will also be the Eternals’ leader, a role which conventionally belongs to Zuras in the comics.

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Angelina Jolie as Thena

In the comics, Thena is described as a character who emulates perfection. She has golden hair and wears a fully golden suit complete with a headdress. Thena is the daughter of Zuras and has a secret affair with Kro, an enemy of the Eternals. The character who will be played by Angelina Jolie is also credited with super speed, super strength and the ability to fly.

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Thena is the Eternals equivalent of the Greek goddess, Athena. She is portrayed as a history student as well as a mighty warrior. Thena has a complicated relationship with the Eternals. The complication arises from her relationships with the Deviants’ leader, Kro. The two have two children together (twins). The film will probably have Thena caught up in the effort to balance love and war. The character remains undecided between her Deviant lover and allegiance to her group.

Don Lee as Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh is introduced in The Eternals Marvel comics as the Forgotten One. The character was exiled from the Eternals by Zuras because he spent excessive time among humans. Gilgamesh also goes by the names Beowulf and Hercules, which are some of his aliases among the humans. Gilgamesh later joined the Avengers. Don Lee, who will be playing the role, is popular among fans for his film Train to Busan.

After being exiled, Gilgamesh went back to help the Eternals fight the Deviants. The bravery he displayed earned him a new name, Hero. The newly-earned title did little to keep Gilgamesh within the group. He was too attracted to human affairs and joined the Avengers in the 1980s to help humans. Gilgamesh is regarded as the strongest member of the Eternals and has gone one on one with Hercules and Thor.

Lauren Ridloff as Makkari

Makkari is described in the comics as a character with super speed who also happens to be very impatient. While Makkari was initially a man in the comics, Ridloff will be playing a gender-flipped version of the character in the upcoming Eternals movie. He is the Eternals equivalent of the Greek god, Mercury. The character is one of the most intelligent Eternal and is tasked with the creation of the group’s means of transport.

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The character is credited with teaching Egyptians how to write. He did this under the guise of a man named Thoth. He is a philosophy and language scholar and allegedly studied under Plato according to the comics. Near the end of the twentieth century, Makkari became friends with Ikaris when the two remained on Earth to protect humans from Deviants. Lauren will be the first deaf actress portraying a hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman (Black Knight)

Kit Harrington joined The Eternals cast playing Dane Whitman (the Black Knight). While Whitman is essentially not an Eternal, he has a fascinatingly wild backstory befitting a superhero. According to the comics, the Black Knight gains a cursed mighty sword from his uncle.


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He then sets off on a hero’s journey through varying realities, space and time. Dane has a close relationship with Sersi with whom he once went into exile.

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Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo Sunen

Kingo Sunen first appeared in the comics in Eternals number eleven. He is regarded as one of the most prolific swordsmen on Earth. The character settled in Japan and spent years training with the Samurai. He later transitioned into a well-known Japanese action star. Kingo is one of the least-seen members of the group. He lives under the guise of a Japanese samurai.

Kingo believes in the ideals of a fair fight and therefore, rarely uses his cosmic energy, flight and super-strength abilities. It is yet to be known how the character will play out in the upcoming film. We can only hope he gets to wield a sword as a way of incorporating his samurai background into his powers.

Lia McHugh as Sprite

Lia will portray Sprite, an Eternal who looks quite young but is thousands of years old. In Marvel’s comics, Sprite is one of the Eternals characters who can easily alter his appearance. Due to his youthful appearance, Sprite loves to play tricks, most times at the expense of the Eternals. Neil Gaiman once made Sprite a villain who wiped off the memories of other members of the group.

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McHugh joins The Eternals cast to play a gender-flipped version of Sprite thus augmenting the female presence of the group. Since Marvel has not announced anything about a villain besides Druig, it is possible that Sprite could take on the role. A young child-like adversary would bring some novelty to the Eternals MCU.

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Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos

Phastos first appeared in 1985 on the Eternals number one comic. Phastos can fly, has super speed and is super strong. He is also an inventor and skilled engineer credited with creating Kingo’s sword. Sal Buscema and Peter Gillis created the character. All other characters announced for the upcoming movie were created by Jack Kirby.

Phastos is the equivalent of the Greek character Hephaestus. He is the technologist and weapons builder for the Eternals He is portrayed as a conciliatory character who only joins wars half-heartedly. However, his pacifism is not out of love for humans but his deep-lying belief that life is meaningless. He hopes that one day, someone will convince him about the existence of a higher purpose. Phastos chooses to remain on Earth together with Makkari and Ikaris. Brian Tyree will portray Phastos in the upcoming The Eternals movie.

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Barry Keoghan as Druig

Barry will play the role of the villainous Druig. The character has the powers of flight, cosmic energy manipulation and near-immortality. In the comics, he is the leader of a fictional European country, Vorozheika. It is worth noting that Druig is Ikaris’s cousin and often aligns himself with the good side of the MCU Eternals.

Marvel’s The Eternals release date

Marvel Eternals movie will be released on November 6th, 2020 in the United States of America.

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Marvel’s The Eternals promises to be an action-packed film, judging by the characters. It will be interesting to see how the new additions to the MCU develop in terms of character popularity. While most of the film's characters are not as popular among fans as the likes of Iron Man and Captain America, The Eternals seems worth the wait. Which character fascinated you most?

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