Single dad fosters over 50 young men in the last 12 years

Single dad fosters over 50 young men in the last 12 years

- Guy Bryant has taken care of over 50 young men for more than 12 years

- Bryant, who understands the foster care system well, said that the important things in a child's life is trust, stability and a physical home

- The experienced foster carer also works with an organisation that connects parents in need with adequate resources to care for their children

Guy Bryant is a man who knows the foster care system well, having cared for more than 50 young men over the last 12 years.

Bryant has also worked as a community coordinator at New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services for 32 years.

He said that his experience at taking care of kids has taught him that a physical home, trust and stability are important in raising children to be successful.

Bryant recalled how he had a good childhood where family members were all around in a way that gave him strong stability and connection.

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“There’s definitely a connection. My family was always willing to help other people. Especially one of my aunts. She was on a community board. So if there was a youth in trouble, she would always try to help him,” Bryant said.

One of the highlights of his fostering care experience was when a kid asked in 2007 if he wanted to be his father. He said he agreed. He would later foster the young man’s friend, the friend’s brother and nine other young men that he had to rent the floor above his apartment to have additional space for the foster.

“Some of my fears were this: people say, ‘Why is this man doing this?’ People always think you have ulterior motives, not understanding who I am,” he said.

Bryant is a foster parent through the New York agency Rising Ground, an organisation that has supported children since 1831.

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The organisation also works with connecting parents in need with resources they need to take care of their children.

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