41-year-old woman who thought she was barren falls pregnant with twins after one-night stand

41-year-old woman who thought she was barren falls pregnant with twins after one-night stand

- A woman, Monica Dylan, had resigned herself to fate after discovering she had low chances of getting pregnant

- However, Dylan still nursed the hope of having her own kids despite the slim chances

- Interestingly, Dylan fell pregnant with twins at 41 after she had a one-night stand on a holiday cruise

Many women in the world struggle with fertility as they find it hard to fall pregnant due to issues with their hormones. This however does not stop them from nursing the hope of carrying their own child.

A pretty woman, Monica Dylan, who is now 42, had resigned herself to fate after doctors had warned that she might never be able to get pregnant due to having a very low number of ovarian follicles, The Sun reports.

However, Monica received the shock of her life after she fell pregnant with not one but two babies after a one-night stand during a holiday cruise.

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41-year-old woman who thought she was barren falls pregnant with twins after one-night stand

Monica Dylan with her twins, Athena and Luna Photo: Julia Sidwell/collects / Courtesy The Sun
Source: UGC

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous Digital, the mother of two revealed that she had met a man on a cruise and one thing led to another as they ended up being intimate. Monica explained that they had both had too much to drink and did not use contraceptives.

“One night, I spent hours chatting to a man I met on the cruise - who was gorgeous and stylish - and couldn’t ignore the spark between us. One thing led to another and, to my surprise, we ended up having se*x. We’d had one too many drinks - the reason we hadn’t used contraception.

"Looking back, I knew it was foolish. But, at the same time, I was thrilled when I realised I might be having a baby.”

After the cruise and she returned home, Monica explained that she started feeling sick soon after and she mistook it for post-motion sickness. Just to rule out the possibility of being pregnant, the lady also took a pregnancy test and was surprised it came out positive.

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“When the queasiness didn’t subside, the possibility of being pregnant crossed my mind, but I knew that was unlikely.

“I bought a test to rule it out and was gobsmacked when I saw the second pink link appear on the stick.”, she said.

The news of the pregnancy undoubtedly got Monica excited and she even had more reason to celebrate as she discovered she was expecting twins.

41-year-old woman who thought she was barren falls pregnant with twins after one-night stand

Athena and Luna Photo: Julia Sidwell/collects. Courtesy The Sun
Source: UGC

“The sonographer turned the screen around. He showed me my baby and then he moved the wand slightly and said, ‘And here’s the other one.’

“I thought he was joking and my friend who had come with me burst into tears, which set the nurse off crying too.

“It quickly dawned on me that I wasn’t just going to be a mum, but a mum of twins. I was so shocked I didn’t say much until the news finally sunk in." she said.

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Her twin daughters, Athena and Luna, were birthed just two days before Monica’s 42nd birthday and she has explained that they are the best things to happen to her.

Monica who is a single mom also informed the father of her twins and he was also happy about the news as he assured her of his support.

Congrats to her.

In other news, Legit.ng reported that after 18 years of waiting, a 42-year-old woman finally gave birth to five babies in Kogi state.

The woman identified as Uchenna Okeigbo delivered her kids safely and they all are in good condition.

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