The Boys cast, trailer, season 2 news

The Boys cast, trailer, season 2 news

The Boys cast will sure make you believe that there is no such thing as superhero fatigue. From the time the second season starts through to the eight and last episode, you will stay glued to your screen as you take in the drama and excitement that follows the release of the series.

The Boys cast

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With fans talking about the renewal of the series and Amazon having announced it even before season one came to an end, you can be sure that there are more adrenaline rushing episodes for you to check out. So what exactly do you need to know about the season?

The Boys season 2 - when to watch

With the second season's filming started in summer in Toronto, fans can be sure that The Boys trailer will be out sooner than was expected. With all options open, we can expect a lot more action and probably even a super kid.

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The Boys cast - who will be in season 2

Who are The Boys characters that will show up in season 2? If you were worried about The Boys cast, worry no more as most of the cast members from the first season will return. This includes favourites such as Karl Urban who stars as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid who acts as Hughie, Erin Moriarty the Starlight and Chace Crawford who acts as The Deep. The chances are that some of the dead major characters will also make a comeback in flashbacks. Even so, the only confirmations made about the cast regards Aya Cash, who comes in as a new addition that will play Stormfront, a super-powered neo-Nazi.

She may be well known from her comedy show, You’re the Worst, but in The Boys fans get to meet her as someone far worse and dark as she plays the hero's gender-flipped version. The TV version is likely to follow what happens in the comics where Stormfront's Aryan supremacist views make him conflict directly with The Boys.

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What is the release date?

The Boys Amazon

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With so much to look forward to, and a comic book to refer to, fans anticipate the release date of The Boys season 2 and many cannot help but wonder when it will be out. While the anticipation is real, The Boys Amazon big announcement has not been made. What we know is that filming is already underway and that Amazon has a lot of faith in the series considering that it announced its renewal way before the first season even aired. The chances are that the second season of The Boys TV show will be out as early as 2020's summer. One thing is for sure though, The Boys release date will be marked on our calendars.

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What about the plot? What are fans supposed to expect?

The Boys season 2

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If you thought Translucent or better still Alex Hassell in episode one suffered an explosive end, then you probably did not see the finale. Throughout the season, Butcher wanted revenge against the Homelander. The belief was that he had raped and driven her to suicide. However, the revelations from the final episode showed that Becca /Shantel VanSanten was alive and that she was secretly raising the hero's son.

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The chances are that Butcher's world will be turned upside down in season 2 as the ramifications of the truth sink. With such deviations from what is in the comics, fans can expect more thrilling revelations that will keep them hooked.

An obvious expectation would be that of Steve's involvement in the military. With Stormwatch coming on board, the chances are that season two will come with more action. It would be interesting to see how things turn out for the sex-addict, Tek-Knight, the batman ripoff as the subject of sexual harassment continues being explored in this second season.

If you loved the first season of The Boys show, the chances are that you will be excited to know what the progress in the second version of The Boys series will be. With just a little known about The Boys cast currently, and the plot being blurry, the excitement keeps building. The good news is that we can bank on the confidence exhibited by Amazon.

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