Bandele Ajetunmobi: Nostalgic photos of 1950s diaspora community in London taken by Nigerian photographer

Bandele Ajetunmobi: Nostalgic photos of 1950s diaspora community in London taken by Nigerian photographer

The saying that artists do not die as their work of arts live on after them has come to play in the works of a Nigerian photographer who practised in London from the 1950s till he died in 1994.

A Nigerian man Bandele Ajetunmobi, popularly known as Tex, who happened to be one of the UK’s first black photographers brought to life through photos he took in the 50s, pictures of the multicultural community of post-war Britain.

Tex was an apprentice to a portrait photo expert in Lagos but stowed away on a ship to London in 1947 alongside his uncle, Chris. He felt like an outcast back home because he suffered disability as a result of polio he had as a child. He later settled down in Spitalfield.

Tex’s was said to be more interested in taking photos of local people in ethnically diverse groups and London's underground nightlife. Some of the photos he took show lifestyles of Nigerians living in the East End, London during the 1970s.

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Tex’s photos are subtle, amusing and unaffected portraits taken over a period of 50 years. He was said to have done all his photography art not to make money but for pleasure and artistic purposes.

The black photographer was said to have met and fell in love with a white lady, Cissy, who was married with two kids but later got separated from her husband and moved in with Tex. Cissy was denied the custody of her kids because Tex was a black man.

Tex was said to have been born in 1921 and died in 1994 at the age of 73. He never came back to Nigeria according to his niece, Victoria Loughran, because he felt more of an outcast back home because of his disability.

It was also noted that most of Tex's work were lost but for 200 negatives that was rescued by his niece.

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