Why Keystone offers to pay someone's rent for a year

Why Keystone offers to pay someone's rent for a year

Are you a young adult above 21 years of age? If so, you know that adulthood comes with a ton of responsibilities. Most probably, your rent takes away a considerable chunk of money from your monthly earnings. Imagine living rent-free for a whole year. What would you do with all the money that you would save? Now stop imagining and enter the newly announced Keystone Light Sweepstakes. You may become one of the lucky ones to live rent-free for an entire year.


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Keystone Light, whose mother company is Miller-Coors LLC, announced the Keystone Light Fall Renter Sweepstakes 2019. In the raffle, each eligible participant will have a chance of having their rent covered for one year. There will be 13 lucky winners who will live rent-free. Prize Logic, LLC will administrate the sweepstakes. The move is part of the Miller-Coors LLC’s marketing strategy that involves trying to win over young adult drinkers who require financial security.

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What other prizes are available?

It is a no-brainer that numerous people will enter this competition. However, only 13 lucky young adults will get the ultimate prize of living rent-free for an entire year. The company understands that adulthood comes with many needs and wants, so it will be offering other gifts that will make adulating easier for the typical millennial in America. These include a Keystone Light-branded inflatable chair and a shower curtain.


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Important details

Here is all the information about the sweepstakes that every participant should know;

Running period

The Keystone Light sweepstakes began at 12:00 pm Central Time (CT) on the 1st of August 2019 and will be running until the 29th of September 2019 at 11:59:59 pm CT time.

Eligibility criteria

Only legal residents of the United States of America are eligible. They must be at least 21 years old when they enter the raffle. Directors, employees, officers and agents of the sponsor or administrator are not allowed to join. Members of the immediate families of these people and persons residing in the same household with them are also not allowed to participate.

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How to enter

For one to participate, they must agree to all the official rules and the decisions and interpretations of the sponsors. One must also have access to the internet and have a valid email address. Any eligible and willing participant can enter the raffle either via the website or via SnapChat.

Via the website

An eligible participant should go to the company’s website and submit the information that is requested on the registration form. The details needed include the date of birth, first and last names, valid email address, telephone number and a valid mailing address. The participant will also be required to enter a valid keyword from the list of keywords given. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, they will get one entry into the pool for the keyword entered and one entry to the national pool.

Via SnapChat

An applicant can also use the SnapChat application that must be installed on their device. When using this method, an applicant is required to sign in to their SnapChat app. They will then centre the SnapCode on the camera. They will receive a link to the website after doing this.

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Entry limits

Each eligible person is limited to one keyword pool entry and one national pool entry each day during the running period of the raffle. According to the rules, each day will have 24 hours starting from 12:00:00 am CT to 11:59:59 pm CT.

The draw

A random draw will be held on the 30th of September 2019. The administrator will make a random selection of the potential winner of the prizes. Each of the selected participants will be considered a potential winner pending the verification of their eligibility and their adherence to the official rules.

Prizes and their value

The following awards are up for grabs at the end of the raffle period;

Grand prize

A grand prize of $12,000 in the form of a cheque will be paid to each winner to cover their rent. There will be a total of 13 grand prize winners.

First prize

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The first prize will be an “adulting transition pack” that will comprise of a shower curtain, an inflatable chair, a Hawaiian shirt and a beautiful chandelier made from Keystone Light cans. There will be a total of 166 first prize winners. The average value of each first prize is $136.

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Chances of winning

The odds of winning one of the above prizes will depend on the number of all eligible entries that the company will receive during the running period.


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Source: Facebook

Claiming the prize

After the determination of the potential winners, each of them will receive a notification. They will be required to fill, sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and a publicity or liability release document, where applicable, within five days. Failure to do so will eliminate them from claiming the prize. Afterwards, each award will be sent via mail to the winner. The physical address they entered when filling the registration form will be used to send the award. If any prize is forfeited for any reason, an alternate potential winner will receive it at the sponsor’s discretion.

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NB: Only one prize per household will be issued.

  • There will be no substitution or exchange of the prizes unless the sponsor decides to do so at their discretion. The sponsor will also determine the size of the Hawaiian shirt.
  • Each winner will be responsible for any applicable state, federal or local taxes for their prize.
  • Any personal information that you enter during registration will be accessible to the sponsor and its affiliates, agents, designers and marketers. This is to ensure proper administration of the raffle and to ascertain adherence to the official rules and regulations. The information will be managed according to the company’s privacy policy.

The amount of rent that every millennial above 21 years pays in America often burdens them as they also struggle to attain a stable financial status. Through the Keystone Light Sweepstakes 2019, thirteen lucky young adults will get a chance to live rent-free for an entire year. The amount that would otherwise be spent on rent will go a long way in helping the winners to secure their financial future. If you are eligible, try your luck today.

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