Why is Versace apologizing to China?

Why is Versace apologizing to China?

Is it too late to say sorry? Joining the list of famous brands that have issued apologies is the fashion heavyweight, Versace. A printing error that has caused so much uproar in the Republic of China republic has shaken the famous and mighty Italian brand.

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Versace is an Italian luxury brand that has a huge style impact on the fashion industry. The design flaw, as they termed, seems to be sending a message back to China regarding the rule in its autonomous regions. Since in business we are after the profits, the apology might have come just in time to save the reputation of the Italian brand. This goes a long way to explain why is Versace apologizing to China.

Apology of Versace

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Versace issued an official apology after the T-shirt incident quoting that they have destroyed the remaining T-shirts and pulled back those in the China market. They also announced that the “controversial T-shirt was no longer for sale." The apology directed the mistake to its design.

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Donatella Versace also expresses her sincerest apology to the people of China. She explained that, her apology was to show her full respect to Chinese sovereignty and that the inaccuracy was not to disrespect the country.

Controversial T-shirt

The T-shirt that has caused so much uproar in China featured a list of “city-country” pairs. The main reason for the stalemate is, the Italian luxury brand described two cities in China as if they were independent countries.

The two cities, Hong Kong and Macau, were depicted to belong to HONGKONG country and MACAU country respectively. According to China, the two towns are technically part of China but are defined under special administrative regions

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What does the special administrative region mean? It refers to a state that has two different governing systems. These other regions are still considered part of the mother country, but they have separate administrative, judicial and legislative systems, from the rest of the country.

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The two regions were former European colonies that were later returned to China during the late 1990s. Hong Kong was the first to be released to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 while Macau followed then in 1999.

It’s over between us!

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The outrage has been so widespread to the point that Chinese brand ambassador for Versace cut her ties with the Italian based brand. She issued a statement, through her official studio account on Weibo, stating her reasons for her split with the Versace brand.

Comments and reactions

As the familiar adage goes; after an action, there is undoubtedly a reaction. After Versace apologized on the design flaw, several people took to social media to share their views regarding why Versace is apologizing to China. Some of the comments on Twitter include:

  • JSE Metrica Non-Esq @Jeromesh68: Giving in to the demands of pelutant and insecure child known as China.
  • Peter Pedersen @ppsthlm: What devastating news. What a serious crime! Seriously?!A tiny error blown into proportions of another dimension. With all the stuff happening in the world today, a misspelling on a t-shirt should be of the least concern.
  • @Huang85292130: Can this also be called a small mistake? This has violated China’s territorial rights. As a Chinese, I will never touch this brand again.
  • Endlesscrowd @Ivy-feijiajia: Hong Kong belongs to China! Macao belongs to China! Taiwan belongs to China! Tibet belongs to China! China’s territory is indivisible!
  • Jason L @JasonLu99: Is this a marketing scheme? As a 40-year-old international fashion company, this level of ignorance and stupidity is beyond ridiculous.

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List of brands that have apologized to China

The following brands have issued apologies to the Republic of China after some of their products caused an uproar. The brands include:

  • Zara
  • Delta
  • Gap
  • McDonald’s
  • Givenchy
  • Coach

Fear of the unknown

Chinese shoppers top the list of consumers of luxury goods. They account for at least a third of luxury sales worldwide and two-thirds of the industry that deals with luxurious goods. The biggest fear of Versace would be the loss of such a highly and fast-moving market for their products, thus, another reason as to why the “sorry” message was conveyed.

The design error is quite small, one might say. Versace apologizing to China is reasonable because the brand would thrive more because China is a populous republic and a superpower. Revenue is among the main reasons why the apology was offered after the incident.

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