Female and male African names and their meanings

Female and male African names and their meanings

Many African names are unique and beautiful. The number of these names is enormous because of the variety of languages and tribes in the continent. Discover unique African names and what they mean.

African female names
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Here are the top 40 examples of African names; the list contains female and male names and their interesting meanings.

Top 40 African names for your baby

Whether you just want to know the meaning of your name or are looking for a suitable name for your baby, this compilation will definitely be helpful. We will consider examples from different regions of the continent to give you more options to choose from.

African female names

We start our list with African girl names from different regions:

Western Africa

  • Abena: the one who was born on Tuesday
  • Adaeze: the daughter of a king
  • Bolence: the one who finds wealth at home
  • Chidi: it means "God exists"
  • Ife: it means "love"

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Nigerian names for girls

  • Adaego: daughter of wealth
  • Adaku: the one who brings wealth to the family
African names
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  • Chibundo: God is my shelter
  • Chinara: the one who is received by God
  • Emilohi: it means "only God is great"

Swahili names

  • Baraka: be successful
  • Lakeisha: joyful
  • Amne: safe, secure
  • Hasnaa: very beautiful
  • Kichaka: the one who blushes

South African names for girls

  • Busisiwe: a blessed girl
  • Jabulisile: the one who brought joy
African girl names
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  • Khanyisile: she has brought light
  • Nandi: sweet
  • Nomathemba: mother of hope

Top African male names

The next West African boy names can be a good choice for your son.

  • Akpan: a first-born son
  • Azubuike: the past is your strength
  • Chidubem: guided by God
  • Ekwueme: he says, he does
  • Olubunmi: a gift of God

Nigerian names for boys

  • Abaeze: branch of the kings
  • Adebiyi: the royal one
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  • Bako: a guest
  • Chibunna: God is my father
  • Debare: one born during good times.

Swahili African names for boys

  • Akida: the one who is diplomatic and determined
  • Asanis: a modest person and clear person
  • Bakari: a lovely and promising person
  • Chane: the one who has Oak-heart
  • Simba: the one who is like a lion

South African names

  • Jabulani: a Zulu name that means “rejoice”
  • Luan: it means “lion”
  • Mandla: it means “ a strong person”
  • Oratil: this one is considered as a unisex name, and means “origin”
  • Dumisani or Dumi: "praise"

These are examples of unique African baby names for boys and girls with unique meanings. The rich and diverse culture of the continent, different languages, nations, and tribes has contributed to the existence of so many beautiful and unique African names.

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