Common Mexican names for girls and boys

Common Mexican names for girls and boys

In the Mexican naming culture, most Mexican names are repeated from one generation to another. It is not surprising, therefore, to find several people with the same name in one family.

Hispanic boy names
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In keeping up with cultures and traditions, this means that there are certain names across the country that are popular and famous. If you intend to adopt any of these names for your kid, then you had better understand what they mean. Here are great examples to pick from.

Popular Mexican names

If you are a fan of Hispanic soap operas, then you have probably come across some of their most-used names. What you may not know is the meaning of these names and what they stand for. Before adopting one of the Mexican names, make sure you truly understand what you are getting yourself into. Here are some of the most popular Hispanic names you can come across.

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Hispanic girl names

common Mexican names
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Chances are that your interest has already led you to carry out some research about the most popular Mexican girl names for your little princess. Well, the following list shows some of the most common and most used Mexican female names around the globe:

  • Katia means pure.
  • Adelita refers to nobility.
  • Maite refers to the one who is loved dearly.
  • Fiona refers to the fair one.
  • Ivanna refers to a gift from God.
  • Michelle refers to being like God.
  • Gracia means graceful and one who is ready to go to war.
  • Alexa is the shorter version of Alexandria.
  • Carolina means strong one.
  • Juana means God is gracious.
  • Margarita is the daisy flower.
  • Delfina is a native of Delphi.
  • Lusia is a renowned warrior.
  • Rocio means dew drops.
  • Lola refers to sorrow.
  • Paula means small.
  • Paloma refers to a dove.
  • Fiorella refers to flower.
  • Josefa means God will add.
  • Eleanora is the shining light.
  • Milagros means miracle.
  • Rosa meaning flower.
  • Loretta refers to praiseworthy.
  • Eldora is the blonde one or gift of the sun.
  • Alma refers to kind and nourishing.
  • Belicia denotes beautify.
  • Miranda refers to being admired.
  • Elena means bright and popular.
  • Araceli refers to altar and sky.
  • Teresa is the one who reaps.
  • Esmeralda is the bright green gem.
  • Maria means the sea of sorrow or bitterness.

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Mexican boy names

common Mexican last names
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A handsome young man deserves a great name to go with his demeanour. Making the right choice when he is born is therefore important and a priority for every parent. Fortunately, the task does not have to be a daunting one if you are open-minded. Choosing one of the cute Hispanic boy names would be perfect as long as the meaning agrees with the personality you want your boy to develop when he is a grown-up. Here are great examples of Mexican male names to choose from:

  • Mario refers to the Roman god of war.
  • Sergio means attendant.
  • Jose is a prayer meaning 'may God increase'.
  • Facundo means fertile.
  • Jeronimo refers to one who is saved.
  • Abelardo refers to the one who is solid and generous.
  • Esteban denotes the one who is crowned in victory.
  • Vicente is the one who conquers.
  • Pablo refers to a small one.
  • Rodrigo is a famous ruler.
  • Ignacio is the fiery one.
  • Leonardo is as brave as a lion.
  • Felipe is one who loves horses.
  • Lautaro is the daring one.
  • Fabiano is a bean farmer.
  • Ramiro refers to a supreme judge and one who is very powerful in battles.
  • Camilo means one who is born free and is noble.
  • Bautista refers to John the Baptist.
  • Sebastian comes from the Sebaste town.
  • Adrian means one who comes from the Adriatic sea region.
  • Hector means to restrain.
  • Mauricio means dark-complexioned.
  • Alexander means the defender of mankind.
  • Emiliano is a rival.
  • Matias is a gift of God.
  • Tomas is a twin.
  • Luciano refers to being full of light.
  • Andres means manly.
  • Santiago means Saint James.
  • Bernardo means strong and brave as a bear.
  • Marcos is the god of fertility.
  • Bonifacio refers to one who will have good fate.
  • Abelino means son of Adam and Eve.
  • Benedicto means blessed.
  • Valentino refers to one who is brave and strong.

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Common Mexican last names

common Mexican last names
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Like it is in every culture, there are Mexican first, middle and surnames. The following are a few of the most common Mexican names that work brilliantly as surnames:

  • Maximo refers to the greatest.
  • Santino refers to a little saint.
  • Alonso implies one who is eager to go to war.
  • Diego refers to one who is a famous bearer.
  • Blanco means one who has white hair and is fair in complexion.
  • Casimiro means peaceful.
  • Amador is the one who loves.
  • Gonzalez means war.
  • Fernandez means brave traveller.
  • Lopez refers to the son of the wolf.
  • Sanchez refers to blessed or son of the blessed.
  • Gomez means the son of a man.

With a good number of unique Mexican names available, any parent that loves the sound of these names can pick one for their child. What is more, these names are popular in different places in the world, including Central America, North America, Europe, and South America. You do not necessarily have to be of Spanish descent to adopt one, at least not in modern times anyway.

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