Strongman - 21st Century: audio, lyrics, reactions

Strongman - 21st Century: audio, lyrics, reactions

Strongman is one of the most respected artists in Ghana. His influence has made most people always to be online searching for Strongman latest songs. Have you heard of the latest banger by Strongman titled 21st Century? The track has great vibes and fans are eager to see the video of the tune once it is dropped. Given that Strongman is one of the highly appreciated lyrical geniuses, do not expect anything short of perfection in his new song.

Rapper Strongman is taking over the streets with his new track titled 21st Century. Strongman - 21st Century, which was produced by MikemillzonEm has been embraced with so much love by fans not only in Ghana but also in the whole world.

Strongman - 21st Century description

  • Published on YouTube: July 20, 2019
  • Format: Available in mp3 download
  • Genre: Rap
  • Length: 3 minutes 40 seconds
  • Producer: MikeMillzOEm

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If you are looking for a rap jam to rock your airwaves, then you need to search for Strongman - 21st Century. It is a trending rap track already, and fans cannot keep calm. The lyrics and the flow will leave you fascinated. It is such a fantastic jam!

Strongman - 21st Century reviews and comments

Strongman - 21st Century
Image:, @strongmanburner
Source: Instagram

The rap song has received massive love from fans. Take a look at some of the comments fans left on YouTube after listening to this banger:

  • Ferkah Isaac: Rap was introduced to address issues not to Bragg this is pure rap. How can u address whole issues in less than 3 minutes ur genius man.
  • Raf054 Sergio: this song is crazy nice... Damn strong is very slept on..... Damn!!!
  • Asare Bernard: Infact you good Strongman..Love your interview on Delay show..Hit the like if you love Strongeeze..Ben from Dubai
  • Yaw Effah: The real talent;;no long tin The strongest Rapper in Ghana in rap music u hv no size in Ghana
  • Dadzie Bright: wow! I am rap fun cos of your rap and style of flow.
  • James Aboah: Your mum trained you well. The WISDOM reflects in all your music Big ups
  • FREDERICK Sage: After following Strongman's works, I have come to think that he is one of the most creative rappers atm. If creativity was anything gh appreciates, he should have been at the top

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Strongman - 21st Century lyrics

Strongman - 21st Century
Image:, @strongmanburner
Source: Instagram


Ɔbaa dress e kata neho pie ɔnam ho a ase tree

Ndɛ brɛm ɔbaa wo to kɛsie a ɛsʋm bo gyen degree

Money dey your pocket ndɛa da shoddies dɛa ibe free

Adwen bɔne adoɔso ma ndɛ boys pii ne green

Asofoɔ adane DJ khaled na ɔmo kyrɛ ye cars

Papa rapper yɛ pɛ hits aƒie na wo dropi bars

Aƒie na wo dropi bars

Ndɛ brɛ mʋ a yɛ shɛ Nike afie na wo rocki Bat

Tsitsi yesi ɔbaa mpɛ wo a ɔmpɛ wo ka

Nso ndɛe diɛ ɔbaa mpɛ wo a ɔbɔ wo ka

Mesi diɛ wobɛ dʋa na ɛwo sɛ wo twa

Ntsi ɔne bie dwene woho e na wasɛm swa

These days diɛ paddy ngyigyi ɔbaa so

Ndɛ brɛm yɛdi atopa gyan na ɛtwi ɔbaa so

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Yɛ ƒa sika hwe kɔtɔ kwa yɛdi kɔ hwɛ mbaa to

Wodi asoɔ din agyi aa w’atwa woba so

Ndɛ boys a aba yɛ dɔ sika kyen nkwa

Sen deɛ yɛ kʋ sika ho aye sɛ sika tɔ nkwa

So sika tɔ nsa, yɛdi sika gʋ nsa

21st century yɛdi sika to mpa

Ɔse money diɛ ɛyɛ vanity

Buh who cares about your sanity

Ntsi yɛ to aba ma poverty

Yɛ smart ne wo policy

You cant be walking till eternity

Deɛ ɔse car nye yɛ fallacy

Ndɛ mbaa de fraud boys na ɛbragi

Yɛ pɛ sika aa wosi doctor aa neto atse

Wonim twia ndeɛ guy man wo slagi

Slay queens yi de tattoo na swaggi

Ye se ɔtwi no na ɛbɛ brɛ so ye wʋra ƒi wo ya dwen mʋ sɛ ɔboƒoɔ so bɛ brɛ

Ɔbaa wadwen soa aa ndeɛ wo tonga na ɛbɛ brɛe

Generation wae diɛ ye pɛ form na nyɛ gyirɛ

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Ndɛ boys a aba yɛ dɔ sika kyen nkwa

Sen deɛ yɛ kʋ sika ho aye sɛ sika tɔ nkwa

So sika tɔ nsa, yɛdi sika gʋ nsa

21st century yɛdi sika to mpa

Ndɛ papaye no agyi gʋ sɛ slay queen nʋfo

Collection sika no ƒa gyimi wo kʋkʋ

Yirɛ woho ne pɛ sika na ɔhia ntwa wo photo

Abrantseɛ w’aso yɛ shi a ɔbia ma wo kɔbo

Ntsi mo gyai no na ɔye no block

Jonky se mo gyai no na ɔye drʋgs

Donzy se mo gyai no na ɔbɔ ne club

Diɛ Aƒia po se mo gyai no na ɔye no droz

Boys claimi for the bad chicks

Ya we win aa yɛ pɛ tooth peak

Make up bɛbrɛe naa yɛ tactis

Chale who the cap fits

Ndɛ kakra aa mbaa bi bɛ diɛ ntsi yɛ da ho till ɛnack six

Night clubs sɛn na ɛhwe ivy

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First yɛ kɔtɛ adwayɛ kɔhwɛ ivy

Chale mansʋa mbaa sɛm yenaa nyɛ me fault oo

Nasɛ nʋdes pics no ɛgu IG

Menu di ne sika akɔtɔ anklet

Ntsi ne wʋrafi sɛ neba no ɔbɛtɔ palmflet

Nsti ɔkyina sɛ nkɔdaa no gyie school na ase no yie aa

Ɔdi eno tsi na ɛbɛgyi concrete

Boys e pɛ pickup

Girls ne hookup

Bodie ampesi no atwam yɛdi makeup

Boys bɔ woroɔ ntsi ndɛ boys yɛ checkup

Aƒie wopɛ virgin awaarɛe dɛa sit up

Hey.. hey…

Ndɛ ɛkɔm ntsi na yewo false preachers

Wae nyɛ doctor Dre

Homie wae yɛ twi speakers

Asɛm no ɛkɔmʋ yie a tsie no wo loud speakers

Ndɛ enchecki akoma pa na who get more sneakers

Ndɛ boys a aba yɛ dɔ sika kyen nkwa

Sen deɛ yɛ kʋ sika ho aye sɛ sika tɔ nkwa

So sika tɔ nsa, yɛdi sika gʋ nsa

21st century yɛdi sika to mpa

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Strongman - 21st Century download

Strongman - 21st Century
Image:, @strongmanburner
Source: Instagram

Are you looking to stream, watch, or download this tune? Then use the link below to download the song and add it the playlist of your favourites:

If you thought you had already heard the best rap song of 2019, then you are wrong. Strongman - 21st Century will leave you rethinking about your favourite rap tunes. It is one of those songs that has a great vibe, appealing lyrics, and amazing quality. Download the song today and get to enjoy all these! What is your opinion about Strongman - 21st Century? Is it a hit? Share your opinions with us today in the comments section below.


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