Couple heartbroken as they give birth to other people's babies in IVF mix-up

Couple heartbroken as they give birth to other people's babies in IVF mix-up

- A US couple is suing a Los Angeles fertility clinic following an IVF mix-up

- According to reports, the Asian couple were unable to conceive and spent $100,000 on fertility treatments and eventually took in with twins

- On giving birth however, the babies were of a different race and in no way related to them

An Asian couple in New York are currently suing a Los Angeles fertility clinic following an IVF mix-up which resulted in them giving birth to twins with no biological ties to them.

According to legal documents filed in Brooklyn federal court, the couple married in 2012 shortly after, discovered they were unable to conceive. Just like any open-minded couple, they visited a fertility clinic for assistance in January 2018.

According to the lawsuit, the couple was able to yield eight embryos after spending $100,000 (N36m) on fertility treatments. After the first attempt to implant an embryo in the woman failed, they tried again in August of 2018 and it was successful.

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According to court papers, the couple was excited after being told that they were pregnant with twins. But despite the fact that they were told the clinic had used female embryos, the couple became confused when sonograms showed twin boys.

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Berger and Hong who are co-owners of the clinic, assured the couple that they were having twin girls and that sonograms were not a definitive test.

After the couple gave birth, they were shocked to discover that not only was the wife carrying boys, but that neither of the babies was Asian.

Hong and other workers from the clinic flew to New York to conduct genetic tests which confirmed that the babies were not related to the parents.

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After the birth, the couple was forced to give up custody of both babies to their biological parents. The couple said they do not know what happened to their two female embryos.

They are seeking unspecified damages.

The couple who were the biological parents of one of the boys are also suing Los Angeles CHA Fertility Center over the error.

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Meanwhile, a Nigerian doctor took to social media to expose a new scam currently happening in the eastern part of Nigeria.

The scam called 'Cryptic Pregnancy'' involves certain people posing as medical experts to brainwash desperate women in need of children into believing they are pregnant.

According to a doctor identified as Abah Ehi Peters who brought this to light via his Twitter page, these women seeking children were injected with a high level of oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones that cause the abdomen to bloat/enlarge, causes formation of cysts and appearance of being pregnant.

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