ASAP Rocky arrest: everything you need to know about the arrest till now

ASAP Rocky arrest: everything you need to know about the arrest till now

Even if you are not a fan of A$AP Rocky, I bet you have bumped into the video of the "Fashion Killa" artist hammering a man during his visit in Stockholm, Sweden at the end of June. Since the occurrence of the incident, the rapper has been in custody. It has resulted in the video of the rapper beating the man acquiring thousands of shares on social media. The critical question most of his supporters want to know whether the musician is being held in a decent facility.

ASAP Rocky

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The talented artist behind the banger "Fashion Killa" made headlines in June when he shared videos of him and his crew being followed by a man in Stockholm, Sweden. The videos were later followed by other videos of the American rapper in a massive fight with the gentleman.

ASAP Rocky assault case gets him arrested in Stockholm

The events leading up to the arrest of the "F*ckin' Problems" singer have left many people in a maze. It has made most people ask the questions 'What exactly happened?' Rocky was in Stockholm, Sweden, for an event with his crew. As he was walking down in the streets, he noticed that a guy had been following him. The first video the singer and rapper shared show him trying to tell the guy to back off in a very peaceful way. However, the guy kept following Rakim Mayers and his team.

In another video, all hell breaks loose when the guy is spotted hitting the bodyguard of the rapper with headphones on his head. The "F*ckin' Problems" singer is spotted getting into it with the man. Since sharing of the videos began on various social media platforms, the rapper has been arrested in Sweden.

ASAP Rocky's current legal drama and solitary confinement rumours

With ASAP Rocky currently in jail in Sweden, a lot of people including his fellow musicians and rappers, have come out to share their take on the incident. The rapper is said to be behind bars because of harassment charge. Many people have come out to question the conditions of the holding facility where he has been kept. The conditions of the holding facility are being termed as "horrific."

According to TMZ, the "Fashion Killa" artist is being held in a "disease-ridden" facility. In the report released on early Tuesday by TMZ, it goes into details to explain the dire conditions under which the "F*ckin' Problems" singer is being held. The report indicated that ASAP Rocky was using a blanketless yoga mat for a bed, and was eating only one apple a day for the first five days following his arrest. The report also acknowledged that the rapper was being held next to an inmate battling "severe" mental health problems.

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The TMZ report goes further to explain that the inmate of Rocky frequently slams his head against the wall and throws his defecation around the facility, which is reported not to be cleaned up by staff. These revelations have left fans of the rapper worried about his welfare in this confinement.

The public reaction of ASAP Rocky confinement in Sweden

The friends and collaborators of Rocky have come out with words of support to the rapper and have condemned the poor conditions the artist is being subjected to in custody. Tyler, the Creator, Schoolboy Q, and T.I. are among celebrities who are calling for an outright boycott of Sweden following the detainment of ASAP Rocky. Post Malone and Vince Staples have also shared words of support, while Sheck Wes has revealed an incident in the hands of Swedish authorities. Sheck Wes acknowledged that the event made him be strip-searched without consent.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott has tucked a message reading "Free Rocky!" into his Wireless Festival set. Support campaigns such as #FREEROCKY and #JUSTICEFORROCKY have also been established. These campaigns are declaring to be confused about how the "F*ckin' Problems" singer is in jail, for a matter they believe was of self-defense. The video ASAP shared on his Instagram account, which last saw the rapper shared a picture of a NOFX tee in a Stockholm-tagged post, seems to second the self-defense argument.

Despite the claims of self-defense, Rocky is still in custody amidst the allegations of Vienna Convention on Consular Relations violations by Swedish authorities. It has left ASAP's fellow rappers boycotting Sweden, with reports of Rocky being held in an "inhumane," "disease-ridden" facility making headlines.

A judge clears the way for ASAP Rocky to be held for two weeks

ASAP Rocky

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ASAP Rocky has been ordered by a court in Sweden to remain in prison for two weeks in pre-trial detention. However, Rocky's team filed for an appeal with the Swedish Supreme Court to have the rapper released on the grounds of the "poor" holding conditions that are violating his human rights. The appeal was rejected.

The beloved "Fashion Killa" artist, ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden at the end of June and has been in custody since then. A recent report released by TMZ about the conditions the rapper is being subjected to while in detainment have made most admirers of Rocky as well as his fellow musicians and rappers to support him. Some have even boycotted Sweden.

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