How to add in Excel: a step-by-step guide

How to add in Excel: a step-by-step guide

Knowing how to add in Excel can be a useful skill. This MS Word processing program can really do a lot of useful things, and adding is one of the most popular functions it provides. Do not let this Excel ability betray you with its simple looks. You will be surprised to discover how much it can help you.

How to add in Excel
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Microsoft Excel is one of those applications that can do a lot of things. It is quite possible that if you work with it every day, you will discover more and more possibilities, benefits, and handy tricks. It is time to make yourself familiar to the sum formula, one of those mathematical and trigonometrical functions that can be found in this processing program.

How to add in Excel: top tricks

Adding numbers in this MS processing program is much less complicated than it may seem. This spreadsheet developed by Microsoft will help you a lot if you master this function.

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Simple Excel sum

Excel sum
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The following one is the simplest and quickest way on how to add numbers in Excel that are already entered into cells within the same column or a row. Make use of the AutoSum button. Everything you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Select the bare cell that ends either the row or the column of the necessary numbers
  • Step 2: Use the AutoSum button you can find by its symbol, the Greek Σ. Alternatively, you can use the combination of hotkeys that mean the same command: Alt+= (Alt++= for Mac)
  • Step 3: You will see the formula of this operation that appears in the selected empty cell. For example, if the numbers you need to add are located in cells A1, A2, A3, and A4, the sum formula in Excel will look like =SUM(A1:A4)
  • Step 4: Press Enter to complete the operation

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Sometimes, the cells may be not included automatically. In such a situation, you need to extend the frame over these cells in order to select them.

One more simple and really fast adding option is hidden at the bottom edge of every Excel window. When you need to know the total sum of some values in a column, click the letter that marks the necessary column. Find the green Excel Status bar at the very bottom of the window, and you will see the sum. Remember, however, that you cannot copy a digit from this bar.

How to sum in Excel manually

You can also type the function in manually. The syntax of this function is rather simple:

=SUM(number1, [number2],…)

The required argument in this Excel sum formula is only one, and it is number1. The rest are optional and depend on how many values you want to add. The arguments can be represented by cell reference as in the example above where the single argument includes all the necessary cells, A1 through A4.

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Excel sum formula
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This option allows one to calculate the sum of huge columns without selecting the whole range. Remember, though, that this way of adding includes hidden cells and filtered ones too.

Use it by entering =SUM(…) into the blank bottom cell of a column within your range or into the blank cell to the right of a row.

How to add on Excel if you need to filter cells

Filters may be helpful if you have several groups of values within your range. Selecting only the ones you need to calculate will save you a lot of time.

  • Step 1: Select any cell that contains numbers
  • Step 2: Move to the Data menu tab and find the Filters function
  • Step 3: Click it and notice the small arrows that appear in the headers of all your columns. With their help, you can select the data you need for further operation
  • Step 4: Remove the flag from the Select All line and flag only the lines you need
  • Step 5: Click Ok when done

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You know already how to sum a column in Excel.

Grand Total sum in Excel

how to sum a column in Excel
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If you have a range of cells with specific values within them, you can calculate the Grand Total for this whole range. To do it, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the range and extend the frame over one blank row below the range and over one blank column to the right of the range
  • Step 2: Click the AutoSum button, and the program will calculate the sum of each row and each column

These are only the simplest ways of adding in Excel. The software can handle other, much more tricky adding operations that are very specific. If you are not an accountant or a finance expert, you may not need them. Still, it may be interesting to learn how they work and what they can do.

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These are simple basic instructions on how to add in Excel. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you.

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