Meet Toma Unu, the Nigerian lady who paints with her toes

Meet Toma Unu, the Nigerian lady who paints with her toes

Toma Unu, a Nigerian lady in her thirties living with a condition known as cerebral palsy, has shared what it feels like doing things with her toes and being relevant against all odds. In an interview with, the young lady revealed what her life has been like since she was born.

The Delta state indigene who is the last child of her parents revealed in this exclusive interview with that she is an orphan. She lost her father in the nineties while her mother passed away about a year ago. Living with cerebral palsy made her late father take her to Lagos state while she was a kid, in a bid to find a cure. However, her father died before that could happen.

She was placed in a home for people with special needs in Lagos. Unu told correspondents of that she had her primary and secondary education while in the home. Amazingly, the pretty lady proceeded to a college of education and is presently pushing to have her degree at a university.

Meet Toma Unu, the Nigerian lady who paints with her toes

Toma Unu, the pretty Nigerian lady who feeds with her toes.
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During the course of the interview, Unu stated that it has not been easy living with the condition. She said that she has learnt to cope and live above it with the help of God. She is however thankful for the gift of life and is willing to forge on regardless.

Unu has people taking care of her in the home where she has lived for twenty-eight years. When asked about the makeup on her face, she stated that the children in the home help her with her instructions. Since the condition does not allow her to make use of her hands, she relies on other people to do certain things for her.

However, she helps herself a great deal by doing certain things with her legs. An interesting thing to note about this lady is the fact that she paints with her legs. When asked about this, she said she does so many things with her legs. She eats and operates her mobile phone with the use of her toes.

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About her paintings, the Isoko lady revealed that an Indian friend of hers suggested it to her. According to her, the Indian lady saw her feeding some children in the home with her legs and was really surprised. Impressed by Unu’s willingness to do something for others despite her own condition, she mentioned that she could do much more with her legs. She introduced her to painting and the journey began.

Meet Toma Unu, the Nigerian lady who paints with her toes

Unu working on a painting with her legs.
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Living with cerebral palsy has not reduced the self-esteem of Unu as she considered herself normal. She feels everyone is normal; according to her, there are things she can do that other people out there cannot and vice versa. She went on to say God has created all things and has made everything beautiful. Since she was created in the image of God, she sees herself as being perfect.

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While speaking with the correspondent from, the brave lady revealed that she is a lover of nature. Thus, she gets inspiration from nature and infuses this into her paintings. Unu who has a collection of paintings said that she makes money from her artworks as she finds buyers from the visitors that stop by at the home she lives in. She also markets her paintings via the social media as she makes use of apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

When asked about her relationship status, Unu said that she is not seeing anyone at the moment. She has plans to get married in the future as she said it is the wish of every woman to have a family of her own.

Unu believes it is important for people with special needs to find something doing in order for the world not to see them as being useless. She advised others to do something useful with their time in a bid to change the impression people might have about them.

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She also told that two things top her wish list; firstly she wants her wheelchair changed as she finds it difficult to move herself if no one is pushing her. She wants one that will give her the opportunity to move herself in the absence of the people who take care of her. Secondly, Unu desires a change of environment as she has lived in that home for too long. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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