How to update iTunes: all of your questions answered

How to update iTunes: all of your questions answered

If you have ever looked for a guide on how to update iTunes easily and correctly, then you have come to the right place. Updating iTunes is not difficult, just follow the several useful and simple expert recommendations highlighted below.

How to update iTunes
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For its users, iTunes is not just a media player. It is a whole multimedia complex. It is designed for the comfort of its users, but it can function properly only if it is updated to the newest versions.

How to update iTunes automatically and manually

As a rule, a software like this will send you informational notifications of many types. Some of them will be related to updates. You can opt between skipping these notifications and installing every newer version of the software. If you skip, you will need to do it manually one day when you discover that the program is not working.

how to update iTunes on Mac
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If you choose to install the newest edition, you just need to follow guidelines that you see on the screen of your device. In most cases, the software will detect the type of your device and its operating system, and it will suggest to you the most suitable upgraded version.

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If you skip the notifications, for this or that reason, you will need to upgrade your software manually. This is how you can do it.

How to update iTunes on Mac

  • Open your iTunes by clicking its icon. When you see the menu, find the prompt that says 'Check for Updates'
  • The system will search for the latest versions on the web comparing them to the one installed on your device. When it finds later versions, it will ask you if you want to continue
  • Click 'Download iTunes'

That is all; your software is upgraded to the latest available version and should function correctly.

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When it comes to how to update iTunes on Windows, the procedure is the same, just follow the steps listed above.

These steps work for the software you download from the official Apple website. If you have downloaded it from the Microsoft Store, the program will most likely do everything on its own as soon as new editions are released and available.

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You can complete the process right from the same official website of the Apple developers. Open it in your browser. When the page loads completely, you will see a big blue icon 'Download now' on the left part of the screen. Click this icon, and the page you are on will automatically select the necessary operating system version for your device. You need to note that iTunes won't update if you already have the latest version.

How to update iTunes quickly

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There is no standard time for the installation of upgrades. Many factors can influence the estimated time. For example, a lot depends on the version you are installing. If you are skipping several editions and want to upgrade from, roughly saying, version 5.0 to version 6.5 omitting all the milestones in between, it may take longer than turning version 6.0 into 6.1.

A lot depends on the internet connection you are using. The slower it is, the longer it will take you to download all the necessary elements of the new software build.

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So, next time you are asked, 'How do I update iTunes as quickly as possible?', you will be able to explain all the details of the process.

How to update iTunes if the system says it is impossible

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There are several reasons why iTunes won't update. One of them was mentioned above: you already have the latest existing version that cannot be upgraded because there are no newer editions. The other reason is that something is wrong with either the software or the way it was installed for the first time.

For example, if you cannot upgrade the version for Windows, check out the primary source where you got the program. If you have tried to download the latest edition from Apple and failed, try getting it from the Microsoft Store. In case of another failure, get in touch with Microsoft to solve this issue with them.

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You may need to install the latest build of the whole operating system to make all other software work properly. Complete this step if necessary before moving on. Download the program from the Apple website and run the installer. It will ask your permission to repair iTunes if it has been installed previously. Then, you will need to restart the device and see what happens.

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In separate cases, it is necessary to remove the remnants of previous installations before getting the newest updates. Sometimes, security software of different types creates conflicts, and it may be necessary to disable them while the updates are being downloaded.

This is how to update iTunes correctly and carefully. Of course, your playlists are safe and not affected by updating iTunes.

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