Actress Etinosa reacts to MC Galaxy saying the live nude video was planned

Actress Etinosa reacts to MC Galaxy saying the live nude video was planned

Controversial Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy, has in a new interview with HipTv, revealed that the Instagram live nude video that happened recently between him and actress Etinosa was staged.

The Sekem singer said he was surprised after the whole issue happened and then the actress started claiming and acting victim. In a three minute long video, Mc Glaxy opened up on how they had masterminded the Instagram live right before it all happened as against what everyone was made to believe that the actress was depressed and was under the influence of alcohol.

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IG Live Nude: How Etinosa and I staged it - Mc Galaxy

IG Live Nude: How Etinosa and I staged it - Mc Galaxy
Source: Instagram

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The actress has now replied the singer, cautioning him to stop lying to Nigerians. She went on call the singer an illiterate who is surrounded by illiterates. She wrote:

'Stop lying to Nigerians. They are not stupid. This is the last I will say on this hurtful issue. It hurts me a lot and you can tell by the harsh stupid way I cursed an innocent child because his father won't stop throwing it at my face. "

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'However, after that happened I tried talking to a real therapist and it really works- I have made significant progress.i am working really hard to be a better person. I no longer feel rage or pain when fans troll me about it. I laugh. Moving on process isn't as easy as it sounds on tv. By 9pm on Africa Magic Urban you would see me again looking all perfect and talking perfect too but it's not as easy as it looks on tv so no one should make it more complicated by adding lies. You can't try to win Nigerians by lying to them.

'An effective damage control should avoid lies(MCG you would know this but you are an illiterate surrounded by illiterates)

'I have said my truth. I was caught at an unguarded moment, someone I called my friend recorded me and sent it to blogs. I take full responsibility and am trying to move on. I advice all parties involved including the nude video viewers to move on. Thanks'

Nawa o, who do we believe?

Recall that earlier published how the singer got critics hunting for him when Nigerian actress Etinosa went naked on the singer's live video on Instagram.

The video caused quite a number of mixed reactions on the internet. While some people are of the opinion that MC Galaxy should be blamed for letting such happen on his live video, others opined that the actress is solely responsible for her actions.

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