June 12 Democracy Day: MKO's letter to Abraham Adesanya, NADECO's deputy chair

June 12 Democracy Day: MKO's letter to Abraham Adesanya, NADECO's deputy chair

Editor's Note: Chief MKO Abiola dispelled the rumour of the alleged trade-off of his mandate in a letter he personally wrote to the deputy chairman of NADECO, Senator Abraham Adesanya on July 5, 1998.

Adesanya reportedly agreed to make the letter public in order to disprove the insinuation that Abiola ever signed off his electoral mandate in his 1st and 2nd July 1998 meetings with with Dr Kofi Annan and Chief Emeka Anyaoku.

Read below:

Papa, Please make photocopies for others at your discretion I ask you to greet them well.

My dear Senator Abraham Adesanya, 5-7-98

My eternal thanks for your steadfastness in the face of overwhelming odds, may God crown our efforts with unqualified success.

I have just heard, yesterday that our Papa Ajasin died sometimes ago. May his soul rest in peace. I will write a separate letter to Mama.

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I learnt that a newspaper published a disinformation about my meeting with Kofi Annan and Chief Anyaoku. Yes, they asked me for a signed statement that I will not declare myself President again after my release. They believe such a signed statement will enable the FMG to give me an UNCONDITIONAL release.

Firstly, the release, I said, ceases to be unconditional if it can only be brought about by the type of statement they demanded.

Secondly, any statement will be worthless, being obtained by duress.

Thirdly, my declaration, of 11/6/94 was made at a big rally with thousands present. A private statement of the type they demand will do a discredit to me and to FMG. No withdrawal of the earlier declaration can be valid if not made in the same way as the one it wants to negate.

Fourthly, I do not need to make another declaration since the 11/6/94 one still subsists and has served and is still serving the purpose for which it was made. It is this last point that must have been twisted as a withdrawal.

Tell me, sir, if I was told to withdraw, was it to the two diplomats that I would withdraw? Something seriously must have been wrong with them.

The second major point they made was that after five years, the mandate has lapsed. Anyaoku said he sought a legal opinion which I said in my replies that

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(1) the lapse was caused by a series of illegalities and criminalities perpetrated by IBB and Abacha. IBB's purported cancellation and Abacha's determination to usurp my legitimate position by locking me in one room until I pass away. Can a criminal profit from his criminality? They had no answer to that.

(2) On legal advice, I told the diplomats that no political crises is ever settled by "legal advice". I told them confidently that the logic of events will disprove their theoretic diplomatic fancies. "God willing, (and by the way I learnt the "London Times" asked for my recognition in its last Friday edition.) Enough for their "time-lag" arguments.

Both of them behaved as diplomatic advisers to the FMG.. God willing, they will have no effect on our progress.

Thank you, My love to Chief Ajayi and your whole family. How is our Mama HID? Please, give my love. I love you.


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