Peruzzi controversy: What happened?

Peruzzi controversy: What happened?

The famous Nigerian star Peruzzi Vibes is currently the talk of the town. This time the Nigerian singer is making headlines, not for his music, but other damaging news. The controversial actions of Peruzzi have left the talented singer receiving massive backlash on social media, especially on Twitter.


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The Nigerian singer Peruzzi whose real name is Tobechukwu Victor Okoh has allegedly assaulted a social media personality. The assault news has not settled well with most people resulting in a buzz on Twitter.

What is making Peruzzi trend?

Individuals who have not heard about the Peruzzi assault news are turning to the internet to seek an answer to this question. Well, it is no surprise that Peruzzi trends now and then since he is a beloved singer who releases bangers. However, his recent fame has not been for the best but instead for the worst. Peruzzi is creating a stir online because there are reports that he assaulted a social media influencer known as Pamilerin Adegoke.

However, the million dollar question everyone is seeking an answer for is what led to the assault. Well, it goes back to the award ceremony for the 2018 Soundcity MVP Awards. Peruzzi, Teni, and other singers had been nominated for the award of ‘Best New Act.’ During the event, Teni Makanaki was declared the ‘Best New Act’ for Soundcity MVP. The crowning of Teni left Peruzzi both sore and bitter.

The bitterness led Peruzzi to Twitter where he ranted about having a better year and making more money than the recently crowned ‘Best New Act’ winner Teni Makanaki. In his Twitter post, the singer declared that he had worked extremely hard in the past year, yet his last single was ‘Mata’ and had been released in early 2018 in March.


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After reading Peruzzi’s tweet, the social media influencer Pamilerin Adegoke decided to strike a conversation online on the 6th of January 2019. The conversation revolved around the tweet of the Nigerian singer Vibes who believed he had worked harder and had more money than Teni. During the online conversation, Pamilerin shared his opinion, which was that Teni deserved to win the award more than Peruzzi.

Did Peruzzi assault Pamilerin?

When the social media influencer first struck the conversation and shared his opinion in January, Peruzzi did not appear bothered. However, fast forward to June of 2019, and his feelings about the tweet were revealed. The singer behind the track Mata bumped into the social media influencer Adegoke in Port-Harcourt at an international airport in June. If you were expecting the issue to have been dead and buried, well, turns out it was not.

According to a social media user going by the name @Vinavina01, she reports having been in the scene where it all went down. She reports that Peruzzi instructed his bodyguards to hold down the social media influencer. Perhaps the one-on-one encounter reminded the singer of the comparative and critical comments Pamilerin had made months back. After he was allegedly pinned down, Peruzzi went ahead to slap and assault the social media influencer.

An assaulted Pamilerin comments

After the showdown of the DMW singer assaulting the social media influencer with the help of his bouncers, Pamilerin took to his Twitter account to share a picture of his assaulted face. The picture of the face of Adegoke was accompanied by a tweet reading:

“The worst happened to me today, but they will be hearing from me shortly and surely. Let’s keep up the energy! #TheresStillFreedomOfExpression #DontForget.”

The picture came in handy in proving the news that the DMW singer had assaulted Pamilerin. The assaulted face picture led to bizarre agog activity online, with fans of the social media influencer throwing jabs at the Mata singer.

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Peruzzi reaction about Pamilerin assault claims

After Adegoke released the picture of his assaulted face on Sunday, Vibes took to his Twitter account on Monday to confirm that he had indeed slapped Pamilerin. The DMW singer went ahead to apologize for the action, claiming that he had let his feelings get the best of him and cause him to assault the social media influencer. Tobechukwu Victor Okoh apologized to the social media influencer and the public and indicated that he would never involve himself in such a messy situation again.

Davido’s reaction to the Peruzzi assault claims on Pamilerin

When Davido was made aware of what had happened to the social media influencer Adegoke, he had to reply since he was the DMW singer was his record label artiste. Davido took to his Twitter account to apologize to Adegoke for the actions of Tobechukwu Victor Okoh. The Nigerian superstar behind the hit Aye acknowledged that the Mata singer was wrong for putting his hands on Adegoke. However, Davido went further to indicate that Pamilerin had said some harsh words about his brother.

Nigerians reactions to Peruzzi assaulting Pamilerin

Despite the apology from the DMW singer and Davido, most Nigerians were not gratified. They took to their social media accounts to share their opinions about this assault incident. Some of the individuals attacked the behaviour of the DMW singer, while another segment attacked the social media influencer.

One Twitter user with the name Alimosho Lucky Dube made a tweet reading:

“So Peruzzi slapped Pamilerin over an old tweet. I’ve said it before: Talent is one thing, Character is another. This ratchet behaviour only shows that beyond the fame and cameras, Peruzzi like many others is a classless rogue and an unrefined scallywag.”

The tweet clearly shows that the individual was condemning the character of the DMW singer.

Another Twitter user went online to condemn the behaviour of Pamilerin with a tweet reading:

“So this Obalende Travis Scott thinks he can just physically assault someone and get away with it, we actually need to take a stand against this celebrities thinking they are God, I hope Peruzzi feels better now, finally he has a HIT………..on Pamilerin.”

The issue between Peruzzi and the social media influencer Pamilerin has left many Nigerians undecided on whom to support. Similarly, the incident has struck so many conversations online, causing quite a buzz online. Since Pamilerin is a great social media influencer and has not yet come out to accept the apology from the DMW singer, fans are speculating that the online conversations might continue for an extended period.

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