Why the angry feminist is a construct of a dented society by Seun Durojaiye (Opinion)

Why the angry feminist is a construct of a dented society by Seun Durojaiye (Opinion)

Editor's note: The writer Seun Durojaiye argues that the 'angry feminist' was created by the very people who judge and attack her. While they might be considered irrational and modern-day extremists of what true feminism is about, society plays a role in their construct and as such must bear the monster they have designed.

The standard definition of feminism is; the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes and in a functional society anyone, including female or male can be a feminist.

Feminism and feminist as terms only became widespread in the 1970s and began as a movement which fought for the rights of women to vote. Fast forward two centuries later and what began as a movement to fight for the legal rights of women in the society has become a thing to be ridiculed on Nigerian Twitter.

Not without help of course. As women become more confident and take their place in the world, certain constraints (often disguised as culture and traditions), especially in Africa, hinders the fulfillment of potential and out rightly denies women the privilege of flourishing as a man would be allowed to.

The result, judging from the world of Nigerian Twitter, is a group of female extremists whose fight is with the common man. If asked, this group believe men to be utterly entitled and judge their existence.

Who is an angry feminist and why is domiciled on Nigerian Twitter?

For every cause there is a reaction. An angry feminist becomes one because she has been denied the most basic right of choice. From when she is born, she is taught to be silent on the important things. She is told that her place is in the kitchen before the work place and if she dares question it, it must mean that she is a 'lazy' woman or the most favourite term; not a 'wife material'.

The Nigerian society built the raging feminist. The one who has had to endure half a life time of feeling inferior yet being told that it is the order of things. Her curse is her ability to feel a wave of emotions all at once. Her crime is having a womb; a uterus that births life.

Things changed in her time. Women started standing up for themselves. They started living for themselves. Taking cue from the new world order, she now believes her duty is to fight every shred of patriarchy. Sensible or not, she must defend womanhood to the last point and gives not a single care in the world what the subject is. If it is against the chance of women leading and thriving then it is evil and needs to be dealt with.

Subject to harsh judgement, she is considered irrational and called upon only when any woman commits a sin that is considered unforgivable. Dismissively she is asked: “yes, defend this insanity”

Struggling with fundamental insecurity she rushes to the rescue, unaware of the trap her ‘oppressor’ has set so she can be called the very word that diminishes her existence: angry feminist.

The world is a great place. Historically, we are known to create monsters out of saints; hashtag Jesus- If the Bible is anything to go by.

Afraid of what we find difficult to understand, we build a cross and nail the monster on it. After all, we must be right, how can anyone be so righteous? Or in the feminist case, desire freedom?

Ultimately, we are the sickness, the medicine and the cure.

This opinion piece was written by Seun Durojaiye.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of Legit.ng.

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