Beyonce family story: sister, husband, children

Beyonce family story: sister, husband, children

Beyonce is one of the world’s biggest superstars. She has come a long way from‘Destiny’s Child’ to who she is today. There must be a solid background to all these efforts, something in her personal life that supports her and helps her move along. What is it? Is it her family, her husband, and kids?

Beyonce age

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The beautiful woman and talented artist Beyonce has always been at the centre of attention. Fans and mass media discuss her clothes, hairstyles, makeup and body shape, and catch every rumour about her personal life. What is true and what is false, which facts are real and what hides behind the fame?

Beyonce profile summary

  • Beyoncé age: 37 years (born on September 4, 1981)
  • Birthplace: Hous/t*-on, Texas
  • Occupation: singer/songwriter, producer, and actress
  • Family: Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles (parents), Solange Knowles (sister)
  • Beyonce husband: Jay Z (married since 2008)
  • Beyonce height: 168 cm (5 feet and 6 inches)
  • Beyonce weight: 62 kilos (137 pounds)
  • Nickname: B

Beyonce's early life and family

Born to a family of a sales representative and a bank employee, B used to be a very shy child. Soon after her birth, Tina Knowles abandoned her job at the bank and opened a beauty salon. It was one of the most successful beauty salons in Houston.

Then, her parents decided that joining a a dance school could help B. It helped, indeed, because the very first stage performance was a success, and Tina claimed that she had never before seen her daughter that happy and confident. Dancing was Beyonce’s mode of self-expression, and soon, she tried singing and succeeded again.

It was impossible to hide that talent any longer. B’s parents realised that performing is exactly what the girl needed to feel happy. The kid was only nine when she passed auditions for ‘Girl’s Tyme.’ This was her first step on the way to stardom.

B’s parents have always been around when she needed them. Her father has been her manager, and her mother has been her stylist for many years.

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Anyway, when it happened that one of ‘Destiny’s Child’ support dancers had to leave, Beyonce sister Solange was the best possible replacement.

Beyonce sister

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The family has sacrificed a lot to help B reach success. Her father abandoned his job as a sales representative to become the manager of his little daughter’s group. When the family needed money to help B with her career, they even relocated to a less costly apartment to raise THE necessary funds.

Now, we can see that all these efforts were not in vain because the success Beyonce has reached is well worth all the investments of time, money, and energy.

Apart from Solange, B has a half-brother Nixon and a half-sister Koi, and also a step-sister Bianca.

When did Jay Z and Beyonce romance start?

Beyonce husband

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Beyonce is a beauty to behold, really, but only two men have ever managed to conquer her heart. One of them was her old friend whom she was dating as a teen. They had been together for about ten years before they broke up. Lyndall, her then-boyfriend, felt that his sweetheart needed somebody with a bigger future to develop and move forth with.

In 1999, B met another man, he was a famous artist already, with a name that was known. The man is Jay Z, and there is a gap of 12 years between them. Beyonce and Jay began dating in 2001 and they released their first duet in 2002, at that time, she was only 21, and she was not in a hurry at all to rush into married life. The two released a range of hits together, and the audience started to notice the chemistry that was obvious between them.

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It was almost not a surprise when the singer was seen wearing a very big wedding ring. The marriage was predestined, and the couple tied the knot secretly.

Jay Z and Beyonce kids

The eldest child of the happy couple saw this world in 2012. Born Shawn Corey Carter, Jay Z gave his last name to his children. The very birth of Blue Ivy Carter turned into a sensation and a huge event. The happy mother announced her pregnancy during the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards.

It is interesting that Blue Ivy had become a star and a singer so early in her childhood. Her proud father, Jay Z, recorded a hit titled ‘Glory,’ in which he inserted an audio recording of his precious little princess’ heart beating and her cries.

Beyonce twins

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In June 2017, the couple welcomed adorable twins. The happy mother had to undergo an emergency C-section because the last part of her pregnancy was quite complicated. Despite all the difficulties she survived during the pregnancy, the star does not reject the idea of having more kids in the future. Keeping in mind how old is Beyonce and her plan to give birth before she is 40, it may happen quite soon.s.

Jay Z and Beyonce twins names are rare and interesting. Sir Carter was named so because he had a very solid look on his tiny face, and Rumi Carter was given this unusual and beautiful name to honour the poet Jalaluddin Rumi.

Jay Z and Beyonce children

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Now, all three Jay Z and Beyonce children live happily together as a great family. If you heard rumours about B’s divorce from her husband, they are not true. Jay Z has already admitted that he really cheated on his spouse, but instead of separating, they chose to work on this mistake and move on. What is more, after their On The Run II Tour, the spouses claimed that they feel closer than ever.

Beyonce and her body after the pregnancy

Celebrities are humans, too, and their bodies may change significantly during life. However, the audience is not always able to accept this truth and discusses every weight gain or weight loss that stars undergo. After the complicated pregnancy, B used to weigh more than 200 pounds, she claims.

The Beyhive love Beyonce not only because of her outstanding performances, but also because of her family life and how dignified she carries herself.

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