Opposition yet to give up on 'coup' against Buhari - Group

Opposition yet to give up on 'coup' against Buhari - Group

- A group has accused the opposition parties of desperation o oust the current government led by President Muhammadu Buhari

- The group alleged that the opposition is heating up the polity by calling for a change of service chiefs

- According to the group, the opposition is attracting unnecessary attention to the military with propaganda

A pro-democratic group has accused opposition and 'enemies' of democracy of being desperate to oust the current government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The National Democratic Front warned the opposition parties against heating up of the polity by those attracting unnecessary attention to the military with propaganda.

NDF reacting to the report in some quarters which claimed President Buhari had fired all the security chiefs said the claim was a clear indication that the oppositions were not tired on their quest to topple the current government.

The secretary general of the NDF, Bolaji Abdulkadir, in a statement on Saturday, June 1, said the report of change of Service Chiefs was another coup plot by opposition elements to infiltrate the military for their sinister motive of destabilizing Nigeria’s democracy.

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Abdulkadir said the NDF is alarmed at the unnecessary attention being directed at the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in recent day.

He said the group believes that such development cannot be good for Nigeria's democracy.

Abdulkadir said: "This, for us, is indication that the hoax is part of an elaborate plan that predated the general elections, which calls for concern knowing the extent of acrimony the opposition had displayed at that time."

Also alleging that the opposition had been named in a plot to pressure President Buhari to drop the service chiefs so that a new crop of military chiefs that are sympathetic to the opposition will be appointed, Abdulkadir said the group is aware of sponsored unwarranted protests.

"We are equally concerned that even if the opposition has no design to overthrow the government, the twentieth anniversary of our transition from military dictatorship to civil rule is not the best time to focus unnecessary attention on the military," Abdulkadir said.

"Obsessing about the military chiefs and their tenure at a time when there are other pressing issues of national development amounts to saying that some people want the military back in the saddle of leadership or that they are nostalgic about losing the civil rights that many Nigerians died to secure for the country.

Such mind-set goes beyond irresponsible and is squarely in the territory of criminality," Abdulkadir added.

Abdulkadir further warned that the group does not want anything that will degrade Nigeria’s democracy or security, which unfortunately now appears to be the life goal of the opposition.

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that the service chiefs and heads of other security agencies met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa on Thursday, March 28.

The agenda of the closed-door meeting was not made public; though the president holds regular meetings with heads of the security agencies, during which, he gets briefings on developments within their areas of responsibility.

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