Cocktail attire for men: dress code rules every man needs to know

Cocktail attire for men: dress code rules every man needs to know

Do you want to know which cocktail attire for men is suitable for a particular occasion? What should you wear if such a dress code is specified in an invitation? Find out the rules associated with this dress style.

Cocktail attire for men

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What does a cocktail attire entail? The cocktail dress code is considered fairly free since there are no strict requirements for it, but proper style-based compliance makes a positive impression on others. The most important thing is to combine items of clothing correctly and make no mistake with colours. The cocktail attire is a dress code designed for semi-formal events.

Cocktail attire

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The outfit should always be balanced. The combination of formal and casual pieces should not be too complicated. The basic elements of the cocktail look can be successfully adapted to various outfits.

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Such clothing should not be formal too much. It may look like ‘black dress code’ but a little more sophisticated than usual. Pay tribute to the classic variations of traditional cocktail attire and bring in a refreshing note of modernity - new prints and fabrics.

Cocktail attire for men

The given dress code is suitable for many occasions. For example, such attire will be appropriate at

  • Corporate banquet;
  • Large family celebration indoors;
  • Dinner party;
  • Exhibition opening;
  • Theatre visit
Summer cocktail attire

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The freedom of movement unites all cocktail events. When you carry a plate or aperitifs from a buffet table, dance or wisely discuss business details with a potential partner - you need to look relaxed and at ease.

Rule 1: Choose proper pieces of clothing

What is cocktail attire for men? Cocktail attire men implies the presence of a dark suit. A black suit is better for a more formal occasion. If the event takes place in the daytime before 5 pm, then you can wear a grey suit. If it is at a later time, a dark grey or blue suit is ideal. Keep in mind that summer cocktail attire should be a few tones lighter than the outfit for a cold season. The formality degree of an event can affect the colour of your suit and shirt.

Casual cocktail attire

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The shirt should be black or white. a black shirt can be worn with a dark grey suit as a cocktail party attire. In the case of a corporate banquet, the shirt should be of a fairly pale colour that does not attract attention. Moreover, the shirt must be properly tucked into the trousers.

Rule 2: Choose the right footwear

Black oxfords or derby shoes are preferred.. In this case, the black colour is universal, but in some cases, brown may also be suitable.

Rule 3: Accessories are ‘must have’

The appropriate accessories include ties, belts, watches and cufflinks. A tie is not always required.

Cocktail party attire

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When the tie is absent, you can leave the top button unbuttoned.

If it is a wedding, the tie will be an appropriate addition to the cocktail attire wedding. Pick up a tie with a geometric pattern. One of the pattern colours should be present in the other items of clothing.

It is better to choose a classic belt with the same colour as your shoes. The buckle must be neutral. The watch should have a leather strap.

For the given dress code, you should forget about a bow tie and handkerchief in the breast pocket. Such details belong to the formal style. They are applied on more solemn occasions, but if you want to stand out, then a well-chosen handkerchief will help to create the image of a true dandy.

Cocktail attire wedding

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Guys willingly wear bow ties of bright colours, especially for cocktail casual images. Such detail helps to compensate for the excessive formality of this accessory.

What is ‘creative cocktail?’

There is another kind of mens cocktail attire – ‘creative cocktail.’ This concept means that men can add bright colours, exquisite details and accessories to their looks, while not departing from the basic concept of the given dress code.

Cocktail dress code

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Cocktail attire for men is considered the laxest of all formal styles as it leaves room for creativity. It is also one of the most popular male dress styles. If for the upcoming event, you are required to maintain such a dress code, then it is enough to put on a strict dark-coloured suit. Then, pick up a monochrome shirt and wear black leather shoes. Add some accessories, according to the event theme.

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