If you eat ‘Titus fish’, take Vitamin C, you won’t make heaven - Female pastor preaches

If you eat ‘Titus fish’, take Vitamin C, you won’t make heaven - Female pastor preaches

- A female preacher has said those who eat 'Titus fish' or took Vitamin C would not go to heaven

- According to the preacher, taking Vitamin C is damning as it contains ascorbic acid which is somehow connected to the kingdom of darkness

- The controversial statements of the pastor have not only gone viral, they have also stirred reactions from many

A Nigerian man recently shared a video of a female preacher claiming that those who ate 'Titus fish' or took Vitamin C would not make heaven.

The Nigerian man identified as Dr Emmanuel on Twitter posted the video on his account. Being a doctor, he expressed his discontent at the woman's words in which he called her an end-time preacher.

He said: "She's said you can't make heaven if you're taking Vitamin C. End time preacher." His unpleasant reaction has not come as a surprise given that the female pastor in question spoke vehemently against the use of the over-the-counter substance.

According to her, Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid which is somehow connected to the kingdom of darkness. Hence, taking it was damning. Not only that, this female pastor who wore white and wore no jewelry also condemned the eating of 'Titus fish'.

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See the video below:

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This controversial video which is now trending on Twitter has stirred reactions from Nigerians. Read some of the comments below:

@iamdejean: "Come ooh Which version of the Bible are you reading Iya Titus??"

@Marcel000001: "I have been chopping Titus and licking orange Vitamin C all ma life... Heaven pity me o, the two dey sweet well well."

@timotebz: "Blasphemy... Jesus didn't share Titus he shared Mackarel, the fish became evil when Nigerians changed the name to Titus. The woman is right. So stop eating Titus..."

@Floxybeans: "What in God's name is christianity turning into? Why is it that the people who are supposed to lead are the ones misleading? Can Jesus come already? Eja Titus ko, Eja Timothy ni! Vitamin C crush you there."

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A Twitter user is f the opinion that she won't make heaven also, for using a microphone.

Some are saying she and the members of her church are not going to make heaven.

Could this be the work of her village people?

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Recently, a Nigerian pastor came out to reveal how God blessed him after he obeyed his command. According to him, the spirit of the Lord had urged him to give out his Lexus and SUV cars and trek to church regularly. After doing this for three months, he was given another ride as compensation for his obedience.

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