Simple messy bun tutorial for a perfect hairdo

Simple messy bun tutorial for a perfect hairdo

A messy bun is what hairstylists call "a timeless hairstyle." It enables women with varying hair lengths, short to long, achieve some of the best finessed gorgeous looks. The other good news is that messy hairstyles require no advanced hair skills and can be done within minutes. When it comes to hair products, a simple messy hairstyle is achievable by some of the basic homemade products and grooming equipment.

how to do messy bun

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All women would love to have that quick up-do hairstyle that they can pull in a jiffy and yet manage to look like a model down the runway. Am talking about a simple, fast, and stress-free style that can fit either official office meetings or hot coffee dates squeezed between busy schedules. Enter the world of the messy bun! We offer you a simple step by step tutorial for achieving that exclusive “I-WOKE-UP-LIKE THIS” style. We present you a tested and proven procedure that yield great results. Why not follow the below tutorial that demonstrates “the best things in life are free.”

Messy mane

From its name, the only way to achieve a perfect messy bun is by possessing a messy hair. In other words, second-day mane. Some stylists call it “dirty hair.” This means that the hair was washed on the previous day, slept on, hence that messy look. From this explanation, I bet you now understand Beyoncé’s theme song “Flawless,” where she rocks a messy hair in the famous song video with the chorus “I woke up like this, Flawless!”

Hairdressing equipment

Just like a perfect meal, you must bear the right ingredients and follow the recipe to the letter. For a messy look, you only require to use your fingers and a standard rubber band. This will take you a maximum of 5 minutes to come up with a perfect messy bun. For those who can spare some time, you may go ahead and grab a brush, elastic, spray, bobby pins, a wall mirror, texturing spray, and of course, your hands.

Sophisticated bun looks

how to do a messy bun

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Just because it is called “messy” does not mean that it has to look like a scary Halloween costume look. Add style and glam by possessing some decorative hair products. These range from coloured pins, designer clips, among other sophisticated and attractive designs. Such grooming details add an appealing contrast for that hot chick look. Most hair grooming equipment is cheap and easily accessible across most local shops. As a lady, it is essential to buy such hair products as many times as possible. You never know when you would require a messy look on the rescue.

Simple messy bun tutorial

This tutorial will take you less than 5 minutes for that simple yet classy look. A look that has been embraced by most female celebrities such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and other stars from weddings to red carpet occasions.

Step 1. Comb

Since we are dealing with messy hair, it is natural to have it tangled. To remove the tangles, you will have to comb your hair either by using your fingers or a brush. Gently brush while bringing it to either the side or back of your head. Brush until all the knots streamline to a smooth feel. Hold the hair with a rubber band as if you were making a ponytail.

Step 2. Making the bun

how to make a messy bun

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This is by twisting the already made ponytail to form a single strip. Wrap the single piece around the rubber band. When you reach the tip of the mane, tuck it under the rubber band. You can make minor adjustments by looking at the reflection on your wall mirror until you achieve that perfect look.

Step 3. High and low messy hair bun

Note: The ponytail location determines the type of style. A top bun is achieved by making the ponytail move toward an upside-down position. On the other hand, the lower one requires you to form the pony almost at the middle back side of your head that is closer to your nape (back side of your neck).

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Alternative messy bun hairstyles tutorials

For those with extra time to spare, enhance your hair texture to achieve that perfect messy bun. This involves the use of various beauty products and equipment.

Step 1. Brush

Use your comb or brush to straighten some of the tangled hair.

Step 2. Texture spray

The more textured the hair, the more perfect the look. This is also effective for individuals with thin hair. You can consider your favourite hair texturing spray that best suits your hair and skin. Work the spray all over your mane while teasing the base of the hair.

Step 3. Make a ponytail

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I bet even a grade one child is capable of forming a ponytail. The ponytail is the starting point and critical determinant of the various designs of the bun. Remember, the ponytail should not appear perfectly or tightly done. Just collect your beautiful hair to the back in a ponytail position.

Step 4. Imperfect bun formation

Gently twist the ponytail around the band until it reaches the tip. Proceed to tuck the tipoff the hair on its base.

Step: 5. Support the hair

This is where your hair elastic equipment comes to use. By looping it either 3-4 times around the bun, you will be holding the style firm to prevent it from falling apart.

Step: 6. Pinning stray strands

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At this point, you will find that some lose hair strands could be standing out from the secured bun. Use your bobby pins to put the stray pieces on-check.

Step: 7 Hair spray finishing

Do you want that outstanding look to remain constant throughout your busy day? Go ahead and use a hair stiffening spray of choice. This will hold the hair intact for that one messy bun look that will turn heads as you pass by the hood.

how to make a messy bun

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Next time you wake up late or do not feel like going to the saloon, follow the above tips on "How to do a messy bun". The style is a proven time saver and a look saver for that random activity that might pop up in your schedule.

Bonus advice: How to messy bun like a princess

A simple messy bun is perfect by itself. However, there is no harm in wanting to make a statement. Below is an extra tip on how to make a messy bun for special events, gigs, or outs.

If you have a festival event, you could upgrade the colour of your style by easy to apply and instant shade sprays. I am talking about temporarily hair sprays that enable you to come up with unique colour themes. For themed events, match your dress or outfit with a temporary colour look.

Are you wondering on how to do a messy bun with long hair? You could add a scarf around your bun or a bandana for that classic look.

I believe by now, you know how to do a messy bun. It is one of the most comfortable styles to pull, especially when time is not on your side. It is also cost-effective. It can be worn high, low, or sideways. Go ahead and add glam to your look by applying various beauty grooming accessories.

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