Cricket World Cup 2019: schedule, predictions and where to watch

Cricket World Cup 2019: schedule, predictions and where to watch

Cricket World Cup 2019 offers anyone, that may be interested in learning more about the game, a chance to watch and build interest. If you have tried soccer, baseball or even American football to no avail, maybe it is time to consider cricket. However, before getting started, it would be better to watch players in action. What better way to do this than to catch the Cricket World Cup 2019 competitions. After all, sometimes the adrenalin rush may be all you need for you to be hooked to the game.

Cricket World Cup 2019

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Fortunately, the cricket world cup is around the corner. With England and Wales hosting the six-week long tournament, you can be sure that this is going to be a tough competition. It started out on May 30th with England gaining victory over South Africa. The tournament will be coming to an end on July 14th at Lord's.

Break down of the Cricket World Cup 2019 schedule

While you can always watch live cricket on TV with the right subscription, you also may want to know which games are a must for you. It is not always possible that you will be able to watch everything because of other commitments. In the event you have to select certain games, having the schedule in mind comes in handy. Check out the list of the Cricket World Cup 2019 fixtures below:

2019 Cricket World Cup

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  • Thursday 30th — England vs South Africa, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 31st — West Indies vs Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)


  • Saturday 1st — New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 1st — Afghanistan vs Australia, Bristol (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Sunday 2nd — South Africa vs Bangladesh, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • Monday 3rd — England vs Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 4th — Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 5th — South Africa vs India, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 5th — Bangladesh vs New Zealand, The Oval (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Thursday 6th — Australia vs West Indies, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 7th — Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 8th — England vs Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 8th — Afghanistan vs New Zealand, Taunton (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Sunday 9th — India vs Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • Monday 10th — South Africa vs West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 11th — Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 12th — Australia vs Pakistan, Taunton (10:30 BST)
  • Thursday 13th — India vs New Zealand, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 14th — England vs West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 15th — Sri Lanka vs Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 15th — South Africa vs Afghanistan, Cardiff (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Sunday 16th — India vs Pakistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • Monday 17th — West Indies vs Bangladesh, Taunton (10:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 18th — England vs Afghanistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 19th — New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • Thursday 20th — Australia vs Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 21st — England vs Sri Lanka, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 22nd — India vs Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 22nd — West Indies vs New Zealand, Old Trafford (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Sunday 23rd — Pakistan vs South Africa, Lord's (10:30 BST)
  • Monday 24th — Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 25th — England vs Australia, Lord's (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 26th — New Zealand vs Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • Thursday 27th — West Indies vs India, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 28th — Sri Lanka vs South Africa, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 29th — Pakistan vs Afghanistan, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 29th — New Zealand vs Australia, Lord's (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Sunday 30th — England vs India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)


  • Monday 1st — Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 2nd — Bangladesh vs India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • Wednesday 3rd — England vs New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • Thursday 4th — Afghanistan vs West Indies, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • Friday 5th — Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Lord's (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 6th — Sri Lanka vs India, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • Saturday 6th — Australia vs South Africa, Old Trafford (DN) (13:30 BST)
  • Tuesday 9th — First semi-final: 1st vs 4th, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • Thursday 11th — Second semi-final: 2nd vs 3rd, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • Sunday 14th — Final, Lord's (10:30 BST)

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is one that you do not want to miss. At least with a comprehensive outline of the games, it is easy to see why you should watch at least one game. If you are a fan already, then you will not want to miss any of the games where your favourite team is playing. Mark the date!

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Cricket World Cup 2019 fixtures

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If you are just getting introduced to the world of cricket and want to enjoy the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, then the following predictions will come in handy. These have been done by experts that love the game. According to the analysis of the experts as presented by, the World Cup Cricket 2019 has a lot for fans to look forward to. Here is what they had to say about different aspects:

  • On the subject of who will win, Vic Marks believes Australia will win, whereas Ali Martin thinks that England will take the cup because of homeland advantages among other reasons. Other critics such as Andy Bull believe that it may help to hold on for a while. Barney Ronay thinks that the winner in all this will be Paywall Tv. Emma John and Tanya Aldred choose to stick with England in this one.
  • Concerning the dark horses this year, the views are also as diverse as they can get. Vic Marks goes with New Zealand while Ali Martin believes it will be the West Indies. Andy Bull also goes with West Indies but believes it will be New Zealand in this one. Emma John chooses South Africa here, and Tanya Aldred goes with Pakistan.

The debate on the best player is definitely one of the most interesting ones in this world cup as critics have different opinions, but one player seems to stand out for several of them. Here is what they had to say:

  • Vic Marks chooses Jos Buttler because he feels that his time is here. Ali Martin still believes that Virat Kohli’s because he is not only aged but also seasoned when it comes to the game. Barney Ronay also agrees with Vic but thinks that Buttler may be a worthy opponent. Emma John also has her money on Virat. Andy Bull, on the other hand, thinks that Chris Gayle will bring his best not only because he is an excellent player but also because he wants to retire in style and as such will make this last tournament count. Tanya Aldred believes that Kane Williamson may surprise many because of his discipline and training.

While it is true that there must be a winner, predictions on the possible flops are also in order. Here is what the experts think:

  • Vic Marks believes that June may come with dampness and that would be a big bummer. Ali Martin goes with the biggest flop being a decision to reduce the tournament to 10 teams irrespective of excellent performance. Andy Bull feels that the need to maintain a legacy and the need to not air the tournament on free TV is the biggest flop since not many people would watch. Barney Ronay goes with Sri Lanka as the biggest flop for their lack of proper preparations. Emma John feels that the rudimental at the opening was a poor choice hence the biggest flop as pop music and cricket never rhyme. Tanya Aldred thinks that Australia may just turn out to be the biggest flop because they are under so much pressure to do well as they have always done.

Predictions for the final positions in the round robin:

  • Vic Marks: England, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan.
  • Ali Martin: England, India, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  • Andy Bull: India, England, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.
  • Barney Ronay: England, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.
  • Emma John: England, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.
  • Tanya Aldred: India, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

With so much hype, excitement and expectations on this year's world cup, you better have your Cricket World Cup 2019 schedule at heart. Make sure you watch your favourite teams battle it out. Whether things will turn out as predicted, or new surprises will emerge is all in good time. What is clear is that the Cricket World Cup 2019 is one that all fans must follow.


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