Broda Shaggi - Serere: audio, lyrics, reactions

Broda Shaggi - Serere: audio, lyrics, reactions

We live in an era where many musicians make music solely for entertainment purposes, forgetting that there are a lot of issues in the world that need to be addressed. Broda Shaggi - Serere is a song that goes above and beyond these norms. The song not only advises us to take care of ourselves, but it also reminds us that despite our differences, we are all equal.

We need to offer more appreciation to such songs as Broda Shaggi - Serere which touch on vital issues. The song's lyrics are calm and touching, accompanied by the perfect melodies to pass the artist's message.

Broda Shaggi - Serere lyrics

Try learning the lyrics to the tune and find out why this song is not just good for the ears but also for the heart, mind, and soul.

Ahhhh Uhhhnnn

Haaaa Haha ahahah

My life is history

Gather round and listen to me

Story Story oh

Lemme take you on a journey

I wanna go with you ah with you ah with you

What you do today will come back tomorrow

Be a **** today don’t end up in sorrow

There’s no joy for river that has no fish

No be oppress go make you succeed


Serere laye yii serere

Serere laye yii serere

You have only one life awe serere

Dont kill your future for enjoyment serere

Serere laye yii serere

Serere laye yii serere

I’ve seen a rich man who’ve got houses and cars

repete and I’ve seen a poor man who’ve got no

thing but farm o ma shey

But if you die, na same ground dem go bury you awe oh

Igi gogoro ma gun mi loju ati okere la ti n wo

Wetin you go gain if you do your man bad oh

No one knows tomorrow ko seni to mo la serere


Ahhh ahhhh ahhhha haahahaha

Social media reactions to Broda Shaggi - Serere

On YouTube, people have this to say about the tune:

  • God first Son: If you agree with me,this guy is a true hustler hit the like button,may God bless you abundantly
  • Gboko Titilayomi: Wahoooo nice voice, plz who notice brother shaggi and falz resemble
  • hanson santiago: if you agree with me that shaggi is the best please give me like
  • Tracydestiny Monday: Wahoo that's the spirit of hustle. Keep it up bro
  • tito gibz: Wow!!! I was awestruck when I heard this song, the intro alone captivated me into digging into the end, thanks broda shaddy, your message were clear enough I'm encouraged, I can listen none stop

Do you agree with these comments about Broda Shaggi - Serere? Is the song a wonderful track worth a place on music charts? Let us know in the comments section below.



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